Canadian Sports Franchises Popularity by Social Media Fans

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Canadian Sports Franchises Popularity by Social Media Fans
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With social media proving to be big business in many aspects of today’s world, it is no surprise that these platforms are neatly intertwined with the capitalist juggernaut that is top level sport and with a legion of fans being amassed through digital means, it offers another way for support to shown.

This is even more prevalent with the introduction of legal online sports betting sites in Ontario where Social Media can provide team news and updates on the latest news at the franchises.

While Canadian sporting franchises are no different and with a number pitching their tents within some of the United States’ most high-profile leagues, an abundance of clicks, shares and retweets is not all that far away either.

At present there are 12 franchises that currently ply their trade across the border and with the NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS all welcoming at least one Canadian entry per competition, it allows them to collect millions of dollars in revenue per year.

Not only that, but it also allows them to collect millions of social followers and after scouring each of the big three platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), we are able to analyse just who has the biggest following of all. 


Sport League Club Facebook Instagram Twitter Total Attendance Capacity Ratio
Basketball NBA Toronto Raptors 2,500,000 3,700,000 2,500,000 8,700,000 20,511 424.16
Baseball MLB Toronto Blue Jays 1,700,000 1,500,000 2,300,000 5,500,000 49,282 111.60
Hockey NHL Toronto Maple Leafs 1,300,000 1,200,000 2,000,000 4,500,000 20,270 222.00
Hockey NHL Montreal Canadiens 1,600,000 893,000 1,600,000 4,093,000 21,105 193.94
Hockey NHL Vancouver Canucks 928,000 557,000 1,000,000 2,485,000 18,910 131.41
Hockey NHL Edmonton Oilers 590,000 762,000 910,700 2,262,700 18,500 122.31
Hockey NHL Calgary Flames 377,000 435,000 676,600 1,488,600 19,289 77.17
Hockey NHL Winnipeg Jets 383,000 438,000 582,500 1,403,500 15,321 91.61
Hockey NHL Ottawa Senators 324,000 342,000 609,800 1,275,800 18,652 68.40

Shaheen Karolia, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

When looking at the values of each platform combined, it is the Toronto Raptors that come out on top with a total of 8.7m social followers. While their crosstown compatriots, the Blue Jays are second with 5.5m.

Although what is interesting here, is the fact that both franchises are the sole Canadian representatives in the NBA and MLB respectively and you could argue, that they also amass followers from outside Toronto itself.

As they are seen as the de-facto Canadian franchise for both basketball and baseball respectively, their reach is likely to spread outside Toronto’s city walls and this will go some way to explain their table topping results. 


Although it is not all a success story for the city of Toronto and although they have managed to lock out the first three places in our franchise data table, their MLS offering is unfortunately nearer the relegation zone.

At just 1.1m combined social followers, Toronto FC has nearly eight times less the amount, that the Toronto Raptors can call upon and this means their social media department still has plenty of work to do.

Then again, that work also needs to be matched on the field of play and with the Raptors managing to win the NBA Finals, such an achievement only puts them further in the spotlight. Should Toronto FC win the MLS Cup, they could well be catapulted up the standings. 

With that being said, they are the top of the shop when it comes to the three Canadian franchises that are deployed in the MLS and with them getting the better of CF Montreal and the Vancouver Whitecaps, they can at least celebrate this intra-sport victory.

Although CF Montreal may have to improve their Insta game and although they have managed to get the better of Toronto FC when it comes to Facebook followers, they are some 184,000 behind when it comes the ‘gram.

Which in itself if still 11,000 worse off than what the Vancouver Whitecaps have amassed and were it not for a stronger Facebook following, the team at the bottom could well have been based in Montreal instead. 


Now we know that sole franchises are at the top of the table and soccer franchises are at the bottom it is time to focus on the middle and this is where the NHL comes into play. With third to ninth all passing the puck around, it is quite a competitive mid-table battle.

A battle that is just edged out by the Toronto Maple Leafs and with their 4.5m combined followers getting the better of the Montreal Canadiens’ 4.093m, the former will have to thank those fans who view them on Instagram and Twitter.

