Asian Handicap | Which Online Bookmaker is Best for Irish Punters

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Asian Handicap | Which Online Bookmaker is Best for Irish Punters

Asian handicap betting on football is both hugely popular and a great way to create football accas with a little safety net thrown in.

Who is the best bookie for Asian handicap betting? - Following some rigorous searching and testing, bet365 come out as our favoured bookie thanks to great odds and a huge range of handicap lines to choose from. Coupled with coverage of more league and games than any other online bookmaker for football and the answer is clear.

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Best for Asian Handicap Betting Options

bet365 are our favourite AH bookie given great betting lines, options to choose your own and good odds.

Bet365 Review

  • Choose your own lines
  • Best Odds
  • More leagues and matches than any other site

Our favourite Asian handicap bookmaker is bet365. They offer competitive Asian handicap odds on a huge number of Asian handicap markets and for each one of those Asian handicap markets they tend to offer a great range of different Asian handicap lines. 

This means you can get the best Asian handicap odds on pretty much any sort of outcome you like when betting with bet365.

Honourable mentions also go out to the Asian handicap betting offered by 10bet and Netbet who tend to offer the most different Asian handicap markets, 888sport, and Unibet who offer a massive range of Asian handicap lines on the regular AH market and also BetVictor who offer great Asian handicap odds.

Asian Handicap Betting Sites in Ireland

Not all bookmakers offer Asian Handicap betting, some prefer to stick with the simpler European Handicap betting.

The difference between Asian and European Handicaps is that there is no draw option in Asian Handicap betting

So you have 3 options in European Handicap Betting (Home, Draw, Away) but only two in Asian Handicap Betting (Home, Away).

European Handicap quotes and odds are always in whole goals, whereas you see Asian Handicap markets quoted in half-goals which eliminates the draw completely.

You can view the different Asian Handicap goal options below.

Always remember to add the handicap margin to the final result to calculate your win or loss.


England (-1) @1.65
Draw (-1) @3.75
Germany (+1) @3.95

You would place a bet on one of the above options.

If England win by two or more, then the England (-1) bet wins . 

If Germany win or the game ends in a draw then Germany (+1) wins.  

If England win by exactly one goal, then the Draw (-1) bet wins.


England (-1)@1.65

You would place a bet on either of the above outcomes. 

England Win by 2 or more: all bets on this team win.

England Win by 1: all bets on this team are returned.

England Draw or lose: all bets on this team lose.

Germany Win by any score or draw: all bets on this team win.

German lose by exactly 1: all bets on this team are returned.

Germany lose by 2 or more: all bets on this team lose.

Bookmakers Who Offer Asian Handicaps

Not all bookmakers offer Asian Handicap betting, some only offer European Handicap betting

We checked a midweek EPL match in the 2019 EPL season and found the following bookmakers offering Asian Handicap Betting odds.

  • 10Bet
  • 888Sport
  • Bet 365
  • Bet Victor
  • Unibet

It's important to use a Football betting site that gives you the best choice of Asian Handicap markets at consistently value prices. 

You want to select an Asian Handicap bookmaker who offers loads of different lines, (-2,-1,-0.5,-0.25, 0,+0.25,+0.5), etc. 

The greater the choice the better chance you have of finding your bet. 

With that in mind, we liked Bet 365 and Bet Victor for your Asian Handicap betting.

Which Bookie Offers The Most Asian Handicap Lines?

On the eve of the 2018 World Cup we checked the major bookmaker websites to see who offered the most Asian handicap lines or outcomes on the opening game of the tournament, Russia v Saudi Arabia. 

These are the bookies that offered most Asian handicap outcomes for full-time result.

Bookmaker Number of Lines Visit
Unibet 20 Click Here
888Sport 20 Click Here
bet365 12 Click Here
NetBet 4 Click Here
10Bet 4 Click Here
BetVictor 3 Click Here
William Hill Only 1 Click Here

Unibet, 888sport both all offered the most different Asian handicap lines. It's worth noting that they all seem to get their odds from the same supplier as they all have the exact same coverage. 

