9 Smart Ways to Win at Online Slots

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9 Smart Ways to Win at Online Slots
Steve Madgwick Editor-In-Chief

Editor-In-Chief with 20 years experience covering the betting angles to breaking news stories. Daily slots player, Portsmouth fan and League Snooker Player

Always bear in mind that there is no way of increasing your chances of winning at online slots. That’s not to say you can not win. 

Using these tips on Irish casino sites, you lock your profit when you get it, and apply a few rules to find the best slots to play

  • Use Free Spins Offers
  • Find Low Bonus Turnover Terms
  • Understand Bonus Win Limits
  • Have a Stop Loss Strategy
  • Stop When In Profit
  • Avoid Branded Slots
  • Only Bet MAX on Progressive Jackpots
  • Select the right Volatility for Your Style
  • Select the right RTP for your style

One thing to bear in mind is that using these techniques alone can not improve your chance of winning. The RTP predetermines the probability, and this cannot be affected.

What they can do is help you build a strategy for playing online slots in a way that becomes affordable so long as you are not wagering more than you can afford to lose.

Use Free Spins

One great way of helping to improve your winning chance on a slot is by using free spins.

The Free Spins I mention here are in the form of spins offered as a welcome bonus rather than those won during normal gameplay.

On occasion it is possible to find truly free spin offers available with no deposit, these are the best as any profit made after the playthrough will be yours, at no risk.

These will most likely come with a high turnover requirement, of anything up to 100x - By finding the lowest turnover requirement, chances of maintaining any wins accrued will be greater

You should also be sure that the free spins are genuinely free. In many cases, a deposit of real cash will need to be applied to a newly registered account for the free spins to be awarded. Therefore, often, free spins are not free per se. 

Make sure you fully understand the terms of the free spins offer before proceeding to register and deposit [if required]

Find Low Bonus Turnover Terms

When you get a bonus awarded for new account registration, deposit match or free spins offer, you will most likely find you have a turnover requirement.

What is the turnover requirement?

A turnover requirement means you have to wager a multiplied amount of the bonus offered.

These can range from 10 to even more than 100 times. Usually, you will find the higher the bonus offered, the higher the multiplier will be.


A £10 bonus may have to be turned over 10x meaning you need to make at least £100 in bets from the bonus [if it lasts] before you can withdraw.

A £100 bonus may need to be turned over 50x. In this instance, you can see the math adds up to £5000 in stakes before any profit can be withdrawn as cash.

Understand Bonus Win Limits

Again, there may be another clause that even if you manage to make a profit after completing the wagering requirement, there will be a limit to how much you can win from bonus funds.

An example would be something like a maximum £500. So if you were to finish your turnover requirement and have £700 balance won from bonus funds, you would only be able to take £500 as cash. 

What happens to the extra £200 is again depending on terms; in some cases, they will be wiped off; if you are fortunate they may be converted to more bonus funds.

Have a Stop Loss Strategy

This is a fundamental process in any form of gambling. You should have an overarching figure that you are prepared to lose.

If playing casino games, or more specifically slot games, set your limit whether this is on one or more games.

You could split your loss limit across several games, or perhaps several spins as a limit.

Remember, even if you are on a run of 20 losing spins, the fact that the losing run has gone before makes no difference to your next spin theoretically. There could be another 20.

Ensuring you know the maximum you can lose in one session is good discipline. Most online casinos will allow you to set a time or loss limit before playing. I would highly recommend this.

Discipline when on a losing run is one of the hardest things to adhere to. By being forced to stop at a specific loss level, while the taste left may be a bad one, your decision is made for you before you can make a worse one.

Stop When In Profit

This is possibly the only way you can ensure winning every time you play slots. 

If you get ahead of your starting balance, stop! You have won. 

Of course, if you do this just once on your first ever go on online slots and never play again, you could boast that you have made a profit from slot play. A statement few others could ever claim to.