Although the Canadiens won out on Facebook, the same could not be said for the other two platforms and where they previously had an advantage of 300,000, this was then converted into a deficit of nearly 400,000 combined social followers.

However, the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens are some distance clear of both the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers. With the next two NHL franchises both coming close to 2.5m combined social followers by comparison. 

With the Canucks being the only one of the next four NHL outfits to amass over one million twitter followers, their ability to send a message out in 280 characters or less, is something that should be applauded. 

From there, it is an interesting battle between the three remaining outfits and with the Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets and Ottawa Senators being separated by no more than 300,000 combined social followers, it is certainly all to play for towards the bottom. 


While another way to look at how all these social followers add value, is by comparing it to the stadium capacity where each of these franchises plays and in doing so, we can see who has the greatest attendance ratio of all.

Sport League Club Total Attendance Capacity Ratio
Basketball NBA Toronto Raptors 8,700,000 20,511 424.16
Hockey NHL Toronto Maple Leafs 4,500,000 20,270 222.00
Hockey NHL Montreal Canadiens 4,093,000 21,105 193.94
Hockey NHL Vancouver Canucks 2,485,000 18,910 131.41
Hockey NHL Edmonton Oilers 2,262,700 18,500 122.31
Baseball MLB Toronto Blue Jays 5,500,000 49,282 111.60
Hockey NHL Winnipeg Jets 1,403,500 15,321 91.61
Hockey NHL Calgary Flames 1,488,600 19,289 77.17
Hockey NHL Ottawa Senators 1,275,800 18,652 68.40

With the Toronto Raptors topping the overall social table, they are also top when it comes to attendance ratio and with the Scotiabank Arena hosting 20,511 rabid supporters, their social support would fill the venue 424 times over.

A ratio that is 202 more than what the Toronto Maple Leafs can achieve and with their 4.5m combined followers ready to be called upon, it means their use of the Scotiabank Arena would be filled 222 times over.

With the Maple Leafs moving up to second when it comes to attendance ratio, the Blue Jays now have to make do with dropping down to fifth and with the Rogers Centre hosting no less than 49.282 fans, their attendance ratio is only 111.60 by comparison. 

As the Blue Jays move down to fifth, it is the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks who have profited from having smaller home venues by comparison and they have an attendance ratio of 193.94 and 131.41 respectively.

Once again, it is Canada’s three soccer franchises that bring up the rear and although Toronto FC were top of the shop last time, this is not the case when it comes to measuring the attendance ratio for each.

This time, it is CF Montreal who can claim a form of social silverware and with their Saputo Stadium playing host to a maximum of 19,619 supporters, it means they have a current attendance ratio of 43.60.

While Toronto FC will be looking over their shoulders and although they just managed to stay of the bottom of the overall attendance ratio table, there is little difference between their 36.94 and the Vancouver Whitecaps’ 34.69.

Which means if the Whitecaps can find another 100,000 combined social followers anytime soon, they will claw themselves off the bottom of the attendance ratio table and ask big questions of Toronto FC’s social media team at the same time.

Data correct as of September 2022

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Canadian Sports Franchises Popularity FAQ's

  • Which Canadian NBA Team has the Most Social Media Fans?

    The Toronto Raptors have the most Social Media fans with a total of 8.7 million across, Facebook (2.5m) Instagram (3.7m) and Twitter (2.5m) - The next biggest are the BlueJays with 5.5m in total.

  • Which Canadian Hockey Team Has the most Facebook Fans?

    The Montreal Canadiens have 1.6m fans on Facebook, with the Mapel Leafs coming in second with 1.3m, despite the latter having more on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Which Canadian Hockey team has the most Twitter followers?

    The Toronto Maple Leafs have more social media followers in total than any other hockey team in the country this includes 2 million followers on Twitter.

  • Which Candian hockey team has the highest home attendance?

    The Montreal Canadiens top the table of average home attendances with a figure in excess of 21,000, a full 1000 higher than the Maple Leafs

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