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Ffos Las Tips

Ffos Las tips on horses running at the Welsh racecourse today. Check out the most popular Ffos Las tips below or see what the most popular tipsters are predicting will win at Ffos Las today.

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The OLBG Army of Tipsters will be providing their best bets for this event.
In the meantime check out the content below for more information about betting on this event.

Ffos Las Racecourse Guide

Opened in 2009 and located in West Wales, it is the first new NH track to have opened in Britain for more than 80 years. Built on the site of a disused pit, Ffos Las has recently been sold which could lead to an increase in the number of meetings held there.

Type of Racing: Flat and National Hunt

Highlights: Originally, the January meeting (if and when weather permitted) held the two major races of the Ffos Las calendar.

The West Wales National has since moved to April, and the resurrected Welsh Champion Hurdle (handicap) to October, hopefully, to avoid the worst of the climatic conditions.

If there is no current meeting at Ffos Las, whether that be nothing scheduled or the weather has forced an abandonment, then head over to the racing predictions page for tips at other racecourses today.

TV Channel: Sky Sports Racing

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* All statistics below are based on the previous five years at Ffos Las

Ffos Las Outright Favourite Statistics

  • Flat Handicaps: 43-142 (30%) -35.13
  • Flat Non-Handicaps: 25-54 (46%) -13.50
  • Handicap Chases: 55-147 (37%) +19.55
  • Handicap Hurdles: 42-143 (29%) -29.88
  • Non-Handicap Chases: 7-16 (44%) -0.89
  • Non-Handicap Hurdles: 41-96 (43%) -23.27

Ffos Las Racecourse Map

Left-handed and just under 14 furlongs, it is one of the longer circuits. It has two long straights, but both the hurdles and chase courses have short run-ins after the final obstacle. It is essentially a level track with a slight incline on the back straight and a compensating home straight.

Of the two bends, the home turn is shorter and therefore tighter, but in reality, the course can be described as galloping.

Ffos Las Racecourse Address: Culla Rd, Trimsaran, Kidwelly SA17 4DE

Ffos Las Racecourse Telephone: 01554 811092

To buy tickets for a race day at Ffos Las, head over to their official ticket booking webpage.

Ffos Las Flat Racecourse Map
Ffos Las Flat Racecourse Map
Ffos Las National Hunt Racecourse Map
Ffos Las National Hunt Racecourse Map

How to get the best Ffos Las tips

Visit the OLBG tips pages to view the tips and comments by the top horse racing tipsters.

Look for trainers with rare runners at the track, it’s a jaunt to Ffos Las and you wouldn’t be sending a horse that far unless you had a chance of some prize money.

The trainers based in Wales naturally like to have winners there as local owners can be in attendance. You can get two Welsh trainers in a race at the top of the betting, always worth a check.

Field sizes tend to be small at the track, making finding a winner a touch easier. As the going can be very testing at times, the ability of horses to see out a longer trip on soft ground can play a huge part.

Ffos Las Draw Bias

With an LSP of -35.69, the most unsuccessful stall at Ffos Las is stall 1 when backing runners over a trip of 7½f over the last five years.

Here we have the draw bias for Ffos Las taken into consideration races with ten or more runners, we will break down the figures by race distance, draws can be much more important over the shorter trips in which runners do not have time to find their position during the race meaning the draw is probably more important than the races over longer distances.

  • Sprints (5f to 7½f)

The following table shows a breakdown over a group of trips and shows how each position of the draw does, for example in a twelve-runner race would be Low (Stalls 1-4), Mid (Stalls 5-8) and High (Stalls 9-12), the positions will always be lowest stall number to highest.

Ffos Las Jockey and Trainer Statistics (Flat)

Who are the best flat jockeys and trainers to bet on at Ffos Las?

When looking at profitable trainers only, then it is R M Beckett who leads the way with a total of eleven winners producing an LSP of +25.04 whilst A M Balding leads the overall list with twelve winners but shows a loss overall. If you are looking for a trainer to follow in the eachway market then it is H Morrison who leads the way at Ffos Las, they have had a total of eighteen placings which includes eight winners over the previous five for an eachway LSP of +17.04. The trainer with the worst record at Ffos Las based on LSP is P D Evans who has only an 8% strike rate with six winners from seventy-seven runners who have returned an LSP of -51.00.

With a total number of twenty-one winners at Ffos Las, David Probert leads the way for winners from jockeys who have shown a profit (+5.06) for all of their rides at Ffos Las. When looking at jockeys and looking for some eachway value at Ffos Las, then the jockey who shows the best eachway profit is Rob Hornby, whose LSP is +71.00 which has been accumulated by a total of thirteen placings which includes eight winners. A total of one winner from thirty-two rides at Ffos Las has William Cox at the wrong end of the jockeys' list with their 3% strike rate and worst LSP of -29.12.

