These are the Best Payout Online Casinos UK

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There are many online casinos that offer great games and huge jackpots. But before you choose one, it's important to consider the payout rates of each casino. In this informative article, we compare the best payouts offered by UK-licensed casinos so you can find a site with ACTUAL highest RTP figures.

These are the Best Payout Online Casinos UK
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There are many online casino sites that offer great games and huge jackpots. But before you choose one, it's important to consider the payout rates of each casino. In this informative article, we compare the best payouts offered by UK-licensed casinos so you can find a site with ACTUAL highest RTP figures.

There are casino offers available for each of these three best payout casinos featured here on OLBG, and if you've yet to read the casino reviews for them, then I suggest going to take a look.

Best Payout Casinos ukActual RTPCasino Review
All British Casino97.7%Read Review
LeoVegas95.63%Read Review

Best Payout Online Casinos UK (In Detail)

  • No. of slots 1508
  • Payout speed Instant - 24 Hours
  • Win rate 97.7%

Best Payout Casino at 97.7% Actual RTP

Popular casino on OLBG with members thanks to fast withdrawals, All British Casino has a great range of huge jackpot slots and live casino dealers and tables, too.

  • Cashback on 100% of your losses
  • Filter games by provider or theme
  • Exclusive All British games
  • No. of slots 2000
  • Payout speed Instant - 24 Hours
  • Win rate 96.9%

Runner-Up Best Payout Casino - 95.63%

No wonder LeoVegas has won 'best online casino' - Fast Withdrawals, 65 Live Tables and a tiered loyalty system, not to mention just about every slot game you could remember.

  • Incredible range of slots from top suppliers
  • Exclusive live table games
  • Excellent customer service

Best Payout Online Casino Bonuses

If you are happy with what you have seen so far and are just looking for the best welcome offer for slot sites right now, then below is what is on offer from each of the best payout casinos on OLBG.

How to use RTP to find the Best Payout Casinos

Best Payout Casinos

RTP is an acronym that stands for "Return to Player" it is most commonly displayed as a percentage figure, in so much as the figure represents the amount returned to a player from the amount staked on a game.

RTP is a way of finding the best payout casinos, but only if you know how to use it properly. There are 2 types

RTP TypeWhere it is AppliedRange
TheoreticalAttached to individual games95-99%
ActualActual Stakes vs Actual Payouts0->unilimited***

***Of course there is a limit, but if you staked £1 and hit a Progressive jackpot I don't have enough space for the zero's!

Read on and see how they differ

RTP is very much aligned with slot games payouts but is also relevant to other casino games including live dealer casino games.

You should be aware that the figures come in two very different forms and understanding this before building expectations on them is essential, for there is Theoretical RTP, which is governed and checked by the gambling commission, but also an Actual RTP which can and will differ from the theoretical. I'll explain the difference below.

And finally, you may be wondering about how huge progressive jackpots can affect these numbers, as they often pay out in the millions of pounds and of course would have a huge effect on short-term numbers.

Best Payout Casino RTP Uses

Read on and discover the HUGE difference in how the RTPs reflect gameplay, and returns

Theoretical RTP

This is the game's designed return to player percentage, which also fills the role of its advertised RTP in accordance with RTS 3C.

The theoretical RTP of a game has to pass random testing of huge data sets with a small percentage of variance depending on the sample size.

It is highly unlikely that you will ever see or be able to record yourself an RTP that matches exactly the advertised theoretical RTP of an individual game yourself, it will be higher, [if you make a profit] and most likely lower [if you lose]

Theoretical RTP

You will rarely [if ever] match theoretical RTP which is based on tens of millions of theoretical turns of an individual game

The longer you play, the closer you will eventually get to the theoretical RTP but of course, this also means that the likelihood of you losing increases too as over-time that is the design and goal of the game, as the RTP will always be below the 100% break-even mark.

If you are going to win a casino game, the probability will be it will be in the fewest amount of spins possible.

Actual RTP

RTP is calculated using the live win and turnover amounts in order to show how much a game has returned as it's been played.

Actual Return to Player

Actual RTP is calculated from the results of total payouts against total stakes AFTER the event.

