Top 10 Canadian Sports Stars by Social Media Fans

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Whether it be gaining likes on Facebook or views on TikTok, the best in Canadian sports both past and present are not shy when it comes to sharing their lives online

Top 10 Canadian Sports Stars by Social Media Fans
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Although sporting success can be measured by collecting trophies or awards, such a measure is not necessarily the gold standard these days. Because sport and technology being intertwined, a social following can be crucial for any star’s stature.

Whether it be gaining likes on Facebook or views on TikTok, the best in Canadian sports, both past and present, are not shy about sharing their lives online. At the same time, these platforms have also given us the ability to carry out some analysis.

If you ever wanted to know who the king of Canadian social media is, we have found the answer. By analysing the follower count in each of the four leading social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, we have crafted a league table in popularity.

Whether legends of the Octagon or former NBAl greats, they are just as popular as one of Bayern Munich’s biggest soccer stars and without further ado, here is the top 10 of our social media findings: 

Name Sport Born Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Total
Alphonso Davies Soccer Buduburam, Ghana 3,900,000 5,100,000 7,000,000 518,500 16,518,500
Georges St Pierre UFC Montreal, Quebec, Canada 4,000,000 4,100,000 331,700 2,000,000 10,431,700
Steve Nash NBA Johannesburg, South Africa 3,200,000 979,000 61,600 2,500,000 6,740,600
Genie Bouchard Tennis Montreal, Québec 1,500,000 2,300,000 14,600 1,600,000 5,414,600
Tristan Thompson NBA Brampton, Ontario 577,000 3,800,000 651,200 5,028,200
Andrew Wiggins NBA Toronto, Ontario 849,000 2,100,000 589,000 3,538,000
Chase Claypool NFL Abbotsford, British Columbia 9,500 579,000 1,800,000 219,700 2,608,200
Jamal Murray NBA Kitchener, Ontario 584,000 1,000,000 321,000 1,905,000
Connor McDavid NHL Richmond Hill, Ontario 138,000 1,000,000 403,800 1,541,800
Lance Stroll F1 Montreal, Quebec 98,000 864,000 360,000 1,322,000

At the top of the list is Alphonso Davies, with 16.5m combined followers across the four platforms; the Canadian soccer international finds himself 6.1m clear of Georges St Pierre in second. Although considering the MMA star has been inactive for a number of years, this is a rather impressive tally.

Image: shutterstock

While had St Pierre begun to embrace TikTok more than he has, he may be able to make inroads on the lead that Davies currently commands especially as he got the better of his social rival on both the Facebook and Twitter environments. 

With the 22-year-old Davies being born in Africa, the third name in our list also has an African connection. With Steve Nash flying the flag for the NBA, the man who has turned his passion for sport into a passion for business currently has a combined social following of 6.7m fans.

Although Nash can hold his own in the Facebook wars, he is slam-dunked when it comes to the other three platforms and that is why he currently finds himself some 9.8m followers behind his fellow African-born Canadian at the top.

While Quebec is once again represented in the top five, as Genie Bouchard is hot on the heels of Steve Nash. The Tennis star only has a paltry 14,600 followers on TikTok but is no slouch for generating followers elsewhere.

Staying on the theme of Quebec, F1’s Lance Stroll is certainly no backmarker when it comes to social followers. With 1.3m in total, the Aston Martin pilot currently rounds at the top 10 of our league table.

Bouchard’s fourth position keeps an Ontario NBA pair at bay in fifth and sixth, respectively. Tristan Thompson, born in Brampton, rounds out the top five, although whether his popularity is linked to Khloe Kardashian can certainly be argued.

That additional boost has managed to keep Andrew Wiggins at bay. Although he has managed to generate nearly 300,000 more followers on Facebook, he is not hitting three-pointers when it comes to Instagram and Twitter.

There is more Ontario representation in the top 10 of the table, as Jamal Murray and Connor McDavid find themselves in eighth and ninth, respectively. The former’s 1.9m followers, getting the better of the latter’s 1.5m.

Of course, we should not forget British Columbia either and Chase Claypool is flying the flag for the NFL. The Abbotsford-born star has failed to land a touchdown on Facebook – just 9,500 followers can claim to worship him at the time of writing.

However, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter have certainly made progress up the field and with Claypool currently commanding a total of 2.6m social followers, he has the likes of Tristan Thompson and Andrew Wiggins in his sights. 


Name Sport Born Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Total
Andre De Grasse Athletics Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 150,000 384,000 13,500 72,800 620,300
Penny Oleksiak Swimming Toronto, Ontario, Canada 137,000 11,800 74,500 223,300
Kelsey Mitchell Cycling Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada 12,000 79,300 1,852 93,152
Paul Tracy Indycar Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 8,384 45,300 38,400 92,084
Mike Weir Golf Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 250 45,800 21,500 67,550

With Canada offering both breadth and depth regarding its sporting achievements, we can also spotlight some other disciplines. Take Andre De Grasse, representing Scarborough, Ontario, and Athletics with a total following of 620,300.

While he is not the only other representative from Scarborough, Ontario, either, with Paul Tracy long since hanging up his driving gloves, the former Indycar star has a respectable 92,084 followers towards the back of the pack.

A figure which is greater than Golf’s Mike Weir of Winnipeg but less than both Penny Oleksiak and Kelsey Mitchell as the stars of swimming and track cycling, respectively are building an ever-growing legion of social followers.  


Name Sport Born Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Total
Andrew Wiggins NBA Toronto, Ontario 849,000 2,100,000 589,000 3,538,000
Kelly Olynyk NBA Toronto, Ontario 155,000 173,000 78,000 406,000
Cory Joseph NBA Toronto, Ontario 51,000 178,000 103,600 332,600
Joey Votto  MLB Toronto, Ontario 139,000 99,400 238,400
Penny Oleksiak Swimming Toronto, Ontario 137,000 11,800 74,500 223,300
Anthony Bennett NBA Toronto, Ontario 21,000 68,800 49,000 138,800
Dwight Powell NBA Toronto, Ontario 102,000 19,700 121,700
Kadeisha Buchanan Soccer Toronto, Ontario 24,000 54,100 17,100 95,200

Another way to look at our data sample. Is by focusing on particular cities. For example, if we took all the Toronto-born stars and split them into a local league table, it would see Andrew Wiggins with a considerable lead at the top.

His 3.5m followers is a considerable distance clear of the likes of Kelly Olynyk and Cory Joseph. With the latter pair falling short of half a million themselves, the star power of Wiggins should certainly not be ignored.

Image: cbsSports


Name Sport Born Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Total
Georges St Pierre UFC Montreal, Québec 4,000,000 4,100,000 331,700 2,000,000 10,431,700
Genie Bouchard Tennis Montreal, Québec 1,500,000 2,300,000 14,600 1,600,000 5,414,600
Lance Stroll F1 Montreal, Québec 98,000 864,000 360,000 1,322,000
Nicholas Latifi F1 Montreal, Québec 117,000 634,000 384,100 1,135,100
Vladimir Guerrero Jr MLB Montreal, Québec 1,100,000 32,200 1,132,200
Roberto Luongo NHL Montreal, Québec 769,200 769,200
Felix Auger-Aliassime Tennis Montreal, Québec 25,000 530,000 13,200 133,600 701,800
Mario Lemieux NHL Montreal, Québec 357,000 40,900 215,300 613,200
Leylah Annie Fernandez Tennis Montreal, Québec 43,000 342,000 2,318 113,400 500,718

While we can also do the same for Quebec’s crown jewel and with the Montreal being the birthplace of many of Canada’s greatest sporting names, it also makes for some rather interesting social findings.

With the top three already covered overall, the focus can be shone on Nicholas Latifi, and with Canada’s second F1 star amassing 1.13m total followers, he is just managing to keep baseball’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr in his rearview mirror. 

Another point of note is Mario Lemeiux. Although the hockey legend has managed to generate a social following of just over 600,000, 250,000 of those have come courtesy of his foundation which attracts an audience on both Instagram and Twitter.

Finally, we should provide a special mention to Eric Gagne. After analysing our sample of nearly 70 sporting stars, Eric Gagne is bringing up the rear not only in Montreal but overall, and with just 1,568 followers on Twitter, he may need to work on a social strategy that delivers a home run.

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