Offering that many Asian handicap outcomes certainly isn't a bad thing but many of those lines won't appeal to punters.

The crucial factor is to offer a nice variety of Asian handicap lines so bet365 should also be commended for their Asian handicap service.

In 2020 we checked an EPL match between Liverpool and West Ham and noted that these bookmakers had a range of Asian Handicap markets

If you are looking for an Asian Handicap bet on a major football league the above four firms are advised to be your first port of call. 

Which Bookie Offers The Most Asian Handicap Markets

We also examined the different Asian handicap markets (other than the regular Asian handicap full-time market) that were on offer with major bookmakers ahead of the 2018 World Cup. 

These bookies had the best Asian handicap coverage in terms of markets offered:

10bet - Asian handicap 1st half, Asian handicap corners, Asian handicap corners 1st half, Asian handicap 2nd half, Asian handicap up to 30th minute, Asian handicap shots on target.

Netbet - Asian handicap 1st half, Asian handicap corners, Asian handicap corners 1st half, Asian handicap 2nd half, Asian handicap up to 30th minute, Asian handicap shots on target.

Unibet - Asian total goals (goal line), Asian handicap 1st half, Asian total 1st half.

888sport - Asian total goals (goal line), Asian handicap 1st half, Asian total 1st half.

BetVictor - Asian handicap 1st half, Asian goal line and Asian goal line 1st half.

William Hill - Asian goal line (one line offered).

Netbet and 10bet also offer great Asian handicap options (exactly the same markets and odds) and they tend to be the only Asian handicap bookmakers to offer Asian handicap shots on target.

The 2020 European Championships are expected to offer a host of Asian Handicap betting markets, and can be a value alternative to the standard 1X2 markets. 

Which Bookie Offers The Best Asian Handicap Odds?

We compared the odds on several Asian handicap multiple bets for World Cup group stage matches and generally it was bet365 and BetVictor who offered the best odds on the outcomes. 

It's worth noting that there were really huge Asian handicap odds differences but when betting it is always best to get the best odds possible on every bet in order to maximise Asian handicap profit.

BetVictor generally only offer a few different Asian handicap lines, typically just one option for full goal handicap, one option for half goal handicap and one option of quarter goal handicap. 

This won't suit every punter so preference would be for getting the best odds from bet365 who not only offer generous Asian handicap odds but also offer plenty of different Asian handicap lines which should suit almost every Asian handicap bettor.

A Quick Guide to AH on Betting Sites.

The most popular Asian Handicap lines are full goal lines.

You will see these quoted as

0,-1+1, -2, +2.

E.G Liverpool -1 v Manchester United +1

If you bet on Liverpool -1 then in order to win the handicap, Liverpool need to win by two goals.

If Liverpool win the game by a single goal then the result of your handicap bet is a push. (Your stake is returned).

Drawing the game is enough for the away side (Manchester United) to win the handicap and your Liverpool -1 handicap bet is lost.

The away side (Manchester United) would also win the handicap by winning the game, and your Liverpool -1 bet would be lost.  

Here is a handy Asian handicap lines table
















Win by 2 or more





Win by 1 goal






Lose by 1 goal




Lose by 2 or more



Win by 3 or more





Win by 2 goals




Win by 1 goal


Lose by 1 goal




Lose by 2 goals




Lose by 3 or more


Asian Handicap Bets available with Online Bookmakers

The idea of handicaps generally is that they bring two teams closer together and eliminate the least backed outcome (the draw). The same principle applies to Asian handicaps except Asian handicaps give punters more control over their level of risk with their Asian handicap bets, depending on which type of Asian handicap you choose to bet on.

There are basically three types of Asian handicap bet and they all offer slightly different Asian handicap options and different Asian handicap odds. Those three types of Asian handicap will all be explained below and they are half goal Asian handicaps, full goal Asian handicaps and quarter goal Asian handicaps.

