Lou Marsh Trophy Betting Odds (How to Bet, Contenders and History)

Lou Marsh Trophy Betting Odds (How to Bet, Contenders and History)

Lou Marsh Trophy Betting Odds

Many people like to bet on the possible winners of the Lou Marsh Trophy. There are many legal sportsbooks in Canada that allow you to bet on the trophy winner. The betting odds for the Lou Marsh trophy vary from book to book. The betting lines may also change throughout the season. It is important to shop around for the best betting odds before you place your bet. You can also use online betting sites to bet on the Lou Marsh Trophy winner.

The Lou Marsh Trophy is awarded to the most successful and top Canadian athlete every year. It doesn’t matter whether they perform on an amateur or professional level, every Canadian athlete has an equal shake at winning the prize. 

This particular trophy is named after Lou Marsh, a prominent Canadian athlete who passed in 1936; it’s a tradition that has been around for nearly a hundred years, with plenty of amazing athletes being named the recipient during that time. 

We’re going to cover how you can wager on the Lou Marsh Trophy, as well as what to look out for when gambling on this unique betting market. 

Current Lou Marsh Trophy Betting Odds

When odds are available for the next Lou Marsh Trophy winner predictions, the odds will appear here

What is Betting on the Lou Marsh Trophy

Betting on the Lou Marsh Trophy market is like any other sports award. If you’ve wagered on NFL or NBA MVP candidates in the past, you already know how this process works. Oddsmakers will present a list of candidates with odds that correspond to their chances of winning the trophy. 

This is one of the most popular sports awards in Canada. It’s not only the Canadian athletes playing in the large US and European sports leagues that win the Lou Marsh Trophy as the panel of voters examine every sport possible. 

Lou Marsh Trophy Betting Markets

You'll not find a huge range of betting markets for the Lou Marsh Trophy, outside of placing wagers on your prediction for the winner, it may extend only to whether the winner may be male or female too. On occasion you may betting on which sport the winner will come from, but only if there are several athletes from the same sports vying for the award, primarily around Olympic years with multiple gold medal winners.

Trophy Winner

Canada is a country that breeds plenty of successful athletes, with names like Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, and Joey Votto leading the pack. You don’t have to play a major sport to be considered for this trophy either, as swimmers like Penny Oleksiak (who found Olympic success as just a teenager) won way back in 2016.

You would think that it’s mostly reserved for famous hockey players, but the Lou Marsh Trophy can be awarded to just about anybody, and that’s part of what makes betting on it so exciting. 

Sport of Winner

Sergei Kazantsev, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

You can also bet on which sport the winner plays, which is particularly useful if you don’t feel like trying to choose a winner. The Sport of Winner betting market will have options like baseball, ice hockey, and even basketball, but those are only the major ones. Many sportsbooks will also offer obscure options like kayaking, bobsleighing, and even auto racing – the latter are often offered at significantly higher odds.

There’s no telling which sport is going to come out on top, and that’s the beauty of this betting market. In recent years, we’ve seen athletes from track and field, skiing, bobsleigh, and tennis win the Lou Marsh Trophy. 

Gender of Winner 

Lou Marsh Trophy winners come in all shapes and sizes, as well as genders. Christine Sinclair, a member of the Women’s Canadian National Soccer team, won in 2012; we’ve also already talked a bit about Penny Oleksiak, the 2016 winner. Both of them are women and are just two examples of women that have won this trophy. 

That said, plenty of men have won in the past as well! Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is an offensive lineman (as well as a doctor) in the NFL, and one of the few Canadians who are active in the league at the moment; he shared the trophy with soccer superstar Alphonso Davies in 2020. 

Kris Krüg, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Repeat Winner 

Wayne Gretzky has won the trophy a total of 4 times, although he’s the only person to have done so. Barbara Ann Scott won three throughout her entire athletic career for figure skating, although many may not recognize her name since she won her very first one in 1945. 

