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16th June 2024
13:05 Adam Yates vs Joao Almeida

Adam Yates


50 WIN

Important race for the important riders, even more so if the rival teams push the pace from afar. Adam Yates is a good sprinter but especially excels in the mountains and hard climbs, so he can win.
13:05 Tour de Suisse 2024

Adam Yates

Win Outright

50 WIN

Adam Yates has already shown by winning the Tour of Oman what kind of job he can do when the group of favourites who are at the same level as him is significantly reduced. He showed that he is a clear option for victory, as he usually prepares his attacks very well to be the leader and with his renowned explosiveness he is uncatchable.

Joao Almeida

Win Outright

25 EW

Although Joao Almeida may not have the strongest legs, his team will be able to cope with the other teams, as they are in good shape. They will have to use the right strategy, which is to let the other teams handle the situation and surprise at the right moment with strong attacks near the end of each stage.
29th June 2024
00:00 James Bond

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Win Contest

50 WIN

22nd July 2024
21:00 Love Island 2024

Ronnie Vint

Top Man

50 WIN

Samantha Kenny

Top Woman

50 WIN

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