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Wolfgang's Tips

20th May 2024
11:15 Joel Nicolau vs Mika Heming

Joel Nicolau


50 WIN

Joel Nicolau and Mika Heming participated just three times in the same race and any match up was won by Joel Nicolau. I think, Nicolau can win again today.
15:20 Great Britain vs Norway


Money Line

50 WIN

Norway has won the last three h2h matches vs Great Britain. They needed a penalty shoot-out for their last victory in 2022, but I think they can do it better today.
19:20 7:20 Roscommon

Al Mudhaffar

Daily Racing

50 WIN

Al Mudhaffar has won his last race more than two months ago at Dundalk in a field of 13 with two lengths. Jockey was Dylan McMonagle, and he's riding again today. I think, he's the one to beat today.
20:20 8:20 Roscommon

Granite Bay

Daily Racing

50 WIN

Granite Bay has won his last race ten days ago at Cork in a field of ten with half a length. Jockey was Ronan Whelan, and he's riding again today. I think, he's the one to beat today.
21:38 Race 8 Finger Lakes

Bustin Away

Daily Racing

50 WIN

Bustin Away has won his last race two weeks ago at Finger Lakes in a field of nine with two lengths. Jockey was Keiber Coa, and he's riding again today. I'll back Bustin Away.

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