Only 7 Survivors left and Jesse Moves back to top of Betting with 25% chance of Winning Outright

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Only 7 Survivors left and Jesse Moves back to top of Betting with 25% chance of Winning Outright
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Everything has changed at the top of the betting on who will win Survivor 43, with Jesse, who had spent much of the early rounds as a favorite, re-taking that spot with betting sites offering just +300 for him to win outright, representing a 35% probability based on those odds.

 Betting on survivor is hotting up as we close in toward the finale and the odds are switching furiously as we lose contenders and trust and trials play their part. James Ryan and Noelle were the latest islanders to leave in multiple eliminations and we head into Episode 11 waiting to see who will be the next to voted off.

Season 43 Current Odds Probability
Jesse Lopez 300 25.00%
Karla Cruz Godoy 325 23.53%
Sami Layadi 450 18.18%
Owen Knight 600 14.29%
Cody Assenmacher 950 9.52%
Cassidy Clark 1400 6.67%
Mike Gabler 2800 3.45%
The favorites in the betting for Survivor 43 keep changing but in a positive move, former favorite Jesse has returned to the top of the betting with +300 odds representing a 25% chance of taking the win.

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Contestant Age From Origiinal tribe Merged Finish Day
Morriah Young 28 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Baka 1st voted out Day 3
Justine Brennan 29 Marina del Rey, California Vesi 2nd voted out Day 5
Nneka Ejere 43 Weatherford, Texas Vesi 3rd voted out Day 7
Lindsay Carmine 42 Downingtown, Pennsylvania Coco 4th Voted out Day 9
Geo Bustamante 36 Honolulu, Hawaii Coco 5th Voted out Day 11
Elisabeth "Elie" Scott 31 Salt Lake City, Utah Baka 6th Voted out Day 13
Dwight Moore 22 Collierville, Tennessee Vesi 7th Voted out Day 14
Jeanine Zheng 24 San Francisco, California Baka 8th Voted out Day 16
James Jones 37 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Coco 9th Voted Out Day 17

Episode 11 of Survivor is called, 'Hiding in Plain Sight' will air on CBS on November 30, 2022

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Who is Jesse From Survivor?

Photo Credit: CBS

A 30-year-old hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Jesse is a doctor of Political Science. While Jesse doesn’t come from a background you’d traditionally expect from someone who would be successful on Survivor, he claims his cunning wit and devotion to analyzing voting behavior will give him a strategic edge in the 43rd season. His confidence in this strategy has proven to be successful, as he’s managed to survive four episodes so far. 

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