NHL Winning/Losing Streaks Betting Strategies

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In this blog, we are looking at betting strategies and systems in the NHL when using winning or losing streaks to build those systems to find profitable areas.

NHL Winning/Losing Streaks Betting Strategies
Noah Strang Hockey Editor

Noah Strang is OLBG's Hockey Expert. He has written about Hockey for some of the Worlds top publications and worked as an accredited NHL media correspondent.

What are NHL Betting Strategies & Systems?

What is the aim of this blog?

We will look over different factors to see if we can find certain circumstances where it has in the past proved profitable to follow and in this blog, the base of the NHL systems will be winning or losing streaks.

What NHL data are we using?

We will only look at regular season games over the past five seasons in the NHL (2018-19 to 2022-23), the playoffs have not been played under normal conditions during that time so those are excluded.

What is Included in this Blog?

  1. Building the base for the NHL system
  2. Adding filters to eliminate losers
  3. Looking at the Seasonal Statistics
  4. Which NHL franchises does this suit?
  5. The NHL Strategy Summary

The Base of the NHL System

As mentioned, we are looking at winning or losing streaks as the base of this blog, other NHL handicappers may have other opinions on this but that is what makes the world of betting interesting as there are so many options.

What looking at winning or losing streaks simply means is what a team has done in their most recent games, are they on a winning streak, or are they on a losing streak? and for this strategy, we are looking at teams just starting a winning streak.

Is it profitable to back teams starting a winning streak?

When looking at teams who ended a losing streak in their last game and head into their next game looking for back-to-back wins, it is profitable to back them when they are on the road. (Last 5 regular seasons)

Looking at the teams playing at home doesn't provide a great deal to get interested in, those who have just started a winning streak in their last game do win more than they lose (53% vs 47%) however, the Moneyline figures are not great, $10 on each of those over the past five seasons would have resulted in you being $640 out of pocket.

However, on the flip side, this is an area that is worth more investigation, looking at teams on the road who had just started a winning streak in their last game, the win ratio is against it with 49% vs 51%, however, had you put $10 on each of those teams on the Moneyline, you would have a pocketed a total of $428.

Building on the NHL Strategy

So we have the base of the system, we are looking at teams on the road who have just ended a losing streak and started a winning run in their last game so let's dig a little deeper.

How about what type of break the team on the road is coming off? Well, you certainly don't seem to want a team on a quick turnaround, those who are starting with twenty-four hours of their last start time.

Why Does a Break Affect Things?

With breaks, you have to consider travel, so a team may be returning from a road game or heading out to a road game, a quick turnaround and lengthy travel are never going to be a good combination for any team.

Wagering $10 on those games would have resulted in a loss of $293 and backing those out again within thirty-six hours is best avoided as $10 stakes of those would have returned a loss of $439.

The ideal break for this seems to be between thirty-six hours and four days, using that factor and wagering $10 on each pick would have left you with a profit of $1,012.

Current System Filters by Season

Using the already mentioned factors, here is how the results would have broken down over the last five NHL seasons:

SeasonPicksWinnersWin RateProfit to $10 Wagers

Are there any Franchises who perform better?

Overall it spreads out well between the teams, twenty-two of the teams show a profit when being wagered on under the recommended circumstances although there are four that are slightly better than the rest.

The Carolina Hurricanes are top of the list with an incredible 79% win rate and staking $10 on them each time would have returned a profit of $159.20.

Another with an impressive win rate is the Tampa Bay Lightning who have won 80% of their games for a profit of $100.90 to $10 stakes.

Top Five Profit Producing Franchises (to $10 stakes)

  1. Carolina Hurricanes with a profit of $159.20
  2. Nashville Predators with a profit of $132.90
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs with a profit of $124.40
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning with a profit of $100.90
  5. Anaheim Ducks with a profit of $89.50

The NHL Betting Strategy Criteria

This is not by far the most complex NHL betting strategy, in fact, with only two areas of criteria it's a very simple strategy but at the same time, it has produced a profit in each of the past five seasons.

The Criteria

  1. Back the team on the road who are on a 1 game-winning streak
  2. That team must be coming off a 1.5 to 4-day break

Remember the Basics

Please remember that when betting on the NHL a lot of factors can change, the schedules are different each season, the rosters are always changing, and injuries can have a massive impact on performances and alter lineups so please remember to check such things before blindly placing any wagers on anything contained in this blog.

Just how would any potential returns from this system be built up over the last five seasons? Below is a chart showing how each month would have ended if you wagered $10 on each pick, the numbers shown are profits.

Author Information

Andrew Powell manages our hockey analysis articles, meticulously updating the data whilst our Vancouver-based hockey specialist Noah Strang writes the words. Together they maintain all the stateside hockey content for OLBG

Noah Strang

Noah Strang

Hockey editor

🥅🏒 Our stateside Hockey specialist, Noah knows just about all there is to know about the NHL and covers the NHL for various publications in Canada - Our go-to guy for our Hockey content.
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Andy Powell

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