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We have individual cash prize table contests just for Football, with over $750 in monthly prizes. Baseball, Basketball and Hockey picks contests are worth $130 each, every month as well as a US Horse racing table where only picks from the top US racecourses count towards the prizes.

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rockabilly kat 886 $13,072
botev1921 338 $11,850
ju29ro 1062 $11,684
the prophet 295 $10,108
petethebet 676 $9,334
Baz2014 323 $8,606
cadillac06 466 $8,320
angelov 301 $8,203
meoldmate 337 $8,194
Micko70 151 $7,904
attitude adjuster 529 $7,839
dacris69 692 $7,690
  • What Picks Contests are there for US sports on OLBG?

    OLBG has designated picks contests for Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. For NFL challenges each month there are over $750 in prize funds now and many prizes. 

    For MLB, NBA & NHL there are are fifteen cash prizes worth a total of $130 for each sport every month.

    We also have a horseracing handicapping challenges monthly that focuses just on races taking place at the top tracks in the US. This table also has fifteen prizes to aim at and a total of $130 in prize money.

    OLBG also offers tipping opportunities on golf with all the events on the PGA Tour counting towards fifteen cash prizes for Golf. Major League Soccer (MLS) is also available to pick on and forms part of our “Other Football 1X2” table where there is a massive $600 cash up for grabs. Thirty-eight prizes are available on this table alone with cash amounts ranging from $6.50 to the top prize of $260!

    The above picks contests are picks challenges for cash prizes which require comments to back up why you are making the predictions. Also, there are now picks contests for those who don't want to add reasoning with their predictions where cash prizes can also be won.

  • What Other Picks Contests are there at OLBG?

    Picks contests at OLBG are spread across 22 sports including Soccer, Horse Racing, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, eSports, Golf, Greyhounds, Handball, Motor Racing, American Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby (union and league), Snooker, Specials (TV/Politics/Awards), Tennis and Volleyball. 

    We have also recently introduced new tables for Cycling and Aussie Rules

    The prize structures for the challenges vary, for example the main Horse Racing Picks contests has a prize fund of $1300 spread across 134 prizes. So, whilst there is a big $260 prize for the winner, even 134th place picks up $6.50 each month. 

  • What Else Does OLBG Offer?

    Aside from the most popular handiapping challenges in the World and the highest rated sports betting picks app available, there is much more to be found at OLBG. 

    We have a busy Betting Strategy area of the site made up of blogs from some of our top members, healthy forum debate and a betting school. 

    The betting sites section of the site is also very popular and helps our users to choose the best legal Sportsbooks in their state.  You can read through the reviews, find out what other sports bettors think of each sports betting site and understand the free bets and promotions available. 


Football 232 $2,730
Horse Racing 206 $1,950
Tennis 33 $306
Aussie Rules 21 $176
Boxing 21 $176
Cricket 21 $176
Cycling 21 $176
Darts 21 $176
Gaelic Football 21 $176
Golf 21 $176
Greyhounds 21 $176
Handball 21 $176
Hurling 21 $176
Lacrosse 21 $176
Motor Racing 21 $176
Rugby League 21 $176
Rugby Union 21 $176
Snooker 21 $176
Volleyball 21 $176
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