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Spread Betting

Spread Betting Advice

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Nov 12, 12:24pm Spread Betting

Spread Betting on Sport is a type of betting where profits or losses of a single wager are based on the accuracy of the 'spread' offered by the company, combined with your prediction. By 'buying' or 'selling' the spread, your profit or loss is determined by how right or wrong your prediction is. It is different from fixed odds betting that you can lose multiples of your stake, instead of a fixed amount.   With over one million active people... [ Read More ]

Advanced Spread Betting

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Mar 26, 3:10pm Spread Betting

Spread betting isn’t as complicated as it sounds and you only need a basic knowledge to start getting involved but to make spread betting really pay you are going to completely know what you are doing and know all the options available to you. Spread Betting v Fixed Odds Spread betting can be much more useful than fixed odds betting on many occasions. Fixed odds betting pays out on a winner and the places (on each way bets) but spread... [ Read More ]

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