February 2002: Site Launched

As a general betting guide. Main focus was on betting information, bookmaker guides and also the familiar calendar of betting events. The site was pretty awful - actually it was truly abysmal

August 2003: Launch of Tipster Competition

I did this just for a bit of fun - didn't think many people would be particularly interested. I wasn't much good at programming and it took me a long time to do it despite it being pretty useless. When Id finished I remember telling everyone"well that was a waste of time" You had to manually enter you own odds and selections. If you got the name of the horse/team wrong your bet lost! If your odds were way out from everyone else then your bet lost! The original prizes were just for overall monthly profit and were 10 for 1st, 5 for 2nd and 5 for best tip comments. In the first month there was just two of us - me and xxSophiexx (who is still an active member)

January 2004: Expansion of Tipster Competition

At xxsophie's suggestion we add lay tipping functionality for horses and some other leagues

January 2004: The Shark Joins OLBG as a Tipster

I think he made a profit that month too!

February 2004: OLBG recruits first Employee

We took on Emma to help improve the graphical appearance of the site and boy did we need it. That multicoloured boxy design was achieving cult status but it was time for a change

June 2004: PhilB begs me to setup a forum

We have long debates and he finally convinces me to start building one. Ironically he never actually uses it!

August 2004: Site Redesign

OLBG re-launches with broadly the current design and forum and lots of today's functionality like tip alerts, tips by sport pages. The tipster comp is still manual though & all tips are being processed by hand by Antony every day on a tip by tip basis. We also break the 50 members barrier and its a pretty sweet list of people even then. Bobby, Aye66, Discs & The Shark were all pretty active then.

August 2004: OLBG recruits Amanda

Amanda took over all the tip processing from me. I built a few tools to make the tip processing easier but it was still very manual and what a relief it was to have her taking care of all that for me.

September 2004: Discs Reveals major losses on the forum

classic thread "Need help recovering from my loss" was born where many of the community got together to help Discs who'd been a a bit of a bad run at rather large stakes :0

September 2004: Team Competition Added

Spoon wants to be able to setup a league to play against others in his office so we build the current teams system. There aren't many teams to start with so his team does quite well :)

September 2004: Daily Top-up introduced & Prizes Increased

We realise that quite a lot of people are going broke quite early in the month after a bad run & then cant really use the site for the rest of the month. So we decide to give everyone a 100 top up to their bank We also introduce prizes for racing, laying, us sports, forum contribution and more

October 2004: Strong Tips Fever

People are starting to get really excited about the "Strong Tip Alerts" (again based on an idea by PhilB) even though we still don't have 100 active tipsters (there were some pretty good ones though!)

December 2004: Tip Editing abolished in Money Laundering Scandal

TBone discovers that some people are changing their tips at the last minute to confuse people who are copying their tips in the competition. Also some people are placing max stakes bets at the end of the month only to edit them at the start of the next month to min stakes bets & releasing the cash. This is playing havoc with the tipster alerts so we remove the tip editing feature.

January 2005: New Tipster Competition

Major upgrade to tipster competition. The manual tipping is scrapped and replaced with something a lot more similar to what we have today. Drop-downs with lists of selections, automatic odds - luxury :)

February 2005: Football Idol Starts

Aye66 sets a challenge to see if anyone can turn 200 into 10,000 in a month

March 2005: Site Hacked

Some nasty buggers starting messing around with our data. 2 Sleepless nights later and things were back to normal though

May 2005: Poker Nights Start

JWoody gets together a crowd on the forum to play a bit of poker over at Ladbrokes. The first tournament was won by AJP69 (yeah that's me ha!)

June 2005: Valuechecker Launches

Finally we have our own odds comparison site + some stats thrown in there too!

August 2005: The Shark becomes an OLBG Employee

After months of negotiation we both take the plunge. He's taking a risk on that the site will do well and we're paying him more than we can really afford. He's worried he wont have anything to do (lol - how wrong was he on that!)

September 2005: 1000 Users

A big milestone for us

February 2006: Blogs Launched

To give some of our more prolific writers a platform we created a blogs section where people could collate their tips, comments and general musings

April 2006: Popular Tipsters League Started

Many people are troubled that the prizes and the glory are going to people who got lucky with one desperate all or nothing bet at the end of the month. We decide to launch a league just for the more consistent tipsters and use alert subscriptions as an independent measure of that.

