Username and email?

Make sure you pick a username you will be happy with as your username cannot be changed once it has been set up. Please also use an email address you check regularly as if we contact you and the email bounces or if a number of mails are unopened then we may close your account. Also this email is used for logging in when your session expiures

Ive forgotten my username?

You can also login with your email address.
If you cant remember your email then try to find any emails or alerts from OLBG - these will be addressed to your email. If all else fails please contact us and we will try to help.

Didnt recieve welcome email?

The email system is working fine but a few people especially those on Hotmail and AOL sometimes have problems. Check spam filters, spam boxes, or anything else that might be blocking mail from new sources. If that fails try a different email address. If you havent received the welcome email and clicked the link then if you try to login with your correct username and password you will be given options to both:
a) resend the welcome email
b) reset your email, which will then allow you to choose a new email address

Why dont I need a password?

Passwords can be guessed or solicited from you by spoof emails and sites so we now use passwordless login.
To login now you should enter your username (or your email address) and you will be sent a link that email account. Clicking on the link will log you in to OLBG on that device for several days so you should not need to repeat this regularly.
For security reasons the links we send are only valid for 15 minutes

Account suspended?

Most suspensions occur because a tipsters details appear very similar to those of another tipster so we like to clarify that these are in fact 2 different people. Once this is resolved to our satisfaction then the account is normally reinstated.

Can I have more than one account?

Sorry - to make the competition as fair as possible each person is only allowed one account and you are not allowed to cancel and set up a new one if things go badly. Also you are not allowed to cancel your account and start again as this makes a mockery of players historical profits, messes up alerts & is confusing for other users.

Account deleted?

To keep the site running fast we do periodically delete inactive accounts. Any account where you havent logged for over 3 months will be mailed twice to confirm you still want it, after which it is deleted if you do not respond. Having a reliable email is also key - if we try to contact you and the email bounces you have 30 days to login (where you will be prompted to set a new email) before your account is deleted. Please use an email address you check regularly to make sure your account does not get deleted.

Why do you need my email?

We need your email for a few things:
1. We regularly send out emails with site news, extra competitions and exclusive offers we have arranged for you.
2. There are various alerts you can set up if you like for tips, free bets, special competitions etc. You are in complete control of these so you can completely stop them at any time just by logging in and changing your preferences in the "My Emails" section of the members area.
3. Within the forum there is a private message system and various alerts to let you track if people make posts to threads etc. Your email is used for these alerts and alerts on when you get new messages. Again though you can choose not to get these (and this is the default option).
4. If you dont use your account we need to be able to contact you to make sure you still want it, as we like to delete inactive accounts as it helps the site run quicker.

Can I just register with the forum?

When you register you are automatically registered with the tipster competition and the forum.

Can I just register for alerts?

Yes you can.
HOWEVER, we do periodically clear out "dead" accounts, and one way we identify these are accounts that have never made a tip or a forum post. So we do recommend you make 1 tip and one forum post so you don't show up in those reports and also log into OLBG at least once a month.