Master the Art of Boxing Betting: Expert Advice and Strategies

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Looking to place winning bets on boxing matches? Our detailed guide covers bet types with online bookmakers and smart prediction tips.

Master the Art of Boxing Betting: Expert Advice and Strategies
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Step into the betting ring with confidence! Our comprehensive guide provides essential boxing betting advice, enabling you to make informed decisions and increase your odds of victory. From understanding different bet types to strategic prediction insights. Discover how to turn your boxing knowledge into successful wagers and enjoy the thrill of the sport even more.

Score a Knockout Victory with Our Boxing Betting Advice! 🥊🌟

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Betting on boxing is extremely popular, especially since the advent of pay per view with viewers keen to add a bit of extra excitement to the fight and also looking to make back what they’ve paid to view the fight.

If you want to get involved the OLBG Boxing Tipping Competition allows members to check all the odds and add their tips and comments on the biggest bouts. 

Alongside this the best betting sites will offer the biggest number of boxing markets.

We also have a comprehensive comparison of online boxing betting sites, this article will guide you to which bookies are best for your boxing betting wagers.

Types Of Boxing Bet


A very simple bet which involves picking the winner of the fight. 

This is not always the most popular bet on a bout as you often get very short priced favourites with the draw always a big price.

We looked at the Jones v Mayer fight in January 2024 to give you an idea of prices in close boxing matches.  

Natasha JonesMikaela Mayer
Win Fight @ 4/5Win Fight @ 1/1

Round Betting

Round betting requires the punter to pick the round in which the fight is won. 

This can be quite a difficult bet to call which is why you’ll be rewarded with decent odds. 

Usually the more competitive the fight, the bigger price the earlier rounds will be whilst the earlier rounds will be shorter prices if there is a very warm favourite who is expected to win easily. 

Here were the favoured rounds ahead of the fight in 

Natasha JonesOddsMikaela MayerOdds
Win Fight In Round 770/1Win Fight In Round 770/1
Win Fight In Round 845/1 Win the Fight in Round 845/1
Win Fight In Round 960/1Win the Fight in Round 960/1

Round Group Betting

Very similar to round betting except this is a bit easier as rounds are grouped together. In this hard to call bout two rounds were grouped together. Here were the favoured rounds. 

Natasha JonesOddsMikaela MayerOdds
Win Fight In Round 7 or 830/1Win Fight In Round 7 or 830/1
Win Fight In Round 9 or 1035/1Win Fight In Round 9 or 1035/1

The exact size of the groups will vary from bookie to bookie, you might find the first three rounds are grouped together or it might even be as many as six rounds. 

This bet is preferable to round betting if you have a strong feeling that the fight will end at a certain point but you aren’t exactly sure which round. 

Of course the odds are shorter than in round betting though so it is worth betting with a bookie that is offering smaller groups if you want bigger prices.


Over/Under Rounds

A similar bet to round group betting except you have to call whether the fight will finish before (under) or after (over) a certain round. 

Over Under
8.5 Rounds @ 2/98.5 Rounds @ 6/1

You can choose which round you are betting on, if you choose an earlier or later round the odds on offer will have a greater difference between the outcomes as one bet will include far more rounds and one bet will include far fewer rounds.

If you pick a round nearer the middle of the fight (should it go the distance) the odds on either side of the bet will be more even.

Method Of Victory

One of the most popular and often best value bets on a boxing match, method of victory requires the punter to predict not only the winner of the bout but also how they will win, whether it is through knockout, technical knockout (stoppage) or disqualification or alternatively whether the victory comes from decision (points) or technical decision. 

Natasha JonesMikaela Mayer
By Decision or Technical Decision @ 5/4By Decision or Technical Decision @ 7/4
By KO, TKO or Disqualification @ 11/1By KO, TKO or Disqualification @ 9/1
Draw @14/1Draw @14/1

There is also the option to bet on a draw or a technical draw. 

This bet is popular because with two different outcomes on each boxer the odds can be much more favourable than betting simply on the winner, especially as some boxers are more likely to knock their opponents out and others are more likely to win on points.

Will The Fight Go The Distance?

A fairly simple bet simply betting on whether or not the fight ends early or not. 

The odds of the fight going the distance will be longer when there is a shorter priced favourite or a fight involving two big punchers whilst the odds on the fight going the distance will be shorter if it is a very evenly matched fight or if the short priced favourite tends to win more on points than by knockout.


Gone In 60 Seconds

A bet on the fight being won in the first minute of the first round. Even when fights are expected to be very one sided this can be a bit of a rarity so expect big odds for this bet, but it is always going to be more of a fun or speculative bet than one that would interest serious boxing punters.

