Blackjack Online Casinos [Ireland]

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Blackjack Online Casinos [Ireland]

With the increase in legal online casino operations in Ireland, it is now possible to play online blackjack on safe and secure internet websites and apps. This guide will help you find the best, and safest online casino sites for you to play Ireland's favorite casino game.

Best Casinos for Online Blackjack

There are many online casinos where you can play Blackjack in Ireland.

You can choose from RNG Blackjack video tables, or better still, live dealer tables to play alongside other players with interaction with the dealer.

Here are the best Online Casinos in Ireland for Blackjack

4.3 / 5 7 Ratings

Bet 365 Casino Review

Best for Live Dealers

One of the biggest online bookmakers offers one of the greatest online casinos too. Super quick withdrawals and la formidable reputation.

  • Super Fast Withdrawals
  • One of the biggest Online Operators
  • Small or Large Stakes Accepted
4.7 / 5 6 Ratings

Quinnbet Casino Review

Ireland based independent online casino with a wide range of games and excellent customer service. Could be a hit.

  • Loyalty Program
  • Excellent Promotions for Registered Players
  • Quick to Register and Simple to Use

Online Live Dealer Blackjack

One of the most significant developments of online casino in recent years. Proving so popular that many online casinos there have up to 50 live dealer tables running.

Where Can I Play Live Dealer Blackjack Online?

bet365 offer the best range of Live Dealer Blackjack options

How is it live?

You are connected to the table via a video feed and will be in contact with the dealer in a personal situation. You will see the shoe and the cards dealt and can take action interactively to make your decisions.

You can interact with the dealer through the chat function too. Ask for help, or ask any question. You can also tip the dealer, just as you might in a real casino.

Scanned cards get dealt to each player. You will see the dealer make this action, and this is how the data is fed onto your screen.

Is Online Blackjack For Real Money Safe?

Playing online blackjack with an online casino is safe, and secure.  You can play and feel assured that your deposited funds are accessible at any time. Should you strike it lucky and win big, you should also have no trouble in being paid and withdrawing your winnings.

How to Keep a Big Win Safe and Get Paid.

Playing at a Licensed online casino is the safest option to ensure your deposited money is safe and you get paid when you win big.

What if the Online Casino is not Licensed

Ok, this is where things get tricky. It is not illegal to wager with unregulated casinos based offshore. It is, however, illegal for them to accept players but there is little that can be done to stop it. 

The problem lies in if that casino suddenly disappears, or you have a big win and don't get paid. You are going to find very little help if any at all. 

Playing safely at an online casino that is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission gives you security and protection of your funds.

How do I know if my casino is legally operating?

Only regulated casinos will be featured on OLBG. Unregulated casinos can simply get a licence to run a business somewhere like Curacao. No regulation of that business is required from that license. Beware.

Blackjack Variations

When playing blackjack online, you will come across live dealer rooms, but also a host of differently named blackjack games. Each is based around classic blackjack, but they may have slightly different rules and alternative ways to play.

At one online casino, I counted seven different versions in addition to the seven live dealer tables.

Online Blackjack Variations
Live Dealer Classic
Micro Limit Low Limit
High Limit Vip Table
Single Hand Multi-Hand
777 Blazing Pro Multi-Hand
Unlimited Stakes European Blackjack
Premium Double Deck
Xchange Blackjack Vegas Downtown
Vegas Strip Single Deck no Hole Card
Multi-Hand no Hole Card Unlimited 21 Auto
Pro Monte Carlo

Some of these games will have a different house edge, so if you are playing seriously and want the best chance of winning, you should choose the game with the lowest house edge.

Which Blackjack Variation has the Lowest House Edge?

Classic Blackjack with a single deck offering double down 9-11. Combine that with the dealer standing on Soft17, and you have a game where the house edge will be around 0.13% only.

Blackjack Game with Lowest House Edge

Classic Blackjack with a single deck offering double down 9-11. Combine that with the dealer standing on Soft17, and you have a game where the house edge will be around 0.13% only.

Betfair has a wide range of Blackjack variations to play on their casino

Blackjack Strategy

You will find numerous strategies for playing blackjack online, mostly free, and then there will be some version that the 'owners' would like you to pay for.

My advice is to stick to the strategy known as the 'basic playing strategy.' It is simple to master and provides a better chance of winning, and you'll experience fewer losses.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

The basic strategy is governed by a set of simple rules to follow. These rules come into effect when the first round of cards initially dealt. At this point, you can asses the cards and start implementing the rules based on the cards on show.

In this section, I briefly touch on pair splitting.

When should I Split a Pair?

You know when you get that pair of tens and you split? STOP!

STOP! - Never Split 10's

Check out the basic guide to splitting pairs below

Whenever you are dealt a pair of cards, that is two cards that match [to be sure], you have the option of splitting them.

Now. There are several variations to the strategy based on how many decks are in play. They differ if doubling down is permitted and if there is a hard 17 rule, soft 17 rule, and no 17 rule at all.

For a basic rule, follow these simple instructions

  1. Never split 10, 4 or 5's
  2. Always split 8's and A's
  3. Always split 9's except when the dealer holds 7,10 or A
  4. Always split 2, 3, 6 and 7's if the dealer has 7 or less

For more in-depth instructions, check out this video.

Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions

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