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Michael Calabrese US Content Manager

Experienced sports journalist, College sports expert and broadcaster, hailing from Pennsylvania


Michael Calabrese has covered college and professional sports in the US since 2007. He has been featured in print for publications including Fox Sports, The Action Network, Yardbarker, MSN, Saturday Down South, NumberFire, and JetMag.com. He also regularly appears on ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, and VSIN

🎯 Industry Expertise

Michael Calabrese is an esteemed figure within the sports journalism industry, notable for his in-depth coverage of college and professional sports, spanning more than a decade. With a portfolio that boasts contributions to prestigious outlets like Fox Sports, The New York Post, MSN, and ESPN Radio, Calabrese's expertise particularly shines in the realms of college sports, sports betting, and content strategy. His insightful analysis, creative writing prowess, and skillful podcasting have made him a trusted voice among sports aficionados and a respected commentator in the sports media landscape.

📚 Experience

Starting his career in sports journalism in 2007, Michael Calabrese has evolved into a versatile multimedia journalist and content strategist. He has graced various roles, from being a Log Editor at NBC Sports Network to writing extensively for online platforms like The Action Network and The Big Lead. Calabrese has also honed his skills as a content marketing manager across various companies, including Tropic and Clyde, epitomizing his grasp on contemporary digital content practices.

As the Host of the "Big Bets on Campus Podcast" for The Action Network and an On-Air Talent for VSiN, The Sports Betting Network, Calabrese has demonstrated his capacity to engage an audience with compelling narratives and sharp analysis. Whether it is authoring incisive columns or leading content strategy, his multifaceted experience underscores his adeptness in both content creation and management within the sports industry.

🎯 Goal in Role at OLBG

In his tenure as the Head of U.S. Content at OLBG, Michael Calabrese's goal is to bolster the platform's authority and reach within the United States sports betting market. Tasked with delivering high-quality content, Calabrese's mission entailed curating insightful analysis, strategies, and comprehensive guides that cater to the burgeoning community of sports bettors, thereby positioning OLBG as a definitive resource in the competitive realm of sports wagering.

💬 Quotes from Michael

Throughout his career, Michael Calabrese has been known to share compelling insights into the sports world. A quote that embodies his philosophy is, 

"Sports are more than just games; they're a narrative that gives every fan a voice in a larger discussion." 

Reflecting on his role and the evolution of sports journalism, he has remarked, 

"In today's digital era, authenticity and depth in storytelling are the cornerstones of engaging sports audiences and fostering a genuine community around the sports we love."

📰 Michael Calabrese in the News

Michael Calabrese's presence in sports media remains robust, as he continues to leave his mark through various influential platforms. As the current host of The Bets On Campus Podcast, focusing on college football and basketball (CFB/CBB), he offers keen insights and engages listeners with the latest trends and analyses in college sports. 

Additionally, his weekly column in the New York Post serves as a testament to his deep understanding and coverage of collegiate athletics, consistently bringing fresh perspectives to a wide readership. Calabrese also enhances the sports betting conversation with his regular appearances on VSIN, where his expertise is showcased among fellow sports betting enthusiasts and industry professionals. His ongoing contributions keep him at the forefront of sports media news, influencing discussions and engaging audiences across the nation.

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