Which Casino has the Best Bonus Rollover

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Which Casino has the Best Bonus Rollover

Casino Rollover Requirements

A rollover requirement is the number of times the value of bonus funds, often awarded for new customers at online casino sites, has to be played before they turn into real, withdrawable cash. This guide will show you how to use the rollover requirement to work out how good the bonus is

List of Online Casinos in Ireland with Good Turnover Terms

4.3 / 5 7 Ratings

Bet 365 Casino Review

One of the biggest online bookmakers offers one of the greatest online casinos too. Super quick withdrawals and la formidable reputation.

  • Super Fast Withdrawals
  • One of the biggest Online Operators
  • Small or Large Stakes Accepted
4.2 / 5 6 Ratings

MansionBet Casino Review

Mansion offer a great range of promotions for registered users as well as the full Age of Gods Slot Suite. Lightning quick app!

  • Great Range of Promotions for Registered Players
  • Ages of Gods Slots by the Truck Load
  • Super Quick Mobile App
3.6 / 5 7 Ratings

Betfair Casino Review

A monster Casino with close ties to Playtech meaning exclusive games you can't find anywhere else. A huge offering

  • Exclusive Playtech Releases
  • Promos for New and Existing Customers
  • 25+ Live Dealer Casino Options
4.3 / 5 6 Ratings

10bet Casino Review

10Bet online casino is available for Irish based players and offers a great range of slots and table games alongside a great sportsbook

  • Really Good Slot Selection
  • 31 Live Table Casino Games
  • Choice of Jackpot Slots
4.3 / 5 7 Ratings

BetVictor Casino Review

  • No. of slots 1000
  • Payout speed 24 hours
  • Win rate 96.82

BetVictor makes the online casino available for Irish players, with a huge range of slots and low minimum deposits.

  • Huge Range of Slots
  • Low Minimum Deposits
  • Demo Mode Available
4.7 / 5 6 Ratings

Quinnbet Casino Review

Ireland based independent online casino with a wide range of games and excellent customer service. Could be a hit.

  • Loyalty Program
  • Excellent Promotions for Registered Players
  • Quick to Register and Simple to Use

Which Casino Has the Best Rollover Requirement?

The best casino rollover requirement is the one that requires the least amount of stake placed before bonus funds turn into real money. Money that is withdrawable. By using the simple instructions below, you can work out for yourself, which is best.

Look for Low Rollover Requirements

You may get a smaller bonus but your chances of turning that into real cash become much higher. Big Bonuses usually mean HUGE wagering requirements.

Often the biggest bonus is not the best as rollovers can be high. Cross-reference this simple table to see when a bonus amount is best. And when to avoid.

Bonus Value x10 x25 x50 x100
€50 €500 €1250 €2500 €5000
€100 €1000 €2500 €5000 €10,000
€250 €2500 €6250 €12,500 €25,000
€500 €5000 €12,500 €25,000 €50,000
€1000 €10,000 €25,000 €50,000 €100,000
€1500 €15,000 €37,500 €75,000 €150,000

The table demonstrates that a €1000 bonus with 10x, requires €10,000 stakes to be placed - Whereas a €100 even with a 50x turnover requirement requires only €5,000

Which do you think you would most likely have a chance of having money left with that could turn into cash?

Take the bonus that requires the least monetary value turnover for the best chance of turning it into real cash.

Smaller Bonuses Turn into Cash More Often

Remember all online casino games have a house edge, so the longer you play the less likely it is that you can win. A smaller bonus with a smaller turnover requirement is far easier (but still hard!) to turn into cash you can withdraw.

Turnover Requirements can change often

Online casinos change their welcome offers often, and in turn, rollover requirements vary too. As to not mislead anyone, check the offers below were rollover requirements are displayed in the banners. Each banner is automatically updated daily for accuracy. When you click to go to the casino, you should receive the offer as shown.

When you receive a welcome bonus from an online casino, there will be a wagering requirement attached to the bonus funds. There are other terms to describe this.

  • Wagering requirement
  • Turnover requirement
  • Playthrough requirement
  • Rollover requirement

They all mean the same thing. Many new online casino customers searching for a welcome bonus do not realise this is a condition of the bonus. Even more, ignore it completely. A big mistake! It can make a massive difference to your budding relationship with a new online casino.

Understand the Bonus Terms & Conditions

A bigger bonus usually means bigger turnover criteria. Make sure you read the terms & conditions of any offer before registering. You can avoid disappointment by checking a few facts first.

Why do Bonuses have a Turnover Requirement?

It would not make business sense for a casino to offer a deposit bonus and for the player to be able to take that as real cash immediately.

Online Casinos are not Stupid!

Imagine, you deposit €500, the online casino provides you with a match of €500, and you withdraw the v1000 and walk away. The casino would not last in business very long. So they make you bet with that money at least once. It would be improbable that a €500 bonus would require a 1x turnover.

Rollovers can come in any amount the casino wants to apply.

They could be 5x, 10x, 20x and even up to 100x and more in some cases.

Start multiplying your bonus by those amounts and you can see how tricky turning it into real money becomes.

Turning any Bonus into Cash is Very Hard

It is unlikely that you will turn the bonus into real money, so choose your casino based on what it can offer you after the bonus.

How many times will I have to turn over the bonus before it is real money?

It will depend on the casino, and more likely depend on the value of the bonus received.

As a general rule, the larger the bonus, the more times it will have to be rolled over.

The more rollovers required, the harder it will be to retain the bonus amount to turn into real cash.

Big Bonus = Big Turnover Required

Some bonuses require 100x or more turnover. Think about using your bonus for a different purpose than turning it into cash.

What is the point in a bonus if I can't have it as cash?

It's an excellent question, and perhaps you should look at it from a different angle. There are two ways to do this

  1. Do not choose a casino for the welcome bonus alone
  2. Use a welcome bonus to sample the casino or learn a new game

Choose a casino for what it offers in the long run, not it's bonus.

You should never decide which casino you will open an account with based on the bonus on offer. The bonus is simply a cheap way for the casino to 'sell' you a new account. 

Often the casinos that have trouble attracting new customers because their products are not the best advertise the biggest bonuses. Hoping you will not discover their disadvantages until you've opened the account.

You then have a considerable bonus fund which needs turning over a large number of times and will almost certainly not turn into cash.

Once you have completed this process, you find yourself in a substandard online casino. You could have been playing in one that offers you more choice, fun, a better rewards club and more.

It is better to choose your casino based on what they can offer as an all-round package and not for the bonus alone.

We have a team of experienced online casino users from around the world who have reviewed all Legally regulated online casinos in the US and provide an honest opinion, thoughts and user reviews to help you make a choice.

By reading our online casino reviews you can make an informed choice based on more than just a short-lived opening offer.

View the Bonus as a Sample - A Test Drive

In this approach, you can forget about the value of the bonus, or any dreams of turning it into real, withdrawable, cash.

Use the bonus funds to explore new games. Use the money to learn how to use a new strategy you have read about and what to try, risk-free.

If you are a fan of online slots, you may have noticed every week new slot games are released. Why not view the bonus or free spins as a way to play the latest slots risk-free to get a feel for them. To see if you want to play them for real money later?

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