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How to Find Winners - 101 Tips to Choose A Winning Horse Racing Bet

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Nov 12, 11:06am Horses

At OLBG we help millions of sports bettors to find winners through our betting tips. In particular we have some amazing horse racing tipsters who are consistently profitable with their horse racing tips.  But what if you want to choose your own winning bets? What strategies, systems and methods will help you to find a winning horse racing bet? This is what our members have been discussing for more than 18 years on the OLBG forums and blogs. Our horse... [ Read More ]

Types Of Horse Race

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:39am Horses

There are many different types of horse race and to a newcomer it can be hard to tell the difference as all types of race can attract either small, medium or large sized fields. It is worth taking the time to learn the different types of race as most punters stick to only two or three types of race to bet on as they learn to specialise. Finding which types of race are most likely to make a profit for... [ Read More ]

The Tote

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:39am Horses

The Tote (now owned by Betfred rather than the Government) offer pari-mutuel betting on horse racing. Many of their bets are similar to what you can bet on with standard bookmakers (although payouts differ from race to race) although there are several bets that are unique to the Tote. The Tote has a strong presence at racecourses throughout the UK although it is also available with most bookmakers online and in shops. Types Of Bet Win Tote win bets are... [ Read More ]

Betting At The Racecourse

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:28am Horses

Betting on course can be daunting for newcomers but it needn’t be. It is actually a very fun and thrilling process and it can be very rewarding if you make the right selections. Your Options You are mostly faced with the choice of betting with the on course bookies or the Tote when you are at the races. There is no exact science as to which offers the better odds although the Tote can sometimes be better for bigger odds... [ Read More ]

Becoming A Professional Gambler

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:27am Horses

As your punting improves and you make more and more profit you are going to find it harder and harder to get your bets accepted. Bookmakers don’t like to lose and these days they can get away with limiting accounts for any reason at any time, even if your account isn’t even showing a profit! [ Read More ]

Ante Post Horse Racing

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:25am Horses

Ante post horse racing markets will usually only be available on certain types of race and they are Group races (most commonly Group 1 races) and also big handicaps. Both types of race have different considerations before placing bets and with both types of race there is more than one way to make ante post betting pay. Different Way To Make Money Ante Post Picking Winners The most straight forward way to make money from ante post betting is to... [ Read More ]

All Weather Racing Tips

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:23am Horses

All weather racing makes up a decent proportion of the flat racing on offer these days so it makes sense to know as much as possible about all weather racing. All weather racing takes place on an artificial surface and it is sometimes referred to as racing on sand because of the nature of the surface. All weather racing takes place all year round but is more commonly associated with the winter, it is the only form of flat racing... [ Read More ]

Betting On Horse Racing In Running

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 8:43am Horses

In running betting has become a major part of horse racing betting over the past decade but some punters are still making the same mistakes and this betting school guide should help eradicate some of those. In Running Considerations The main consideration should be time delays. If you are sitting at home watching a race on TV then the pictures you are watching are probably going to be somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds behind what is actually happening at... [ Read More ]

Horse Racing Form Reading Made Easy & What to Look For

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 21, 3:05pm Horses

By the end of this article, you are going to know more about reading horse racing form than anyone else you know. You will understand the abbreviations used by various racecards, their importance, and how you can use them to find more winners in horse racing.   What is 'Form' in horse racing? - Horse Racing form is a historical record of a horse's previous performance and statistics. It provides a complete record of how a horse has performed in... [ Read More ]

Laying Horses

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 21, 10:48am Horses

Bookie Price And Exchange Prices It is always important to remember that prices on exchanges are invariably bigger than those available at the traditional bookmakers. This has to be the case to get punters to bet on the exchanges rather than the bookies. Anyone who is laying bets on exchanges is going to have to lay the bets at over the odds available elsewhere so it is important to keep value in mind. If the bookies are 9/4 about a... [ Read More ]

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