Celebrity Casino Hotel Hotspot Report

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Which global casino resorts offer the most lavish suites and grand casinos for mingling with the rich and famous?

Celebrity Casino Hotel Hotspot Report
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Many of us will admit to enjoying an evening in a casino from time to time, basking in the thrill of having a little flutter with friends, laughing and drinking as the night draws to a close. However, how many of us have splashed out on a casino suite to stay in once the fun has ended, or even spotted a celebrity gracing the slot machines? Are there affordable casino resorts out there, or will many months of saving up be required to visit one?

With this in mind, the team at OLBG has crunched the numbers to reveal the most opulent casino resorts in the world, complete with the most sumptuous rooms and suites. Taking a seed list of the best casino getaways, we were able to determine the most expensive rooms, the Instagram following of the resort, the distance to the nearest casino, and whether the resort has an on-site casino at all - allowing us to create The Celebrity Casino Hotel Hotspot Report. Each resort has received an overall score out of 70, based on the individual factors below.

The specific aspects we focused on included:

  • Does the resort have a casino? (Higher score if the hotel has a self-contained casino) 

  • Distance to the nearest casino (more points scored if the casino was part of the hotel)

  • Most expensive suite (based on a two-night stay for two)

  • Most affordable suite (based on a two-night stay for two)

  • Average cost of a suite (based on a two-night stay for two)

  • Instagram followers 

  • Insta Hashtags

  • TikTok Views (for the hotel)

  • Monthly searches for the hotel 

  • Celebrity sightings 

So, whether you are searching for a resort to catch up with friends alongside placing some bets, or you want to rub shoulders with some A-listers, we guarantee that the perfect casino can be found within this report. 

celebrity casino hotel hotspot

First up, we were able to reveal the casinos that ranked the highest when it came to all of the specific factors that we mentioned previously. Caesars Palace in Las Vegas scored a very impressive 64.8/70, a ranking that was made easier to obtain thanks to the resort actually having a casino on-site (scoring the resort 10/10 for this section). It also garnered 6.1/10 when it came to the average cost of a room, with the most expensive being £1,790.17 and the most affordable being £650.37. 

While this may still seem like an opulent place to stay, compared to some of the other resorts from our seed list, it turned out to be one of the most reasonable. Renowned for its bright lights, high-quality service and round-the-clock entertainment, it is easy to see why so many celebrities flock to Caesars Palace - from Lizzo, to Bradley Cooper, to Barack Obama. With a respectable 358,000 Instagram followers and 134,700,000 TikTok views for the hotel, the infamous destination clearly has a well-maintained social media presence. 

In second place, with an overall score of 59.4/70, was The Venetian Resort. Equipped with crystal-clear swimming pools, expensively decorated rooms and a casino on-site, the popularity of this resort shows no sign of slowing down. When it came to affordability, the resort’s most expensive room came in at just £710.12 - a far cry from some of its competitors. Its most affordable stood at £609.27, allowing the resort to score 8.1/10 when it came to affordability. 

When it came to social media, The Venetian Resort came very close to Caesars Palace, with 332,000 followers on Instagram. It did, however, fall flat when it came to TikTok views, receiving only 1,300,000. Despite this, if you are looking to fill up your autograph book, you can expect to be graced by the likes of Courtney Love, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, all of whom have been regularly spotted at the resort. 

Finishing up in third was The Mirage Hotel & Casino, scoring 57.4/70 overall. This impressive score was achieved thanks to an admirable 161,000 Instagram followers, scoring the resort 9/10 in this section. The resort comes equipped with a casino on-site, and also scored 7.7/10 when it came to the cost of rooms - with the most expensive being only £1,142.80, and the cheapest being an extremely reasonable £349.19. The resort was slightly let down by its TikTok views, receiving only 190,800 and scoring 5.2/10 for this segment. 

Opulent Suites: The Priciest Offerings in Global Casino Resort Hotels

extravagant suites

Have you ever wanted to splurge on an expensive hotel getaway for a birthday or anniversary? If you are looking for the most sumptuous resort possible, look no further than The President in Prague, which scored a rather measly 8.6/70 overall when it came to amenities and prices. 

The most expensive room in the opulent hotel comes with an eye-watering price tag of £29,286.21, with the cheapest sitting at £472.21. This made the average price of a stay at this hotel a staggering £14,879.21, scoring the resort a poultry 0/10 for this segment. 

Our data revealed that the second-most-expensive resort was, in fact, the Diamond Princess Grace Suite at Hotel de Paris, scoring 34/70 overall. Despite not being as expensive as the aforementioned The President resort, the priciest room still sits at a whopping £18,969.83 - which could be attributed to its luxurious location of Monte Carlo. 

The cheapest suite was, surprisingly, not cheap at all, and would still set you back a staggering £8,191.52 - allowing this resort to score 0.3/10 when it came to prices. As well as this, neither this hotel nor The President had a casino on-site, meaning you would have to walk either 0.62 miles for the one nearest to The President, and 0.013 to do some gambling while at the Diamond Pincess. 

Despite the lack of casino, those hoping to snatch a selfie with a celeb may still be in luck, as Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King’Cole are all said to be regulars at the Diamond Princess. The same cannot be said for The President, unfortunately, with no celebrity sightings documented. 

Finally, the third-most-expensive resort turned out to be Claridge’s, situated in London. A night here in the hotel’s most lavish suite would cost you an astonishing £13,200.00, with the most cost-effective option still setting you back £1,080.00. 

