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Navigate to Levels 1 to 4 and study the contents in the various categories of each level. Also take the exam and clear every level to be able to complete the betting school Exam.

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Welcome to the OLBG Betting School!

What is the OLBG Betting School?

The Betting School is a fun way to learn about different types of bets, methods of betting, systems and strategies, plus tips on betting on sports that may be new to you. The aim is to help you to improve your betting and your enjoyment of betting. That comes down to picking more winners and less losers.

In 2014 the Betting School was relaunched with many new lessons being added and the existing lessons being updated - helping punters to advance their betting skills even more than before.

If you are ready to get started with your betting school experience then go to the first lesson right away.

From Student To Professor

As you work through the lessons and pass the exams you will progress from a student right through to a professor. As a member you can keep track of your progress in your MyTips area and you can see how others are doing on their public tipster profiles.

Need Extra Classes?

We have lots of Teachers and Professors lurking in our friendly forum. They will be pleased to answer any questions you have and help you with some extra cramming to get you through those exams!

Study Hard and Practice Hard

You can practice much of what you will learn in our free fantasy betting game (Tipster Competition). Here you can "bet" with fantasy money on most events which you can bet on at an online bookmaker. Practice the different bet types, try out ideas, systems and strategies before betting with real money. Try it out!

Take a look at the guides in the menu on the left, and let us know if there's more you want us to cover. Its probably already on our list but you never know.

Good luck and welcome!


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