This is the figure we have used to present the best payout online casinos in this article. It is factual data and not a prediction.

Actual RTP is calculated by taking the total amount of paid out wins [Within the individual games - not your deposits and withdrawals - See Below], divided by the Actual amount of money staked to affect those payouts.

Difference between Theoretical RTP and Actual RTP

Theoretical RTP is an accurate prediction of mobile casino payouts in the future based on mathematical algorithms set on the games, whereas Actual RTP is based on historical data and actual payouts compared with actual money staked.

How does Volatility Affect the Theoretical RTP

HighInfrequent but large prizes
MediumFrequent and mostly small prizes
LowVery frequent small prizes

Volatility has no bearing on RTP

However, theoretical RTP is based on millions of spins, not the number of spins you will play in a session. You can win big on these, but it is more probable you will lose big.

Advertising volatility of games has become commonplace for casino apps these days. Some players like to win often and will choose a low volatility game for more wins more often and mostly at lower values, but other players prefer higher risk games with fewer wins that pay more when they do land

The common betting game standard deviation is the most often used indicator to represent a game’s volatility. Highly volatile games tend to fall into two categories: "very large but rare" prizes or "small and often". Low volatility games are more predictable, with mostly small prizes falling in the "very small and very frequent" category.

Progressive Jackpots are not part of slot RTP figures

Games connected to progressive jackpot systems will need to be measured at a base game level (ie the game without the jackpot component). Jackpots are reaching very high values and their performance should be separately monitored. 

Progressive Jackpots Confuse RTP

The Best Payout Online Casinos all have progressive jackpot games, but this doesn't feed into the RTP

Progressive jackpots are monitored as a separate entity from the base game to which they are related. The reason for this is the amounts are so large that they would throw out, even across enormous samples the theoretical RTP.

In these progressive jackpot games, within the staking and the total bet amount on each turn, a fractional portion of the total stake is levied at the progressive jackpot alone and treated entirely separately from the base game being played. in effect, the progressive jackpot is an entirely different bet.

Given jackpots have high volatility, it can be difficult to measure their RTP. However, other things like the frequency and distribution of jackpots and average size can be checked to see how closely they match expectations.

Jackpot Games at the Best Payout Casinos

Progressive jackpots do not form part of the theoretical RTP of a game

Best Payout Casinos Work Out Actual RTP Using a Simple Formula

Working out the overall actual RTP of a casino is a simple process using the total money staked by players, and the total amount paid back in wins within the game.


PayoutStakesActual RTP

This is derived by dividing the payout amount by the Stake amount and multiplying by 100 to get the percentage.

How to Work Out Actual RTP

Total Payout/Total Stakes = Actual RTP

It doesn't sound like a huge gross profit for a casino, making just £70 from £1200 in bets, especially when you have to deduct the development, management and running costs of a huge online casino, but don't feel sorry for them, You can multiply these figures by the millions, and you'll appreciate why Online casino is a HUGE business, generating fantastic amounts of profits.

All Casino games have payout expectations regulated and cover the full gamut of options available.

Don't Expect to Match the Best Payout Casino RTP figures

You may be playing at All British casino with a 97.7% Actual RTP, and playing a 98.6% Theoretical RTP game, but these elements will have almost zero bearings on the session that you play

RNG Games Have Theoretical RTP

RNG (Random Number Generation) games are games that are computerized to provide a 'random as possible' result and used to be the most frequently seen games at online casino sites. They are simply applied video-based versions of the games you would see on the casino floor at a land-based casino as well as online fruit machines.

Roulette - Blackjack - Other Card Games

Roulette - Blackjack - Other Card Games

Each of these games requires a stake. Your bet on the predicted outcome of a single turn. The beauty of these games, is the standard versions match a realistic and fixed house edge for each game based on real probability.

The thing that throws this out slightly is the RNG which can have a habit of throwing out rather surprising repetitions of results that you might feel are not random at all. There is much debate about this and the short term variance of the RNG and RTP but they are all closely monitored and checked by independent bodies for accuracy as part of the licensing legislation, so you should never worry about these games being 'fixed'

Indeed, they are of course fixed to a house edge for the casino to win over the long term anyway!

