Online Roulette Guide | Best US Sites | Offers, Reviews & More

With laws changing all over the US, the ability to play roulette online for real money with a regulated online casino is becoming easier. 

This guide has information on how to choose an online roulette site, open an account and play safely.

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How to Choose an Online Roulette Site

There are a large number of considerations to make when deciding to play roulette online. Some are more important than others. To help, I have put a small checklist together to help you choose. Hopefully, you will find just what you are looking for from this page. I also leave recommendations depending on the particular need or requirement.

Things to consider:

  • Is Online Roulette Legal?
  • What is the best roulette site?
  • Is the site operating legally
  • Range of Roulette Games
  • What stake-levels are available?
  • Is there Live Dealer Roulette available?
  • Can I get a Roulette Welcome Bonus?

The first thing you will notice when trying to choose a casino site to play roulette I just how many there are. You will be able to access both legally licensed and illegal online casinos. On this page and the OLBG website, you will find only legally operating and regulated casino sites at which to play Roulette. Availability will depend on your location.

It is possible to play roulette online at many casino sites in the US. However, as of 2020, it is worth considering only legally licensed websites to ensure the safety of your money at these casinos.

The first piece of vital advice is only to play a licensed casino in your state. You will have security that real money deposited, or won will be safe. The last thing you want is to have trouble accessing your funds and get no legal back up in claiming that money.

Every online casino recommended on this page has a license to operate in the US and is regulated. These sites provide the highest security of your money over the unregulated sites operating in shady territory.

Many states are going it alone to allow online gambling, not only for casino play but for sports too. New Jersey is blazing the trail, and we can expect Pennsylvania and many more to follow suit in the coming months and years.

What is the Best Roulette Site?

The best roulette site will be the one operating a state-licensed operation under regulation in the first instance.

They will have the best range of roulette games, offering a wide choice of options.

The best roulette site will have quick and straightforward account management. Part of that management will be ease of deposit and withdrawal of funds. Look for a website with a wide range of deposit options and fast withdrawals.

You will want a range of staking options. Whether you like to play low stakes or operate as a high roller roulette player, the ability to choose a wheel allowing the stakes you can comfortably play is vital.

Do you want to play random number generated video roulette or live dealer roulette? The introduction of Live Dealer Roulette has started after becoming the most popular form of online roulette play in Europe.

Find out more about what Live Dealer Roulette is further down this article.

Is the site operating under state regulation?

We recommend only playing at a regulated casino for your safety and security. 

One way to find out is by researching at a local level, but that can be a minefield and time-consuming.

We have a guide to online gambling legality, updated regularly as state by state provision is made for the operation of fully regulated online gambling activity. Take a look at your convenience to check your state and at what stage the online gambling legislation has reached.

Rest assured, here on OLBG you will find only legally operating and licensed online roulette sites.

Range of Roulette Games

With the sticky bit out of the way, let's get to the games.

11 Online Roulette Reviews | Games, Variations & Where to Play

From classic and standard games to progressive jackpot roulette and some entertaining variations. Reviews and benefits..

Find out more...

There is a huge range of different roulette games available to play. 

There are traditional wheels with double zero, known as American, to the Europen single zero types. More on that later and why you should only play Single zero.

Beyond the traditional and more common roulette wheels, there are a host of other games.

These can include games for particular stake levels. Some games have bonus rounds. Others even have two balls on the go!

My recommendation is to stick to the traditional roulette games for serious casino wagering, and those with different rules, features, and functions for entertainment purposes.

I have written a guide to the most popular roulette variations, how they work, and where to find them. If you would like to find out more, take a read.

What stake-levels are available?

The value of bets played on roulette can differ from dimes to thousands of dollars.

Online casinos will offer options to play at different stakes.

Whatever chip value you are comfortable playing, there will be a table set aside just for you.

Want to play dollar chips? Choose a low staking table

Want to throw $100 chips around the table, find a table offering high chip values.

The odds are the same wherever you play. Being in the company of similar staking level players, especially on a live dealer wheel, may make you feel more comfortable.

Live Dealer Online Roulette

Live dealer online roulette is slowly becoming available in the US at some online casinos following the considerable success in Europe.

Online Live Dealer Roulette is a new form of the game. The tables and rules are just the same. Instead of playing video screens with random number generating software deciding the winning number, you get a real croupier.