Realistically this is not going to be the case, and you might like to play slots often for entertainment purposes. Yes, I would not approach slot play in another way, and not as a strategy for making money from gambling.

Imagine a professional casino gambler. They would be looking for and be happy with, small percentage growth on their betting banks over a given time. I am often looking for less than 10% profit.

Casino High Rollers playing blackjack or Roulette would be looking for most likely even less than that!

If you can start with £50, and pull out if your balance reaches £55, you have made a 10% gain. That’s good gambling.

There is, of course, the argument that if you play on, you could reach an even higher level of profit, but this can not be known, and quite the opposite is far more likely. 

If you get into the habit of combining both the stop-loss strategy and stopping when in profit while making a regular profit and winning from playing online slots cannot be guaranteed, the one thing you can guarantee is that you will lose less.

Stopping in profit could be applied with the stop loss in that you set a goal of playing five different slots, each with a loss limit. If you get fortunate enough to get to a profitable position o each and has stopped those small wins could mount up to a much more significant gain.

You could then remove profit, and begin the process over again. How you set up your staking, stop loss and stop profit strategy is up to you, but with discipline and a plan, you improve your chances of finishing up winning on the slots and certainly losing less.

Slot play is not conducive to this type of activity

Avoid Branded Slots

Branded slots are the type that comes associated with maybe Hollywood films, pop bands, celebrities, and more.

They usually combine both lower RTP and high volatility.

This means that big wins are possible, but they will be much fewer and further between than with other slot games.

One reason for this is the cost of licensing a slot with a brand association. A cost that will create a higher overhead for the game provider and that cost is not something they will want to pay.

You will be paying for that with fewer and lower value wins. If you win on a branded slot, the chances are that it will be from an infrequent bonus round and you will have been very fortunate.

Branded slots are attractive because of the familiarity you may have with characters used, or the way feature rounds are set up but bear in mind these slots are money makers for the providers and rely on you playing them because of this reason.

Select the right Volatility for Your Style

Understanding volatility is also crucial for your slot gaming enjoyment. Some slots even allow you to choose the volatility level for your game.

  • High Volatility = Fewer but bigger wins
  • Medium Volatility = Average Wins, medium value
  • Low Volatility = More frequent wins but at a lower level

Regardless of volatility, the RTP will almost always be the same.

If you like frequent wins to keep motivated than staying away from high volatility is the tip.

If you want to win big, play high volatility, but beware, there will be long losing runs with no guarantee of a win to take you back to a profitable position.

Volatility levels are not always available to view or advertised. They are on many slot games though, so go in search and play a few high or low games and see how you feel.

Select the right RTP for your style

Unlike the volatility level, the RTP [return to player] should be easily found within the game information tab. Legally, this figure has to be available to players to see.

Much like the volatility level, RTP can affect the gaming experience. A high RTP is not a guarantee of winning in the short term, or even in the long term. Regardless of volatility and RTP, the slot games are set up for you to lose in the long run.

In general though the higher the RTP, the less you will lose overall


The amounts below are theoretical over an undetermined time

  • RTP 95% = losing 5p in the £1 over the theoretical undetermined period
  • RTP 85% = losing 15p in the £1 over the theoretical undetermined period

This is not a guarantee of what you will get back

The RTP takes into account ALL PLAYERS, so some will be luckier than others. 

  1. If you lose, someone else is winning
  2. If you win, someone else is losing
  3. The casino ALWAYS WIN!

The RTP levels out across all playing activity.

Again, over any theoretical period of time the slot machine is set up for you to lose, so knowing when to stop when ahead is key to winning on any given session of online slot play.

Where to find Online Slot RTP

A shortcut to finding the best RTP slots is to take a look at a guide for the best RTP slots online. 

It includes a vast list of slot games, including the most popular and jackpot games with the highest RTP’s

Failing that if the slot you are interested in isn't on the list [it probably has a lower RTP], you can google it

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