Slot Games

There are literally thousands of slot games available to play at the best payout online casinos in the UK, and each will have its own unique RTP figure and volatility rating.

These can vary quite widely, and deserve an entire discussion of their own. Fortunately, this is something I have looked into, and suggest you take a look at the Best payout slots for more information and a collation of the best RTP figures to be found for each slot.

Progressive Jackpots

As mentioned above, progressive jackpots are treated entirely separately in ters of the RTP, so when you investigate the RTP of an individual game, you know that it represents the base game in isolation and not what the Progressive jackpot contribution to your bet and the eventual payouts.

Progressive jackpots range from hourly jackpot drops, to daily, and right up to the mega millions that are paid out, at a more frequent rate than you might expect.

The biggest ever Progressive Jackpot slot wins are covered in a separate article

Live Dealer Games Have a Fixed Odds House Edge

Live Dealer is a relatively new addition to an online casino where, rather than playing on an RNG video version of the game, you see a real roulette wheel or table with blackjack manned by real croupiers from a studio, with the picture streamed live to your computer or mobile phone.

They are hugely popular. The bet and the payouts are all part of the overall Actual RTPs and are governed in the same way. Take a look at the Best live Dealer Casinos article for more in-depth information and where we suggest you play given our research. you will find the best live dealer experience suggestion there.

Where People get Confused with RTP at the Best Payout Casinos

casino playing tablesIn order to help you understand why the Best Payout Casinos are the best and to understand the notion RTP a bit better, the most common misconceptions about RTP are discussed below in more detail. They are

  • Expecting to Match RTP figures
  • Comparing deposits and withdrawals to RTP
  • Ignoring the base rule of 'The House Always Wins'

RTP is calculated over a long period of time with many trials, so don’t expect your winnings to be exactly as announced if you play a high volatility game for a short period. “High volatility” means you can win a lot or lose a lot over a short period of time, while RTP is an estimate of overall hit frequency for any specific slot or casino game.

Are You Guilty of One of These Three Things?

Scroll down and find out - I bet you are!

Online casinos are not charities, so no one expects them to consistently pay out more than people put in. A casino needs money to maintain its website, to buy or develop new games, to pay its employees, and, of course, to be profitable for its owners. All of these costs should be paid from only a fraction of player deposits. However, it is in your best interest as a player to find a casino where this fraction is smaller, not larger.

Let's go into more detail to manage your expectations when playing at the best payout casinos licensed in the uk

1. Taking the Casino Actual RTP as a Given and Expecting that Payout

It is not going to happen. RTPs, in both forms, are either future predictions, or historical facts, they do not guarantee the here, the now, or the very near future.

They are based on millions of expected turns in the future, or millions of actual historical turns, and will bear little resemblance to the session you are about to play.

You will often see complaints that a casino pays out, 97% RTP, and a customer will complain that they staked £100 and ended up with nothing, but expect to get £97 based on the RTP

I staked £100 but didn't get 97% RTP!!

It's because you didn't understand what RTP means. its OK to understand what it, but you have only part of the story

The payout percentages listed on casino home pages are so thoroughly unhelpful that they may as well be statistics about the weather. In all seriousness though, they are stated as Average, as that is what they are. And your contribution is a very small percentage of that overall 'average' figure

What has the Weather got to do with anything?

You record the temperature every day in the month of May in the UK for the last 100 years and it comes out at 14 degrees centigrade.

You have a visitor from another country and they ask you the average temperature, you can only answer 14 degrees as that is the fact.

On any given day, it may just be 10 degrees, You can imagine your visitor will not be best pleased having ventured out in a t-shirt and now feeling cold. This is your loser.

On another day it may be 20 degrees and your visitor is overjoyed at experiencing twice the temperature of the other!!

Neither day was incorrect, just different variances in a very small sample were experienced.

Winners and Losers Based on The Weather

Even when playing at the best payout casinos, winners and losers will have different perspectives on the RTP figures.

Similarly, at the best payout online casino UK, All British Casino, the average payout of 97.7% is measured across all players in all games.