Ffos Las Picks & Hints

Here are some factors at Ffos Las for certain trainers or jockeys which have been profitable:

  • 8-18 (44%) +26.54 - Backing R M Beckett runners when horses are aged 3yo
  • 5-10 (50%) +26.25 - Backing Rossa Ryan rides when on horses aged 4yo
  • 5-11 (45%) +12.35 - Backing Rossa Ryan rides when over a trip of 7½f

Ffos Las Top Jockey and Trainer Combinations

Here are the best trainer and jockey combinations here at Ffos Las based on the number of winners:

  • 6 Wins: W R Muir & Lewis Edmunds
  • 5 Wins: A M Balding & Oisin Murphy

Ffos Las Top Trainers By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

R M Beckett32-11-20+25.04+16.19
H Morrison30-8-18+25.57+17.04
J A Osborne23-5-9+21.25+10.67
W S Kittow20-4-7+22.38+15.85
R A Teal14-4-5+8.13+2.80
Hugo Palmer12-4-8+7.50+11.03
Daniel Mark Loughnane21-3-5+5.50-5.13
J L Flint21-3-4+3.57-0.96
Simon Crisford10-3-8+1.21+2.71
W J Haggas4-3-4+2.07+1.47

Ffos Las Top Jockeys By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

David Probert88-21-37+5.06-6.08
Rossa Ryan44-12-21+19.41+8.91
Rob Hornby37-8-13+141.88+71.00
Ross Coakley37-6-11+2.38-0.23
Lewis Edmunds22-6-8+5.86+2.29
Luke Morris22-5-7+14.00+4.81
Callum Hutchinson21-5-6+20.98+10.76
Taylor Fisher14-4-5+3.70+0.82
Laura Pearson12-4-6+7.30+3.14
Rhiain B Ingram11-4-4+3.98-0.18

Ffos Las Jockey and Trainer Statistics (NH)

Who are the best national hunt jockeys and trainers to bet on at Ffos Las?

Evan Williams is the leading trainer here at Ffos Las with forty-three winners but you would have recorded a loss if you backed all of their runners whilst following D E Pipe would have returned the most winners (twenty-five) from a profitable trainer. If you are more of an eachway player then you may want to know which trainer is best to follow at Ffos Las and that would be Ben Pauling who shows the best eachway LSP which is +21.11 thanks to their thirty placings (fifteen winners). Christian Williams does not have a great record at Ffos Las, their LSP of -56.04 has them stone dead bottom of the trainers' list, which has come from seven winners from one hundred runners which is a 7% strike rate.

Backing all of the Sean P Bowen rides would have produced backing the most winners for a jockey here at Ffos Las with thirty-nine but you would have returned a loss by doing so, Adam Wedge leads the way for profitable jockey with an LSP of +59.43 from their thirty-three winners. Philip Armson is the jockey to follow at Ffos Las if you are backing eachway as they show the best LSP of all the jockeys in the eachway markets, that is +72.53 which is courtesy of their eight placings (five winners). At the other end of the spectrum is C V Ring who has a terrible record at Ffos Las, of all the jockeys their LSP of -86.30 is the worst, they have a 3% strike rate with three winners from ninety-three rides.

Ffos Las Picks & Hints

Here are some factors at Ffos Las for certain trainers or jockeys which have been profitable:

  • 6-13 (46%) +34.25 - Backing N J Henderson runners when in a Handicap Hurdle race
  • 5-7 (71%) +27.95 - Backing Tom Scudamore rides when in a Handicap Novices Chase race
  • 5-12 (42%) +22.46 - Backing James C Bowen rides when in a Handicap Novices Chase race
  • 5-8 (63%) +16.13 - Backing T Lacey runners when horses are aged 6yo
  • 5-12 (42%) +16.00 - Backing Gavin Sheehan rides when on horses aged 8yo

Ffos Las Top Jockey and Trainer Combinations

Here are the best trainer and jockey combinations here at Ffos Las based on the number of winners:

  • 29 Wins: Evan Williams & Adam Wedge
  • 24 Wins: P Bowen & Sean P Bowen
  • 12 Wins: Evan Williams & Isabel Williams
  • 11 Wins: Tim Vaughan & Alan Johns
  • 10 Wins: N J Henderson & Nico Boinville

Ffos Las Top Trainers By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

D E Pipe123-25-42+4.92-20.14
Miss Venetia Williams74-18-34+17.26+4.35
N J Henderson43-16-21+24.32+5.62
Ben Pauling53-15-30+34.76+21.11
Jamie Snowden42-11-19+8.69+4.81
D A Rees87-9-25+2.00-10.09
P F Nicholls29-9-13+9.46+1.57
J L Flint33-8-13+22.79+18.95
Miss Kerry Lee33-5-14+1.50+0.71
O Sherwood26-5-12+16.75+9.84

Ffos Las Top Jockeys By Most Winners and a Level Stakes Profit

Adam Wedge200-33-67+59.43+1.80
James C Bowen127-18-40+5.98-15.10
Gavin Sheehan71-16-28+1.92-6.27
Alan Johns99-15-30+20.96+3.40
Charlie Deutsch61-11-30+4.13+4.64
K K Woods43-11-26+31.44+21.43
Nico Boinville24-10-12+18.94+7.83
Nick Scholfield53-7-16+7.74-3.94
Daryl Jacob37-7-14+0.01-7.31
Brendan Powell35-7-17+10.23+8.45

With a huge combined experience of horse racing between them, this content has been created and is maintained by Darren Brett, James Banting and Andy Powell. All of the data for Ffos Las Racecourse which includes the favourite statistics, draw bias and the trainer and jockey statistics have been created using results from HorseRaceBase.

Darren Brett

Darren Brett

Tipster competition manager

Darren has worked in the horse racing industry for decades bringing to OLBG for the last 20 years a wealth of knowledge, creating much of our content on these sports. Darren also manages our Grand National Guide and is the go-to font of knowledge for the world's greatest steeplechase.
James Banting

James Banting

Tipster competition assistant

James Banting, a passionate horse racing enthusiast and aficionado, brings a wealth of experience to OLBG, having attended numerous race meetings over the years. His background working with the Jockey Club provides him with a unique insider's perspective on the industry.
Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field of horse racing. He has a thorough understanding of the sport, from analyzing complex statistical data to being part of a winning syndicate at the Cheltenham Festival. Andy is responsible for managing the horse racing trend blogs on OLBG.
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