Half Goal Asian Handicaps Explained

A half goal Asian handicap is quite a lot like regular handicap betting in that your bet is always a winner or a loser. If you are backing England -1.5 they need to win by 2 or more goals for the bet to win. If they fail to win by a 2+ goal margin your bet loses.

If betting on half goal Asian handicaps you should see plenty of different options for each match. The favourites should have different Asian handicap odds for -0.5, -1.5, -2.5, -3.5 and so on. The outsiders should have different Asian handicap odds for +0.5, +1.5, +2.5, +3.5 and so on.

Full Goal Asian Handicaps Explained

The full goal handicap gives the possibility of a draw but unlike normal bets where a draw means your bet loses, you'll receive your stake back if there is a draw in the full goal handicap. So if you back England +1 and England win the game by a one goal margin the outcome is a draw and you receive your full stake back. If England win by more than one goal your bet is a winner and if England draw or lose the match your bet is a loser.

If betting on full goal Asian handicaps you'll once again see lots of Asian handicap lines such as -1, -2, -3, etc for the more fancied teams and +1, +2, +3, etc for the lesser fancied sides.

Quarter Goal Asian Handicaps Explained

The quarter goal Asian handicap effectively splits your stake between a half goal Asian handicap and a full goal Asian handicap. This means that you can receive half your stake back if the full goal handicap you choose ends up tied.

There are two types of quarter goal Asian handicap and they are the .25 and .75 Asian handicaps. If you bet on a team in the Asian handicap at -1.25 you are effectively having half your stake on that team in the -1 full goal Asian handicap and half your stake on the -1.5 half goal handicap.

If that team wins by 2 goals or more your whole bet is a winner. If the team wins by precisely 1 goal your half stake on -1.5 is a loser and your half stake on -1 I refunded. If your team doesn't win the match at all your whole stake is lost.

If betting on a .75 handicap such as -1.75 instead of splitting your Asian handicap betting stake between -1 and -1.5 like you do when you bet -1.25, you are actually splitting your stake between -1.5 and -2. Whichever half goal and full goals Asian handicaps you are splitting with your quarter goal handicap bet are the Asian handicaps you split your stake between.

Why Don't All Bookies Offer Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap betting isn't as profitable for bookmakers as many other football markets are because it offers a smaller profit margin. This is why many big brand bookmakers who are used by punters every day don't offer any type of Asian handicap odds. 

Some bookies simply don't want to take any Asian handicap bets.

Other bookmakers offer some Asian handicap odds because they don't want to exclude customers who just choose to bet on Asian handicaps but they don't take Asian handicap betting too seriously, offering just one, or a few, Asian handicap lines or markets on each major football match.

We checked the European 2020 playoff between Ireland and Slovakia on the 26th March 2020 and found the following bookmakers had A/H odds a month before the game.



Bet 365

Bet Victor


You have to give credit to the bookmakers who have the best Asian handicap coverage. 

They are offering Asian handicap punters a great service and a great opportunity to profit if you get to know the best Asian handicap tips and really understand what an Asian handicap bet is and what you need to look out for in order to pick the best Asian handicap bets.


Asian Handicap Betting (IE) FAQ's

  • Which bookmaker in Ireland have Asian Handicap betting?

    There are a number of bookmakers offering Asian handicap betting

    • Unibet
    • bet365
    • BetVictor
    • 888Sport
    • Sportnation 

    These bookmaker all offer asian handicap betting regularly on a range of football events.

  • Asian Handicap lines. Who has the most?

    Unibet offers a greater range of lines across a bigger range of Asian handicap markets right now. bet365 and BetVictor often lead the way but Unibet along with 888Sport own this space.

  • What is the best Asian Handicap Line?

    The best line to bet on is the one you think is most likely to work in your favour. the lines will be different based on the event you are betting on. Simply try to find the edge, find the mistake in the odds on the linen offer and take advantage.

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