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Betting On Football In Running

By now you should know the most important considerations when betting in running on any sport, if you need reminding then take a look at the basic in running betting school lesson here. Here we will cover ways to pick winning bets during a match as well as other ways to profit from in running betting.

Shop Around

In running betting became popular due to the exchanges but the bookmakers soon got in on the act offering a he range of in play betting markets. If you are intending to bet in play on a football match it should pay to have a few different bookmaker/exchange screens open on your browser so that you can quickly compare the odds on your preferred bets. When betting in running you want to get your bets on quickly when necessary but you also want to be getting the best odds possible.

Better Odds Pre Kick Off Or In Running?

Mobile BettingSometimes waiting to place a bet in running can result in better odds than you would have received pre kick off. You have to consider how the early parts of the game are going to be played and if you fancy a team to win but they have a habit of starting matches poorly and conceding the first goal then there is a good chance you are going to get much better odds if you wait until that goal is conceded, or at least until they don’t start the match all guns blazing.

The same principles apply for a lay. There are plenty of teams that struggle to hold on to a lead so if you fancy them to lose a match, consider laying them in running if they take a lead rather than laying them before the game starts., you’ll be able to lay them at much shorter odds should they hold a lead in the match.

Betting in running will never replace pre kick off betting but taking the time to consider opportunities to gain better odds can make a huge difference to profitability over time.


Trading is extremely popular and involves backing or laying a selection with the intent to lay or back when the odds change to guarantee a profit. One of the most effective ways to trade is to do so in running.

You obviously have to trade out before the event finishes but you can make your initial bet either before the game begins or once the game has started. For in running trading you want to back selections when you think the odds are going to shorten or lay selections when you think the odds are going to lengthen, the more the odds shorten or lengthen in your favour before you trade out the more profit you can make.

Betfair have produced a video showing how to simply trade out of a bet.

In running trades don’t necessarily have to be planned, if you have one game left in an all correct so far accumulator you may wish to trade out for a nice profit should your team take the lead. In this case you would lay the team you are waiting on at short odds, maybe for 25% to 50% of your expected winnings to secure a nice return whatever happens.

Always Consider The Style Of The Teams

It can be easy to get carried away when watching a game, especially if one team appears to be on top. These days many teams try to play counter attacking football and if one team is on top in a match and pushing more players forward as they search for a goal they leave themselves more open for the counter attack. In running betting is as much about researching and understanding the tactics involved in each match as it is interpreting what you are seeing.

It is also worth remembering that this is football that we are talking about. One team rarely dominates for 90 minutes. Some teams play better in one half of football than the other and this should always be considered if betting at half time. If you think a team can’t get any worse in the second half you are probably right!

OLBG member DAVIDADAN also has a small piece of advice for anyone who bets in running but can be easily swayed by others' opinions and this is shared in his blog Silent Betting In Play.

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