How Does Live Dealer Work Online?

There will be a live video feed of the dealer and the wheel. You get a window of time to place your bets as usual and will see the croupier spin the wheel and release the ball. 

These tables are usually set up in a studio, with fixed cameras taking live pictures from various angles.

In some cases, you'll get footage and play on a real table from a real casino and see players at the table or wandering around. 

One great aspect of live dealer roulette online is you can interact, speak, and ask questions of the dealer. And, as in a real casino, you will see the dealer changes as they happen and even know when they are dealing so you can choose when to play. 

Can I Get a Roulette Welcome Bonus?

Without a doubt. 

Being in the US, you are in the best place for a Casino Welcome Offer right now

You will be able to get some form of welcome bonus from the casino you choose to join to play roulette online.

Right now, the regulated US operators are offering some of the most significant sign up offers available anywhere. 

The online gambling space is exploding, particularly in New Jersey. As new States regulate more online casinos and sportsbooks, more offers will become available.

And as more casinos enter the regulated space, so there will be more fierce competition to attract players.

For you, this is excellent news!

We have a full list of these offers. We are adding and updating more daily.

Take a look at our welcome offers page to find the bonus you want.

How to Play Online Roulette

4 Simple steps will get you started with a legal online casino to play roulette.

  • Choose and offer from our Casinos page
  • Complete Online Registration of your New Account
  • Make a Deposit
  • Choose a roulette game and start playing

Playing Roulette on Your Mobile

Many online casinos have a dedicated app for IOS or Android.

The app will feature many, if not all, of the roulette games available on the website to play on mobile.

If an app isn't available for the online casino you have chosen, don't worry. You will be able to access the website and play roulette on the mobile site.

The only difference with playing online on your mobile is that you can do so wherever and whenever you like. You do not need to reside in the state which the online casino is regulated. You will, however,  have to be within the state itself.

They will know and will not be able to play if outside.

The other difference with mobile casino play is that the screen is smaller. However, most games have been built to display best on mobile as it is the most popular form of access. Assurance of a good roulette experience on mobile is guaranteed.

How Online Roulette Works

It works in virtually the same way as it does in land-based casinos.

You have real money funds, and choose a table to play.

There is a range of chip values to select, and you place them in positions on the board that you want to bet.

The wheel is spun, the ball released and falls into one of the numbered slots.

If you have placed your chips in a  winning position, relative chip value is paid. You will notice your real money balance change, in real-time, by your wins and losses.

Online Casino Roulette Reviews

All casinos featuring on OLBG are regulated by the state in which they are active. 

Have a look at the online casino reviews to find out more about each of them, or the one that interests you.

Details of the current welcome offer for roulette play is displayed.

Each has a full user review undertaken by one of our worldwide online casino experts. The reviewer will have had a great deal of experience with the casino in question and can offer experienced insight into what the player experience is like

Roulette Strategies

You will be able to find very many different betting strategies for roulette. Some better than others and more to avoid at all costs.

The main thing to remember about betting on roulette is there is a house edge included in the odds which ensures the casino always wins. Well, not defeated in the long term. 

Most advertised strategies will accept this fact and be aiming to have short term success when playing.

If a strategy claims to be able to win 100% of the time, you can be 100% sure it will not work.

In my years playing roulette, let me tell you they are now adding up to a considerable number, I have played them all.

I provide an honest view of the merits of each, from an entertainment and probability point of view.

I will also guide you to which ones to swerve at all cost. Trust me. Don't even try. I have had the empty wallet to prove they are a disaster.

Take a look at my roulette strategy guide for more information.

History of Roulette

The game originated in France in the late 18th century, when the search for a perpetual motion machine was underway.

The mechanism of the wheel was married to a previous gaming wheel from much earlier in the century to form the first roulette wheel for gaming purposes.

Originally the zero and double zero were colored red and black, until around 1800 when switched to green.

There have been a range of numbers on a wheel before the 36+zero/s was settled upon

There are of course single and double zero options, the latter being the original form. In 2016, The Venetian in Las Vegas added a third zero to a wheel, which seems ludicrous to me, but it is something that has found its way into more casinos since.

I'm sure you have found this page to find where to play roulette rather than learn its history, so let's move on.