May 2006: World Cup Stats Project

Several members of the OLBG community got together to create a really comprehensive stats tool for the world cup betting. All coordinated via the forum - no email, messenger or phone

June 2006: 500 World Cup giveaway

Our biggest prize yet = 500 for the most profit over the world cup period

November 2006: Tables Upgrade

We add prizes for about 20 football leagues and lots of new sports + detailed tables by sport too so people can now see performance by sport by months, for 6 & twelve months, strike rates, ROI & more. Prize money doubled from about 800 to about 1600 per month

January 2007: Server Upgrade

We spend a few quid on getting faster servers to cope with all the extra data & users the site now has. As performance improves we add Level Stakes profit into the tipster tables

February 2007: Best Odds Tipping

Finally people can make their tips at the best odds rather than Bet365 only. Horse racing tipsters can now "Take a price" too.

March 2007: 1,000 Cheltenham Giveaway

We boost the prize money once again with some extra cash to celebrate the cheltenham festival

April 2007: Hot Tips

We launch the hot tips page where people can see and filter the most popular tips for the days sporting events

August 2007: More Competitions

Football Market competitions (1x2, Goals, AH) launched so people can see their expertise in particular areas

August 2007: OLBG v Bookies

We launch a challenge to try to get members to work together to pick one single bet each week of the premiership season and invest £100 of real money + any accumulated winnings on this. We have some spectacular weeks (Fulham Corners!) and some very depressing odds on losers but its great fun and a great learning experience for all. People are still playing it as personal challenges to this day

September 2007: Betting School

We launch a collection of betting guides and exams to help people improve their betting. There are lots of arguments about some of the exam results but we were right!

October 2007: Freeroll

First Freeroll from Paradise Poker. Loads of new "members" turned up to play and then were never seen again - a good learning experience though :)

October 2007: OLBG Sponsors Matt Edgar

OLBG Forum regular Mattman gets sponsorship to help launch his career as a Darts player

February 2008: Dammo Gets 12 Ps

Dammo Qwirky becomes the 1st OLBG tipster to record 12 consecutive profitable months (and without Laying). He then prompty stops tipping!

March 2008: Tommos Tips!

Another Cheltenham Giveaway but with a spread of prizes this time rather than it all going to one "lucky" person Tommo joins OLBG and starts sharing his tips and info for free We also hit 40,0000 users this month!

May 2008: Villa v Wigan Get Together

We have our first football get-together at Villa Park. The game is a bit diappointing and Villa lose 2-0 but its a fun day and we finish off with some Poker which Woody (who had organised it all for us) wins!

June 2008: Tip Alerts

New alerts system added allowing targeting by tipster, sport and market, plus a more comprehensive subscribe/unsubscribe system for other mailings, some new profiling info, MyBookies tools and more

July 2008: Pro Tipsters

To give more rewards to the people who consistently add quality information or who have outstanding tipping records we introduce lots of new Blogger and Pro Tipster competitions.

July 2008: OLBG in Racing Post

NetProphet has a go on OLBG and likes it so much he writes all about it

August 2008: Poker & Casino Sections

Launch of OLBG Poker, OLBG Casino and new drop down menu system replacing the tabs.

September 2008: 50,000 Members

We hit 50,000 members on 1st of the month Tommo audio previews released

July 2009: Fun Tables

Nothing to do with lap dancing as one member thought, but a list of tipster profitability by demographic so we can see which countries or which football teams supporters are the best.

October 2009: 100,000 Prize Money

After about 5 years of prizes that roughly £20,000 per year we give away. Not bad!

February 2010: Valuechecker Affiliates

We launch our own odds solution for affiliates to get our odds comparisons on their site

August 2010: Paddys LMS

We team up with paddy power to offer members a free Last Man Standing competition which proves to be one of the most popular competitions we have run

November 2010: Valuechecker Wins Best Innovations

A great achievement - we win the prestigeous Best Innovation in iGaming award

February 2011: New Members Area

We have a bit of a reorganisation of the members area to make it easier to get round and add a few new bits like some social sharing and community involvement elements. Also we finally integrate the forum and members area logins OMG!

June 2011: Rebrand as OLBG.com

Finally we abandon that catchy 20 letter double hyphenated domain in favour of a nice 4 letter .com. Everyone was calling us OLBG anyway so was about time we actually were called that

June 2011: 10,000 to Charity

An incredible effort by OLBG members and much appreciated by the sporting charities we work with

June 2011: International Sites

We translate some of our main menus and help areas into other languages like Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Romanian and Australian!

