9 Online Roulette Reviews | Games, Variations & Where to Play

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Online roulette reviews for the different variations available online. From standard, classic wheels, to progressive jackpots and bonus spins. Find the best games and the best sites to play on.

9 Online Roulette Reviews | Games, Variations & Where to Play

With the growing availability of online roulette gaming, the range of games at online casino sites is ever expanding too. This guide will explain the differences between every roulette variation and the basic rules to help you choose which game you want to play and where it is available.

Where to Play Roulette Online in Your State

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These Roulette variations are typical for most online casinos, offering Roulette gameplay either with live dealer options or video versions.

Not all versions may be available in your state and there may be different versions not listed in this article, but I have covered the 9 most popular online roulette versions played in the US today.

Live Dealer Roulette

There are various types of live dealer roulette wheels to play online. All are live but can differ in the way the wheel is viewed and by staking levels. Some have a real croupier with whom you can interact, others show a wheel in a casino, and others have an automatic process. Here's a quick breakdown of the types you might find.

Where to play Live Dealer Roulette - Table

Live Dealer

The best type of live roulette as you will get a real-life croupier spinning the wheel and interacting with the players. With a 'no more bets' call and maintaining the wheel and table speed, your dealer will release the ball and have a little chat.

The process is the same as you would expect on the casino floor in a land-based property. In some cases, you'll see the dolly placed. The croupier is changed regularly, and you can often see the schedule for individual dealers, so you can choose your favorite and play when they are dealing.

Live Static

The static version may not have the dealer in camera view, and you will get one camera angle. You may see the dealers hand in sight as the ball is picked and released and the wheel is spun.

You may also get some voice interaction too.

The static name is about the camera angle that will not change. My preference in this realm is for the multi-view.

Live Multi-View

Live Multi-View Roulette will once again not have the dealer in view. Here the table will offer several aspects of the wheel, either in a multi-screen setup, or focussing on different angles and scrolling through each as the game is played. 

It adds no real value to the game but can offer a less monotonous viewing experience

Live Auto

With Live Auto roulette, you will notice that the wheel is automated but is not a random number generated game. It features a real wheel, and a real ball. The betting process is the same. You will be invited to place your bets. See a countdown timer. When betting time runs out, the ball is ejected into the wheel, and 'no more bets' is called.

Roulette Royale

How about a progressive jackpot while playing roulette?

What the heck? Yeah, it's a thing, and the jackpots can be huge.

They average around 650,000 credits when landing.

When playing royale roulette, every time you bet and spin, an additional stake credit is deducted and placed on the progressive jackpot

How do you win the progressive prize on Royal Roulette?

Simple! Spin the same number 5 times consecutively!


So yeah, it's pretty unlikely but pays enormous when it does happen. And it does happen.

Thankfully there are also minor jackpots for 2, 3, and 4, consecutive number sequences, and the best bit? You don't have to have placed a bet on the consecutive number to win.

Consecutive Numbers Wager Payout
2 2 Credits 15 credits
3 3 Credits 200+15 Credits
4 4 Credits 3000+215 credits
5 5 Credits Jackpot + 3215 Credits

3 Wheel Roulette

IGT produces this roulette variation and despite the name features only one wheel! I bet you're glad I told you before you went off wondering what was going on.

The reason this is called three-wheel is that, within the one wheel, there are three spinning sections. They each rotate at a different speed, and on each part, when they come to rest, you will most likely get three different numbers.

So when you place a bet, you make it three times. So when you place a $1 bet, you'll notice your total bet is $3. What is happening is you are betting on each of the possible outcomes of the parts.

All traditional bets are available, including the inside and outside bets.

The wheel will spin, the ball released and the ball will come to rest in the pocket of the inner part, the other two parts will slowly come to rest, and you'll see the three outcomes.

So if you bet on black, and there are two black and one red, you will lose $1 for the red pocket, but win for the other 2.

There are also side bet options, varying from 2x payout to 25 for predicting the two zeros to pair up in a line.

There is the possibility of a big payout here, the jackpot being tripled zeros at 1200:1

This is one of the better, more innovative versions of roulette and is quite fun to play. Just remember that each bet is three times you stake. Don't get caught out, and don't go mad on the side bets. They are there to make money. A small punt on the jackpot now and then is fun though.

Play 3 wheel roulette at these sites

Advanced Roulette

This version adds some different automated betting options to the mix. You will note a special bet panel, billboard, and racetrack.

Special Bet Panel

An area that can be opened up with a click to display a range of special bets that can be scrolled through. To select a special bet, click on one of the options.


There is a lot of information on the dynamic billboard. Here you will get the previous number stack [last 14], and information on hot and cold numbers based on the previous 500 spins


The racetrack recreates the roulette wheel in terms of the numbers and the sequence around the wheel. It is elongated, hence the name.

The racetrack offers a different way of placing your bets. You can place straight bets on the racetrack, but also special bets will cover numbers located next to each on the wheel without darting about the traditional board. Also, if you switch on the neighbors' feature, there are neighbor variations you can play too.

So the advanced online roulette is just a version that makes playing some number strategies and placing the bet, easier.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Here comes the more elaborate of variations. Double bonus spin features double zero and a larger yellow bonus pocket. If the ball hits this pocket, you get two free bonus spins. It is possible to bet on the yellow bonus too.

Everything else about the game, bets, odds, etc. are the same as double-zero roulette.

Roulette Master

Roulette master is played with a single zero wheel. It allows access to a range of special bets at a click of a button or tap of the screen. It is just about the same as regular roulette but brings in aspects of American roulette with simple, special bet placing abilities. 

It is a variation on a theme and can provide a break if one wheel is becoming monotonous.

American Roulette

A version of roulette that differentiates itself from others by having a double zero (00) on the wheel and betting board.

American Roulette, thanks to the double zero, has a larger house edge than its European counterpart.

One other difference is the order of the numbers on the wheel. This has little to no effect except for what numbers you are looking to land when playing sections of the wheel. Otherwise, except for the house edge, it is the same game.

It is the same game as European and a lower probability of predicting correctly for the same return. Unless you are playing American Roulette free, I don't see sense.

European Roulette

European roulette differs from American in that there is a single zero and the house edge is just 2.7%

The usual range of chip values is present depending on what limit table you are playing.

You can find wheels with Micro, Low, and High Stakes limits.

Play call bets and neighbors, all the time knowing there is just the single zero instead of two.

French Roulette

Played on a single zero wheel, French roulette is quite different. Not in the wheel itself, but the board and the rules. The table, in a land-based casino you will note is much larger with the wheel in the center. And outside bets are placed on both sides of the board instead of just one.

The big difference is what happens when zero lands. In American and European, all outside bets are lost. With french rules, there are variations.

La Partage Rule:

Here your bet is split, you lose half, and the other half is returned

En Prison Rule:

In this instance, your money is not lost, but it is frozen to the board for the next spin. Your money sits in prison, and you have no choice to remove or change its position on the board and wins and loses subject to what pocket the ball lands. An exception to this is if a second consecutive zero lands in which case, all En Prison bets are lost.

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