Muffin Compares to Chi Nguyen as she Hits the Top of the Great Canadian Baking Show Betting at +200

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Muffin Compares to Chi Nguyen as she Hits the Top of the Great Canadian Baking Show Betting at +200

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  • Chi Nyguen Wins Twice and now has 33% Chance of Winning the show according to betting odds
  • Jomar and Kristi complete a trio of Torontonians at the head of the betting
  • According to betting sites, John and Lauren are most likely to bow out this week
  • Who is Chi Nyguen?

We are two episodes into season 6 and the Great Canadian Baking Show betting has a runaway leader in the betting odds. Chi Nguyen has baked her way to a win in both shows so far, and has to be considered the favourite with sportsbooks specials markets, with odds based on results so far giving her a 33% chance of winning the show this year and odds of just +200

The flamboyant baking figure from Toronto, ON made winning creations with Black Forest Friands and  Halloween Crunch Cake in week 1 and followed up with Tropical Dream Bars and then Hansel & Gretel's Revenge as her week 2 Show Stopper.

No one got near and as a result, she has become favourite to win, even at this early stage

Great Canadian Show Betting Odds

Contestant Highest Position Odds Probability
Chi Nguyen Winner x 2 225 44.44%
Zoya Winner 240 41.67%
Lauren Winner 300 33.33%

Betting odds are compiled by OLBG based on previous weeks results.

Rosemary was the runner-up in week one, but could only manage a 9th-place finish in week 2 narrowly missing out on being eliminated whilst Jomar took the runner up spot in week 2 following a fourth-place finish in the first task - As a result he is the second favourite in our betting at +400

John and Lauren will have to up their respective game in week 3, having both only managed an average finishing position of 6.5 in 2 weeks.

With baking skills to match her personality, Chi Nyguen has shot to the head of the betting to win season 6 of The Great Canadian Baking Show

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Remaining Great Canadian Baking Show Contestants after Week 2

Baker Age Profession Hometown
Chi Nguyễn 35 C.O.O. of a cellular technology company Toronto, ON
John Fowler 49 University administrator Victoria, BC
Jomar Manzano 37 Structural engineer Toronto, ON
Kristi Carey 29 Grant and proposal writer Toronto, ON
Lauren Tjoe 21 Finance student Tsawwassen, BC
Nigel Batchelor 32 Geography Graduate student Winnipeg, MB
Rosemary O'Neill 64 Federal security advisor Ottawa, ON
Zoya Thawer 33 Pediatric endocrinologist Edmonton, AB

Who is Chi Nguyen?

Candidate #2 - Chi Nguyen

Photo Credit: CBC

Chi Nguyen is a colourful and flamboyant figure from Toronto, ON. She was raised in Germany until about 13-years old and is currently the C.O.O. of a cellular technology company. That’s right, even though she’s a big part of a massive organization, she can’t help but bake sweets in her free time. She started off watching cooking shows to learn English more easily, as well as help her understand how to bake for her friends and classmates.

Nowadays, she only bakes when there’s time in her schedule, and she uses it as a way to meditate. When you’re busy running a major portion of any corporation, you’re bound to be tired at one point. Despite all of this, Chi is still one of the top contenders for The Great Canadian Baking Show and plans on showing everybody just how skilled she can be in season 6. 

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