This scored the world-renowned hotel a meagre 0.6/10 when it came to finances. However, huge A-list stars have been seen gracing its floors, with the likes of film stars Chloe Bailey and Adam Sandler, as well as TV presenter Sharon Osbourne, making it a hot spot for celeb sightings. 

Despite this, if you booked Claridge’s in the hopes of winning some money, you would have to walk 0.60 miles to the nearest casino - which isn’t far, but still scored the spot only 2/10 when it came to the distance of its closest gambling spot. All of these factors allowed Claridge’s to walk away with a slightly disappointing overall score of 30/70. 

Affordable Luxury: Discover the Most Budget-Friendly Hotel Suites in Global Casino Resorts

wallet friendly hotel suites

For those looking for a casino getaway that doesn’t break the bank, we have also compiled a list of the most cost-effective resorts from around the world. At the top of the list, with an unbeatable score of 10/10 when it came to finances, was the Hotel Kings Court in Prague. 

The cheapest room at this resort would only set you back a very reasonable £167.42, with the most expensive being £519.89 - a far cry from some of the pricier options within this report. Despite not having a casino on-site, the nearest one is a very doable 0.11 miles away, scoring the hotel 8.5/10. Overall, the resort scored only 26.6/70, but still remains a very affordable option for people looking for budget-friendly hotels. 

In second place was Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, which scored a fair 55/70 overall. When it came to purchasing a room, the cheapest option would set you back only £267.61 - ideal for people looking for a hotel with a casino on-site, as Planet Hollywood has an infamous one. 

For those looking to splash some cash, the most expensive room costs £1,894.43, which is still, compared to the more expensive counterparts, fairly affordable. This spot scored 7.1/10 when it came to finances, a fact made only sweeter by the A-list celebrities regularly seen at the resort, such as pop icons Britney Spears, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus. 

In third place when it came to affordability was the Grand Lisboa Palace, situated in Macau on the South Coast of China. The cheapest suite at this resort would set you back £297.44, leaving you with plenty of spending money to splurge at the nearest casino - which is 0.90 miles away (0.5/10 for this segment). 

The most expensive room would leave you minus £454.04, allowing this resort to receive a score of 9.7/10 when it came to the average price of a suite. Despite not having a casino on-site, the resort is still frequented by VIPs, such as Michelle Yeoh, Lou Doillon and Gigi Chao.

The Ultimate Luxury Casino Getaway: Most Sought-After Hotel Destinations

casino escapes graphic

Lastly, we delved into the most sought-after casino resorts, based on the searches per month and also their celebrity sightings - because, after all, who wants to splurge on a luxury casino getaway if there isn’t the promise of rubbing shoulders with A-listers? In the lead was Caesars Palace - the resort that also scored the highest when it came to having the best prices and amenities. 

With 238,000 Google searches a month, it is evident that the hotel’s popularity shows no sign of slowing down, which could be attributed to its fabulous Las Vegas strip location. As well as this, former U.S. president Barack Obama, as we mentioned previously, is also said to be a fan of the spot. For lovers of all things musical, why not take a trip in the hopes of bumping in word-class singstress J. Lo? 

In second place was the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, also situated on the Las Vegas strip. It is easy to see why the spot is boasting 95,000 Google searches a month, due to its bustling nightlife, on-site spas and salons, golf courses, and much more. Looking to make all your friends jealous with the ultimate Instagram selfie? At MGM, you could find yourself running into the glamorous Kendra Wilkinson, as well as Audrina Partridge and Jon Gosselin. 

In third place was the aforementioned Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, racking up 89,000 Google searches a month. With so many strings to their bow, like shopping sprees, top-quality restaurants, theatres, suites with views of the entire strip, and much more, it is easy to see why this world-renowned spot is so sought-after. The casino at this resort is the stuff of legend, with 86 table games and 950+ slot machines to choose from - as well as poker, roulette, craps, and blackjack. Their Code of Commitment also ensures that everybody enjoying the casino gambles responsibly, stopping when the fun stops. 


It is safe to say that the world of casino resorts is a competitive one, meaning that those in the running need to push out all of the stops to keep customers at their doors. While many resorts within our report come with hefty price tags for their suites, they also offer the once in a lifetime experience of crossing paths with a lifelong hero, as well as possibly winning big in a game of blackjack. Whatever your intentions when booking a casino resort, it is guaranteed that the trip will be an unforgettable experience - especially if you end up bumping into Justin Timberlake. 

Methodology and data sources:

The Celebrity Casino Hotel Hotspot report conducted by OLBG reveals which of the world's biggest casino resorts offer the most luxurious hotel suites and grandest casinos to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

The team first created a seed list of locations based on the best casino getaways. Then, utlising further sources we determined which hotels in these locations around the world offered the most luxurious suites and hotel rooms and had the best casinos located within the hotel or a few miles away. 

We then ranked each hotel based on the following factors to determine which hotels were the best for a casino getaway with the high chance of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous:

  • Does it have a casino (scored higher if the hotel had a self-contained casino

  • Distance to nearest casino (scored more points if the casino was part of the hotel)

  • Most expensive Suite (based on a two night stay for two)

  • Most affordable Suite (based on a two night stay for two)

  • Average cost of a Suite (based on a two night stay for two)

  • Instagram followers

  • Insta Hashtags

  • TikTok Views (for hotel)

  • Monthly searches for the hotel

  • Celebrity sightings

The team then used a normalised ranking function to score each data point out of 10, which gave each location an overall score out of 70. 


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