Name # of Lou Marsh Wins
Waynze Gretzky 4
Jacques Villeneuve 2
Sidney Crosby 2
Joey Votto 2
Ben Johnson 2

Repeat winners aren’t exactly a common occurrence, but it’s certainly a possibility. Sidney Crosby is still active in the NHL and has won a few times before, and Alphonso Davies is one of the best soccer players in whatever league he happens to be playing in (currently the Bundesliga). 

How to Bet on The Lou Marsh Trophy

Betting on the Lou Marsh Trophy is quite simple, all you’ve got to do is sign up for an online sportsbook that offers these particular betting markets. Not every website will do so, but popular sportsbooks like Bet365, DraftKings, or FanDuel will almost certainly have betting markets for this popular market in Canada. 

Things to Consider When Betting on the Lou Marsh Trophy

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider before placing a bet on the Lou Marsh Trophy Winner.

Past Winners

Although it’s somewhat rare to see somebody in modern times win more than once, it does happen as Sidney Crosby achieved precisely that. If you notice that there are betting lines for somebody that has won in the past, it could be a good sign! 

There are pros and cons to betting on a repeat winner. The major pro is that you know they have the right combination of athletic excellence and relevance in Canada to win the trophy. However, the con is that the panel may have some voter fatigue and look elsewhere to keep things fresh. 

Dominant Sports

The most dominant sports for the Lou Marsh Trophy would be ice hockey or track and field. You can look at which sports have won the most Lou Marsh Trophies in the past and get a feel for which ones produce athletes that win this trophy. 

Resolute, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Current Trends

If a Canadian is making waves in the news for achieving athletic greatness, odds are they’re going to be on the Lou Marsh Trophy radar. It doesn’t matter what sport they’re playing, as long as there are records being broken or milestones achieved; this can make sports news incredibly important.

If something amazing happens, whoever did it is likely going to be a forerunner for receiving this trophy. Whether it’s winning a Stanley Cup or leading Canada to a gold medal in the Olympics, trends are always going to be important for this betting market. 

Lou Marsh Trophy Previous Winners List

In 1936, the Lou Marsh Trophy was created as a way to honor the Canadian athlete of the year. The trophy is named after Lou Marsh, a sportswriter for the Toronto Star who was also an athlete himself. Over the years, the trophy has been awarded to some of Canada's most famous athletes, including Wayne Gretzky, Donovan Bailey, and Sidney Crosby. So who will be this year's winner? That's anyone's guess! But in the meantime, let's take a look at some of the previous winners of the Lou Marsh Trophy.