November 2011: OLBG Sponsor Kelly Sibley

One of our members hears about a top UK table tennis player that is unable to get any funding in the run up to the 2012 Olympic so we step in to help out

January 2012: OLBG Wins Best Sports Affiliate

The growing OLBG team remain sober enough at the awards ceremony to climb up on the stage to receive the awards from a Childrens TV presenter and a girl dressed like the Notting Hill Carnival. A great achievement!

February 2012: 100,000 Members

We officially hit 100,000 members. In fact if we hadnt deleted all the spammers, duplicates and inactives we would have been there years ago and would be at 250,000 now! Its also our 10th birthday this month !

March 2012: OLBG Sponsors at Cheltenham

We sponsor the mares race at Cheltenham on the Tuesday. Quevega wins and we all celebrate!

March 2012: Toilet Tips

We get some tips from our members and put them up as posters in the toilets at Cheltenham and they just cant stop winning. The first 8 (out of 10) all win and we get featured on ATR and interviewed on RUK

May 2012: New OLBG Merchandise

We start giving away shiny new OLBG branded car stickers, playing cards, bags, pens and more

May 2012: 10,000 Likes on Facebook

We're now able to update 10,000 facebook fans at a time with the latest OLBG news and offers after getting to 10,000 likes on the OLBG Facebook Page - next target 20,000!

July 2012: 200,000 in Prize Money Paid!

And some of our members are getting quite rich!

September 2012: OLBG Park Stakes St Legers Sponsorship

We're pleased to confirm our new 3 year deal to sponsor the OLBG Park Stakes at St Leger Festival Sept 15th 2012, the second biggest race of the Festival. OLBG Sponsorship Details & News Release

October 2012: iPhone App Launched

Now you can access OLBG tips really fast and efficiently on your iPhone. Yipee!

September 2013: OLBG Mobile

We now have a mobile version of OLBG.com so you can see tips, make tips, read and post on the forum while you are on the go. Theres no escaping us !

October 2013: Android App Launched

Following on from our IOS app we now launch a version for Android users too with all the same tips and comments.

March 2014: iPad App

Our IOS app now has a version for iPads too making use of all the space available

March 2014: Quevega wins for 6th time

Quevega has won our race for a record breaking 6th time. It will be her final trip here but they plan to remember her at the course by naming a bar after her !

July 2014: In App Betting

Our IOS app now has inapp betting with Bet365 so you can go straight form ours tips to putting on your bet. More bookies and features to follow

July 2014: Mares Race Upgraded to Grade 1 Status

Our big race at Cheltenham has been upgraded to Grade 1 status - yay! Hoping this will mean we get even better quality mares competing now. We're so happy we have extended our sponsorship for another 5 years !

September 2014: OLBG Romania Launched

The start of our international plans - we launch a small site in Romania with some tips and a forum. Sadly shortly after the government there make gambling illegal until they sort out licensing so we have to remove all bookmaker advertising.

June 2015: Paddy Power in the App

We now have 2 bookies in the IOS app and more to come !

July 2015: OLBG Romania Tipster Competition

We upgrade the OLBG.ro site to include a tipster competition like in the UK and some tips pages.

August 2015: Elite Tipsters

We say farewell to the pros competitions but introduce new Elite and Super Elite bonuses for tipsters which great profitability and comment quality. Its applied on a sport by sport basis looking at performance over the previous 6 months.

August 2015: OLBG.com facelift

We give old OLBG a bit of a makeover with a new homepage, menu and more modern design. More areas to come.

September 2015: OLBG Launches First TV Advert!

A massive milestone for OLBG! We were all very excited to see OLBG's first TV advert air 9th September 2015. Poking fun at the bookies, the advert shows a play off between Bookies United and OLBG. Watch OLBG's TV ad for yourself here. The advert celebrates OLBG's 13th year and the launch of our new tagline and campaign, Let's Beat the Bookies!

December 2015: OLBG Australia Launched

We are live in Australia. We had to get a trademark to be able to buy the domain but its all fine and dandy now and we have a new site with some local rugger, cricket and local horse racing and aussie footy. Now we just need some members to explain it all to us :)

October 2016: Licensed in Romania

After much paperwork and headaches from reading Romanian law translated into English we are finally licensed in Romania so we can add some bookies and offers there if the bookies have also gone through the same pain barrier to be allowed there too.

June 2017: OLBG International Apps

In a big update we have launched IOS apps in pretty much any country that will allow us to advertise gambling (so not that many!). But still its great to be present in the app stores of Romania, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, France, and Bulgaria.