US Online Roulette FAQ's

There is an endless stream of questions about online roulette, especially as it becomes available in more regulated online casinos in the US. Here, I answer the most often asked.

  • How to Win at Roulette

    Place your chip on a winning position on the roulette board. 

    What is a winning position?  

    You don't know until the ball settles in a slot. Where it will land can not be predicted with any degree of accuracy no matter what anyone tells you. Essentially, every bet placed is a guess.

  • What is the Most Popular Number on a Roulette Wheel

    There is no exact science behind this, but it is believed to be Number 17, closely followed by Number 17. Both are black, and both sit roughly in the center of the betting spread.

    James Bond always played 17 [for the best camera shot], and a rather famous English businessman once won £1.3m with bets totaling £480,000 surrounding number 17.

  • What's the Difference Between Single and Double Zero Roulette?

    This question also answers the popular, 'How many numbers on a roulette wheel?'

    The answer depends on whether you are playing American Double Zero or European Single Zero.

    As the names suggest, the double zero has two against the one on a Europen Wheel.

    That's not the only difference. The second zero affects the odds. 

    Probability of correctly predicting a single number

    • American Double Zero - 38/1
    • European Single Zero - 37/1

    Regardless of which table you play, the casino will pay 35/1

    A clear reason why I always advise playing single zero boards. The double zero gives the house a more significant edge

    Roulette house edge percentages

    • Double zero Edge 5.26%
    • Single Zero Edge 2.7%
  • Can Roulette Be Beaten?

    In the short term Yes

    It is possible to hit a win on your first spin and walk away. It is also possible to employ a strategy that gives you a better chance of getting in front at a point and then walking away

    Note I mention walking away while in front. That's the only way to beat roulette, but if you return and play again, it is likely to go the other way.

    In the long term No

    The house edge ensures that given an infinite amount of time, and in reality a much shorter span than that, No you can not beat roulette. There would be no game in the casino if you could.

  • Can Roulette Dealers Hit Numbers?

    It is very much up for debate. Looking at the way the wheel works and the infinite degrees of variability on the speed of the wheel, the release of the ball, etc., it would seem impossible.

    However, I believe that a highly skilled and extremely experienced croupier could potentially be able to aim for a specific area of the wheel. 

    To nominate a section of the wheel and land in it, would be difficult

    To nominate a specific number and land in it, all but impossible

  • How do Online Roulette Games Work?

    I am excluding live dealer games here and concentrating on the online video roulette games.

    If you are looking for the rules of roulette, take a look on Wikipedia or something.

    Random Number Generated Roulette games have a sophisticated algorithm which generates the numbers in a sequence that is close to random as possible. Note the reference to 'close to' there!

    We can not get our hands on the exact algorithm for obvious reasons, but generally, once you begin a session, you will have initiated a sequence of numbers. This sequence will have been made randomly, and the number is already decided the second you hit 'bet.'

  • What is the Best Bet in Roulette?

    There are three options for a 50/50 bet in Roulette

    1. Odd/Even
    2. Black/Red
    3. Hi/Lo

    Each pays 1:1 with the real probability of the bet landing at 48.65% on a single zero wheel and 47.37% on an American double zero.

  • What Number Hits The Most in Roulette?

    With thousands of casinos, thousands of games and millions of spins, no data ould be collected to offer a solution to this question.

    However, given the random nature of the game and the results of each spin, statistically, over an indefinite time, each number should appear roughly as frequently as any other.

    If a single number on a roulette wheel has not landed for 100 spins or even 1000 spins, the likelihood of it landing on the next spin remains the same. No number is ever 'overdue.'

    If you took a sample of 100, 500 or even 1000 some numbers would appear more often than probability dictates, and others less frequently.

    The problem is, there is no way of predicting what those numbers would be ahead of events.

  • What is the Longest Streak of One Color in Roulette?

    It is reported from a casino in the UK that RED appeared for 36 consecutive spins!

    If there was ever a case for not playing the double bet on roulette or the Martingale system, this is more than proof.

  • How Often do Numbers Repeat in Roulette?

    Due to the laws of probability and the nature of the game, the probability of a number repeating itself is precisely the same as the first time it landed — 37/1 on a single zero.

    The odds of any other number BUT the previous one landing is 37/36

    It is reported that the most repeating number ever recorded was a run of 7 consecutive spins when number 19 landed each time!

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