Grey Cup Betting Guide: Preview, Statistics & Picks

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We look ahead to the 111th edition of the Grey Cup, a game that will determine the champions of the Canadian Football League (CFL), we look back at past winners, who has won the most Grey Cups?

Grey Cup Betting Guide: Preview, Statistics & Picks
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2024 Grey Cup Preview

Where is the Grey Cup?

The 2024 Grey Cup will be hosted at BC Place in Vancouver, this will be the tenth time that BC Place has hosted the championship game with the last time coming in 2014.

When is the Grey Cup?

The game is played in November each year, which means weather conditions could be rather testing as previously nicknamed games like the 'Mud Bowl', 'Ice Bowl' and 'Fog Bowl' would suggest.

The 2024 Grey Cup will take place on Sunday, 17th November and will be screened live on TSN, the BC Place has a capacity of 54,500 which is expected to be a sell-out.

Grey Cup History

What is the Grey Cup?

First awarded in 1909 to the Toronto Varsity Blues who went on to win the first three championships, the Grey Cup is not only the name of the championship game but also the trophy that is awarded to the winner.

Who plays in the Grey Cup?

The matchup features the winners of the CFL East divisional playoffs and the CFL West divisional playoffs to determine the champions of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Why is it called the Grey Cup?

The Grey Cup is named after Albert Grey, 4th Earl Grey, the Governor General of Canada who in 1909 awarded the first-ever trophy.

Who to wager with on the Grey Cup?

If you are planning on having a wager on the Grey Cup or anytime during the CFL season, make sure to visit the best Canadian betting sites page to find the right sportsbook for your needs.

Grey Cup Past Winners

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have now appeared in the last four Grey Cup games with a 2-2 record, those wins were number eleven and twelve for the franchise.

110th2023Montreal Alouettes28–24Winnipeg Blue Bombers
109th2022Toronto Argonauts24–23Winnipeg Blue Bombers
108th2021Winnipeg Blue Bombers33–25Hamilton Tiger-Cats
107th2019Winnipeg Blue Bombers33–12Hamilton Tiger-Cats
106th2018Calgary Stampeders27–16Ottawa Redblacks
105th2017Toronto Argonauts27–24Calgary Stampeders
104th2016Ottawa Redblacks39–33Calgary Stampeders
103rd2015Edmonton Eskimos26–20Ottawa Redblacks
102nd2014Calgary Stampeders20–16Hamilton Tiger-Cats
101st2013Saskatchewan Roughriders45–23Hamilton Tiger-Cats
100th2012Toronto Argonauts35–22Calgary Stampeders

Most Successful Grey Cup Teams

The Toronto Argonauts top the list for the number of Grey Cup wins with a total of eighteen from twenty-four appearances, that is a win rate of 75% with their last win coming in 2022.

The Edmonton Elks and Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the only other two teams to have double-figure wins, the Elks with fourteen from twenty-three appearances and the Blue Bombers with twelve, although they have lost more than they have won with sixteen defeats.

Win Ratio
Last Win
Toronto Argonauts18-60.7502022
Edmonton Elks14-90.6092015
Winnipeg Blue Bombers12-160.4292021
Hamilton Tiger-Cats8-140.3641999
Calgary Stampeders8-90.4712018
Montreal Alouettes8-110.4212023
BC Lions6-40.6002011
Saskatchewan Roughriders4-150.2112013
Ottawa Redblacks1-20.3332016

Grey Cup Most Valuable Player

Since 1959, there has been a total of seventy-seven MVP Awards given out at the Grey Cup and if you are one of the two starting quarterbacks then you are in with a good shout as 50% of those awards have gone to a quarterback including six of the last nine.

  • 50.64% (39) - Quarterback
  • 27.27% (21) - Defensive Player
  • 14.28% (11) - Running Back
  • 7.79% (6) - Other Offensive

Running backs are next on the list for receiving the MVP with over 14%, when looking at the defensive players, overall they have picked up 27% of the awards compared to 73% for the offensive players.

Last Ten Winners of the Grey Cup Most Valuable Player

YearWinner (Pos)Team
2023Cody Fajardo (QB)Montreal Alouettes
2022Hénoc Muamba (LB)Toronto Argonauts
2021Zach Collaros (QB)Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2019Andrew Harris (RB)Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2018Bo Levi Mitchell (QB)Calgary Stampeders
2017DeVier Posey (WR)Toronto Argonauts
2016Henry Burris (QB)Ottawa Redblacks
2015Mike Reilly (QB)Edmonton Eskimos
2014Bo Levi Mitchell (QB)Calgary Stampeders
2013Kory Sheets (RB)Saskatchewan Roughriders

Dick Suderman Trophy Winners

This award has been awarded since 1971, it is similar to the MVP although only Canadian players are eligible for this one, it was created mainly due to a large number of American players in the CFL and the lack of Canadians winning the main MVP award.

The award is named after Dick Suderman who was the first recipient of the Grey Cup's Most Valuable Canadian and sadly died before the 1972 Grey Cup after collapsing after a regular season game.

Ten of the fifty-two previous winners of this award didn't finish on the winning team, Jerome Messam being the last to do so in 2017, the Calgary Stampeders running back finished on the losing team but was still picked for this award.

Last Ten Winners of the Dick Suderman Trophy

YearWinner (Pos)Team
2023Tyson Philpot (WR)Montreal Alouettes
2022Hénoc Muamba (LB)Toronto Argonauts
2021Nic Demski (WR)Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2019Andrew Harris (RB)Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2018Lemar Durant (WR)Calgary Stampeders
2017Jerome Messam (RB)Calgary Stampeders
2016Brad Sinopoli (WR)Ottawa Redblacks
2015Shamawd Chambers (WR)Edmonton Eskimos
2014Andy Fantuz (SB)Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2013Chris Getzlaf (SB)Saskatchewan Roughriders

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