My name is Giuliano. I am a statistician. For everyone I am Prof. Tiresia, because a few years ago I guessed a sensational series of consecutive predictions and then a friend of mine gave me this nick, the famous fortune teller of Thebes. I love tennis, snooker and ice hockey. I am an expert in Cricket , international basketball, Italian and Swiss football


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19 Aug 2019

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30 May 2024

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March 2024
Basketball All Tips Position #2
February 2024
Basketball All Tips Position #3
January 2024
Cricket All Tips Position #2
December 2023
Ice Hockey All Tips Position #2
July 2022
Tennis All Tips Position #5
May 2022
Aussie Rules (Comments) Position #2
April 2022
Football All Tips Position #12
February 2022
Basketball All Tips Position #2
October 2021
Football BTTS & 1X2BTTS (Comments) Position #23
September 2021
Other Football 1X2 (Comments) Position #23
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