Best Bookies for Arbing

If you want to Arb you will need at least 2 accounts. This one is the absolute must-have essential account to get started.

Best Bookies for Arbing
Best Bookies for Arbing

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Betfair Exchange has the liquidity and range of events to help in any arbitrage betting approach

Full Betfair Review
  • Account won't be limited or closed
  • Huge range of events to find one side
  • Generally solid liquidity
Full Betfair Review

Clearly, if you want to arb you need multiple bookmaker accounts. But the stand out MUST HAVE account is of course with Betfair Exchange. Do though check out some of the other exchange sites as betting with several exchanges will increase your opportunities. 

Which bookies allow Arbing?

All the betting exchanges have no issue with arbing, or their customers utilising their best prices available, they do not mind as the prices on their sites are created and offered by customers, there is no bookmaking margin built in. Arbers create much of the liquidity on the exchanges.

You should sign up for these exchanges if you want to take arbing to the next level.

  • Betfair
  • Betdaq
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook

Which Bookmakers Allow Arbitrage

In reality most bookies (but not exchanges) wouldn’t publicly accept punters who were regularly arbing, however what they say publicly and what they actually allow are different.

Arbitrage betting (arb) is the simultaneous execution of bets on selections from different bookmakers that will make you a profit whatever the outcome.

This makes it different to trading where you back and lay a horse at different times. Although many do call trading arbing.

Davidg3907 highlighted the difference between arbing and trading on his excellent Arbitrage Blog.

What are the best sports for Abritrage betting?

Betting events with only two outcomes where there has to be a winner such as Tennis, Darts and Snooker are ideally suited to arbitrage.

To highlight an example of an arb imagine if Judd Trump is playing John Higgins in the World Snooker Championship Final, Trump is on offer at 2.25 with Bookie 1, and Higgins on offer at 2.25 with Bookie 2, then a £10 bet on either will return 22.50 a guaranteed profit of £2.50 whoever wins the match.

That is an example of an arb where the prices on offer for an event from different bookmakers mean you can back both teams or contestants and make a profit. You exploit the inefficiencies of the market by taking different prices on the same event to guarantee you a profit.

Arbing an event with multiple contestants to make a profit can, of course, be undertaken with any bookmaker. It may be more than 2 prices, although arbitrage betting is more associated with 2 selections.

Arbing on Football

In a football match, you may have different bookies offering a wide cross-section of opinion and one bookie having one team as favourite and another having the other.

  1. Arsenal 9/4 – Bookie 1 30.77%
  2. Manchester United  - 5/2 Bookie 2 28.57%
  3. The Draw 5/2 Bookie 3 28.57%

You can see the percentages add up to less than 100%, making a profit possible by backing all outcomes. Making yourself familiar with betting percentages this will assist all punters who are looking for arbitrage opportunities.

New exchange Smarkets have a very helpful arbitrage calculator where you can test how much you should stake on each outcome. 

Arbing with a bookie and Betfair [Or another Exchange]

You can only lay bets with betting exchanges, so if you are considering arbing 1  specific selection you could back it with a bookmaker or exchange but only simultaneously lay it with an exchange. This is not a true arb but falls into the general usage of the word. You always need to remember with Exchanges the need to pay a commission if it’s a winning bet, this can obviously have a detrimental effect on profits, and the arb.

  1. Back Shergar @ 3.5 with Bookie 2
  2. Lay Shergar @3.2 with Matchbook

The bookies will be aware of exchange prices and will react quickly to exchange lay prices that are less than their back prices. The bookmakers do not like to see their customers constantly taking early stand out prices, where the sole aim seems to be to lay it back on an exchange.

Now you do need to be wary if you are taking early prices with a bookmaker on a regular basis. The bookies will soon catch on if you are regularly beating the general prices on selections.

The bookmakers understand arbing and are on guard to this. Punters who are seen to successfully arb, or regularly trying to arb can see their bookmaker accounts restricted, especially if taking 2 prices from the same bookmaker, and the third from another.

There will be more arbing opportunities on early markets, so look for those Bookmakers who price markets up early.

Also, you can check some of the smaller bookies whose pricing model can offer opportunities for arbitrage

Look to bookies with stand out prices where they trust their odds compilers judgment.

You can also take advantage of bookmaker free bets to arbitrage, obviously, this would be a back bet. 

If there was a golden age of arbitrage betting then that era has passed, the internet and the instant ability by the bookmakers to react to glitches in odds have all but banished big arbitrage opportunities.

You will need to be on the ball and a bit lucky, to make regular profits in the 21st century through arbitrage. 

Arbing FAQ's [UK]

  • What is Arbing?

    Arbing is also referred to as 'matched betting' these days, and is the activity of placing bets on every possible outcome of an event with different bookmakers at prices that ensure that whatever the result a profit will be achieved. Profits are often small in percentage terms but if stakes can be matched then physical profits can be large.

  • Does Arbing get you gubbed?

    There is every possibility that you will get gubbed following arbitrage activity with a bookmaker. This is especially true if you are constantly using a promotion or odds boost with a single bookmaker on one side of your warning activity. You will be logged if only betting when best odds are offered, or a promotion taken advantage of. Expect to be dubbed pretty quickly too. It is worth taking some time to investigate ways to stop getting your account gubbed.

  • How do you do an arbitrage bet?

    The way to make an arbitrage bet is to first know what to look for. Finding two opposite outcomes that offer the opportunity is a must. Example - a tennis match where each player is available to bet at 2.00 or above to win. Place the bets with the separate bookmakers, and wait for the event to finish and collect from the bookmaker with whom you placed the winners bet.

  • Is arbing illegal?

    Arbitrage betting is not illegal. The activity is simply buying odds from two different sources in such a way as to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome. As long as you are making the bets with honestly earned money and not ill gotten gains, then no laws will be broken.

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