Important Considerations For Boxing Betting

Take Note Of Weight Division Changes

Boxers move up and down weight divisions for many different reasons.

If a boxer is moving up a weight for a particular fight they may not have the power associated with that weight division. 

These boxers can often provide good bets to win on points (if likely to win the fight) as they don’t have the power to knock out opponents at that weight.

Meanwhile boxers stepping down a weight division may be a good one to oppose. 

Losing enough weight to drop down a division often requires a completely different training schedule and can leave a boxer weaker than usual.

The table below summarises all the boxing division weights. 

Oleksandr Usyk - Andriy Makukha (Amakuha), CC BY-SA 4.0

Boxing Divisions

Boxing Division Weight Limit in Kilograms Weight Limit in Imperial
Heavyweight No Limit No Limiit
Cruiserweight 90.72 KG 14 ST 4 LB
Light Heavyweight 79.38 KG 12 ST 7LB
Super Middleweight 76.2 KG 12 .00 ST
Middleweight 72.57 KG 11 ST 6 LB
Super Welterweight 69.85 KG 11.00 ST
Welterweight 66.68 KG 10 ST 7 LB
Super Lightweight 63.5 KG 10.00 ST
Lightweight 61.23 KG 9 ST 9 LB
Super Featherweight 58.97 KG 9 ST 4 LB
Featherweight 57.15 KG 9.00 ST
Super Bantamweight 55.34 KG 8 ST 10 LB
Bantamweight 53.52 KG 8 ST 6 LB
Super Flyweight 52.16 KG 8 ST 3 LB
Flyweight 50.8 KG 8.00 ST
Jr Flyweight 49.1 KG 7 ST 10 LB

Style Is Important

Some boxers do better against certain styles and are poorer against other styles. 

Just because a boxer has looked impressive in his last few fights doesn’t mean that form will be transferred to his next fight if the opponent is a different style of boxer. 

When analysing a fight look how both boxers have performed against other boxers of similar styles to their upcoming opponent and use that has a major form guide.

Watch Out For Decline

All boxers eventually decline, some when they are still quite young, some when they are much older. 

Taking note of boxers in decline can be quite profitable, especially when they come back from a poor performance with a win. Not necessarily a good win but just a win. 

The common perception will be that the loss was just a blip but they might just have been found an ideal opponent to get back to winning ways again, as no decent boxer wants to lose two fights in a row.

After the come back win they will have to set their sets a bit higher and that can find out a boxer who is in decline.

Take No Notice Of Reputations

Over the years many boxers have been overly hyped and that can play a huge part in the odds that are set by the leading bookmakers. 

Unbeaten fighters have to be respected but they won’t have necessarily beaten anyone of note.

Back boxers who are in form and have beaten better opponents than their upcoming opponent. 

Avoid big names that have benefited from questionable decisions and talk the talk but don’t necessarily walk the walk.

The pointers above may offer betting value for the shrewd punter, and as we know value betting is the key to making consistent betting profit. 


  • Can you bet on both boxers in a fight?

    There is nothing stopping you from betting on both boxers in a fight, but the chances are, f you are doing so before the fight starts and with the same betting site, you will lose money. You may be able to create a little bit of profit by arbing prices in a close match, or perhaps betting on one before the fight and the opponent in play.

  • Where can you bet on the fight online?

    Most betting sites will offer bets on most boxing matches taking place around the world. You can bet on fights taking place today, or if you are looking for longer-term bets, some upcoming championship bouts that been arranged and announced.

  • Can you bet on how many rounds the fight will last?

    One option with betting on boxing is predicting at what point, and after how many rounds the fight may be called to a halt. Usually, this is done by predicting the exact round that the fight will come to a close, for instance, the 4th, 5th  or 6th. You can choose a single round, and in some cases, choose from a range.

  • What is the best betting site for Boxing?

    William Hill came top in our boxing comparison research, for boxing bouts William Hill regularly has the top, or joint-top, price. 

Responsible Gambling

On OLBG we always advise all members and visitors to gamble responsibly. We also have a range of articles and links that will assist you if you feel your gambling is causing you issues. 

Responsible Gambling Features, Function and Help

Responsible Gambling Features, Function and Help

OLBG editor Nigel Skinner updated and collated this betting and boxing article. 

Nigel Skinner

Nigel Skinner

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Former professional Boxer Frank Monkhouse delivers knock-out content for OLBG as our Boxing betting expert he will be adding his unique boxing articles over the coming months. 

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