Tipping horses is the most frustratingly futile endeavour devised by man but I love it. The trick is never to look at the bare form try and get in the head of the trainer and work out what he is up to. Has the horse been given a chance to win for example at its bred distance or on the right going? It's surprising how often you can find big priced winners and placed horses just by asking a few questions from the form. Form becomes irrelevant if a horse is entered in sprint races when it is bred to do a mile or further and vice versa. Even taking those factors into account you still need to find the right grade. JUST BECAUSE A HORSE HAS BEEN RUNNING AND LOSING IN SELLERS AND CLAIMERS DOESN'T MEAN ITS A BAD HORSE. A HORSE BRED TO RUN 12 FURLONGS WILL RARELY BE ABLE TO COPE WITH FIVE FURLONGS EVEN IN A GRADE 6. A SPRINT BRED HORSE WILL ALWAYS COME STONE LAST IF IT IS ENTERED IN A MIDDLE DISTANCE RACE. FORM IS THEREFORE IRRELEVANT IN THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES AND THAT IS WHY A WINNING TIPSTERS FORMULA BASED UPON FORM IS IMPOSSIBLE AND WHY ALL THE GET RICH QUICK TIPPING SCHEMES ARE A CON. IF YOU ARE DAFT ENOUGH TO PAY SOMEONE MONEY FOR A BETTING PLAN YOU SHOULD GIVE UP GAMBLING ALL TOGETHER. THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT WIN ARE BOOKMAKERS AND HOW EASY IS IT TO PAY ANY JOCKEY A MONKEY OR MORE TO LOSE WHEN A WIN DOUBLE ON THE THIRD NAG WOULD COST THE BOOKMAKER £60000. ITS TOO EASY AND THAT IS WHY THE PUNTERS CAN'T WIN. SMALL STAKES AND USE THE ODDS TO GET THE WIN INCREASE NEVER YOUR HARD EARNED DOSH.


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