Year Winner Sport Win #
1936 Phil Edwards * Track and field 1
1937 Marshal Cleland Equestrian 1
1938 Bobby Pearce Rowing 1
1939 Bob Pirie Swimming 1
1940 Gérard Côté * Marathon 1
1941 Theo Dubois Rowing 1
1945 Barbara Ann Scott Figure skating 1
1946 Joe Krol * Canadian football 1
1947 Barbara Ann Scott ^ Figure skating 2
1948 Barbara Ann Scott ^ Figure skating 3
1949 Cliff Lumsdon Swimming 1
1950 Bob McFarlane Canadian football & track and field 1
1951 Marlene Streit Golf 1
1952 George Genereux Shooting 1
1953 Doug Hepburn * Weightlifting 1
1954 Marilyn Bell ^ Swimming 1
1955 Beth Whittall Swimming 1
1956 Marlene Streit ^ Golf 2
1957 Maurice Richard * Ice hockey 1
1958 Lucile Wheeler ^ Alpine skiing 1
1959 Barbara Wagner & Bob Paul Figure skating 1
1960 Anne Heggtveit ^ Alpine skiing 1
1961 Bruce Kidd * Track and field 1
1962 Donald Jackson Figure skating 1
1963 Bill Crothers Track and field 1
1964 Roger Jackson & George Hungerford Rowing 1
1965 Petra Burka ^ Figure skating 1
1966 Elaine Tanner ^ Swimming 1
1967 Nancy Greene ^ Alpine skiing 1
1968 Nancy Greene ^ Alpine skiing 2
1969 Russ Jackson * Canadian football 1
1970 Bobby Orr * Ice hockey 1
1971 Hervé Filion Harness racing 1
1972 Phil Esposito * Ice hockey 1
1973 Sandy Hawley Horse racing 1
1974 Ferguson Jenkins * Baseball 1
1975 Bobby Clarke * Ice hockey 1
1976 Sandy Hawley Horse racing 2
1977 Guy Lafleur * Ice hockey 1
1978 Graham Smith Swimming 1
Ken Read * Alpine skiing
1979 Sandra Post ^ Golf 1
1980 Terry Fox[9] Marathon of Hope 1
1981 Susan Nattrass Shooting 1
1982 Wayne Gretzky * Ice hockey 1
Rick Hansen[8] Wheelchair racing
1983 Wayne Gretzky *[10] Ice hockey 2
1984 Gaétan Boucher Speed skating 1
1985 Wayne Gretzky * Ice hockey 3
1986 Ben Johnson * Track and field 1
1987 Ben Johnson * Track and field 2
1988 Carolyn Waldo ^ Synchronized swimming 1
1989 Wayne Gretzky * Ice hockey 4
1990 Kurt Browning * Figure skating 1
1991 Silken Laumann ^ Rowing 1
1992 Mark Tewksbury * Swimming 1
1993 Mario Lemieux * Ice hockey 1
1994 Myriam Bédard ^ Biathlon 1
1995 Jacques Villeneuve * Auto racing 1
1996 Donovan Bailey * Track and field 1
1997 Jacques Villeneuve * Auto racing 2
1998 Larry Walker * Baseball 1
1999 Caroline Brunet Kayaking 1
2000 Daniel Igali Wrestling 1
2001 Jamie Salé & David Pelletier Figure skating 1
2002 Catriona LeMay Doan ^ Speed skating 1
2003 Mike Weir * Golf 1
2004 Adam van Koeverden Kayaking 1
2005 Steve Nash * Basketball 1
2006 Cindy Klassen ^ Speed skating 1
2007 Sidney Crosby * Ice hockey 1
2008 Chantal Petitclerc ^[5] Wheelchair racing 1
2009 Sidney Crosby *[11] Ice hockey 2
2010 Joey Votto[12] Baseball 1
2011 Patrick Chan *[13] Figure skating 1
2012 Christine Sinclair ^[14] Soccer 1
2013 Jon Cornish[15] Canadian football 1
2014 Kaillie Humphries[16] Bobsleigh 1
2015 Carey Price *[17][18] Ice hockey 1
2016 Penny Oleksiak ^[19] Swimming 1
2017 Joey Votto[20] Baseball 2
2018 Mikaël Kingsbury *[21] Freestyle skiing 1
2019 Bianca Andreescu ^[22] Tennis 1
2020 Alphonso Davies *[7] Soccer 1
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif[7] American football
2021 Damian Warner[23] Track and field 1

Throughout its history, the Lou Marsh Trophy has been won by athletes from a variety of different sports. Hockey players have been among the most frequent winners, with 9 different players taking home the award 13 times But it's not just hockey players who have been recognized; Lou Marsh Trophy winners have also come from sports like figure skating, golf, track and field, and even wrestling. 

The Lou Marsh Trophy is a reminder that Canada is home to some of the best athletes in the world, no matter what sport they compete in.

Wins Sport # of Individuals
13 Ice hockey 9
9 Figure skating 7
8 Swimming 8
8 Track and field 7
6 Alpine skiing 5
4 Rowing 4
4 Canadian football 4
4 Baseball 3
3 Golf 3
3 Speed skating 3
2 Kayaking 2
2 Shooting 2
2 Wheelchair racing 2
2 Soccer 2
2 Auto racing 1
2 Horse racing 1
1 Basketball 1
1 Biathlon 1
1 Bobsleigh 1
1 Equestrian 1
1 Harness racing 1
1 Marathon 1
1 Synchronized swimming 1
1 Weightlifting 1
1 Wrestling 1
1 Tennis 1
1 Freestyle skiing 1

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