  • To begin with, you will not play every game that has contributed to this figure, that is the first variance. Secondly, you will play only a fraction of the turns in comparison to the number the actual figure used to be derived.
  • One one day you may get only 42% return, for a £100 stake or worse still 0% and walk away empty-handed, but on another day, you may hit a big win and walk away with £300 which is not an unreasonable possibility, and a 200% RTP
  • You'd not complain about the latter outcome, but it makes up still only a portion of the same outcome that saw you cleaned out to which you may feel aggreived.
  • Different games have different house edges, and you should also consider which casino games have the Lowest House Edge

2. Your Deposits and Withdrawals Have No Relation to the RTP

This is something that is commonly misunderstood.

When a player takes a look at their account and deposits vs withdrawals over the course of a month, they may be in a for a shock. Especially if they make a habit of withdrawing the entire balance, win or lose, after each session.

Never Use Deposits v Withdrawals to Consider your RTP

This method does not take into account the many small wins you may have had and re-bet. If you Deposit £100 and play casino, you will make much more than £100 in bets in most cases.

You may find you deposited £1500 over the course of a 3 month period, and then find you only withdrew £600 in the same time frame.

You'd be forgiven for thinking you had only gotten a (600/1500=40) 40% RTP.

This is incorrect, your withdrawal to deposit ratio is 40%, this is not reflective of your activity.

When you play casino games for a length of time, you have to consider the amount you actually stake. The above argument would only work if when depositing, you wagered every penny on one turn, and then withdrew whatever you won each time.

Whilst you deposited £1500 the chances are with many small wins achieved over the course of staking that balance, and re-bet, you would quite possibly have staked over £20,000 with the initial £1500 balance.

Add to that potentially varying stakes, different games played and you begin to accrue losses based on multiple house advantages of small percentages which add up.

This is a fundamental aspect of understanding why your returns from the best payout casino, never match the advertised RTP's

3. Forgetting that The Long Game is not in your Favour

Hold Tight - This is Going to Sting

This is the truth and why you should always use the best payout casinos

After everything I have explained here, you are no thinking your best chance of getting as much money back as possible is by forgetting about the total stakes and playing for the long run. Playing out sufficient spins will get me 97% RTP!!

So yeah - Theoretically - BUT..........

That's going to cost you a ton of money, and you are going to lose at least 3%

That theoretical number of spins is not n the thousands, it is not even in the tens of thousands, it is in the tens of millions.

Ten Million turns at £1 returning 97.7% loses you £230,000

So you hit the theoretical 97.7% in actual terms - Happy Now?

Well, this is the thing, whilst the longer you play, the more likely you are to see a return closer to the theoretical return to player figures, so your chance of losing is further guaranteed at a point where you are running into astrnomical stakes.

The term, "The House Always Wins' takes on that element of definitiveness right now!

As I come to the end of this Best Payout Online Casino Article, I may have rather talked you out of using an online casino at all, but so long as you treat gambling at an online casino as entertainment and fun and not as a way to make money, it can be an enjoyable experience

Remember, you can only ever win in the short term, and your chances of winning diminish in the long term, which brings us nicely to


Best Payout Online Casino uk FAQ's

  • Which is the best payout online casino?

    Of all casinos featured and reviews on OLBG the best payouts by actual RTP are...

    1. All British Casino 97.7%
    2. LeoVegas 95.63%
    3. BGO 95.30%

  • What casino game has the best odds for payout?

    The best game in an online casino for payout is Blackjack with the lowest house edge of around 0.5% when playing the basic strategy approach.

  • How much do Casinos payout?

    The payout from the top payout casinos ranges from 95-97.7% actual return to player. The figure is derived from dividing all wins by all stakes from every bet made at an online casino over a given period of time, monthly annually and so on

  • Can casinos control how much they payout?

    Indirectly casinos can control how much they payout, or at least limit the payout in various ways. The most common ways are preventing winning players who are suspected of cheating from playing further, and slot games can have theoretical RTPs adjusted to the bottom level of the recommended range.

Responsible Gambling.

There are a wide range of responsible gambling tools available to anyone who feels they may have a gambling problem. We strongly suggest being aware of all of these, or even taking a test to find out if you are showing signs of having a problem. You should only ever gamble as much as you can comfortably afford to lose.

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