2022 British Grand Prix Betting Picks and Predictions

01 Dec 09:46

If you are looking for the fastest lap picks or would like to see which driver our tipsters are predicting to win, then these British Grand Prix picks will help guide you.

  • 2022 British Grand Prix

    The British Grand Prix run at Silverstone in Northamptonshire is the oldest race in the Formula 1 calendar having been run since the 1950s.

    There is currently a question mark over future Grand Prix’s at the track with different interest groups seeking reassurances over costs and revenue.

    The race normally comes in the middle of the F1 season with drivers still battling for points, along with the weather and the unpredictability of the race can make the British Grand Prix one of the most enthralling of the year.

    For more stats and info please visit the official F1 website

    How long is the British Grand Prix?

    The British Grand Prix is a total of 52 laps with a complete race being over 306 km (190 miles). Each lap of the circuit is 5.8 km (3.6 miles).

    Silverstone has always been known as one of the fastest circuits with long straights and flat out corners but at the same time, the likes of Maggotts, Becketts and Abbey will test drivers to the maximum.

    When is the British Grand Prix?

    The buildup to the race will start on Friday the 15th of July with two practice sessions. There will be a third session on the following Saturday which is then followed by qualifying.

    Its lights out on Sunday the 17th of July at 2.10 pm for the British Grand Prix.

    Where can I watch the British Grand Prix?

    One of the most anticipated places to watch a GP from is the Becketts grandstand. With Maggotts and Becketts in full view, you get to see these high-speed corners close up!

  • Past Winners of the British GP

    Who won the British Grand Prix? Lewis Hamilton's wins in 2019, 2020 & 2021 moved him clear of both Jim Clark and Alain Prost, Hamilton now has a total of eight victories in the race whilst Clark and Prost won it five times.

    Ferrari holds the most constructor win with 16, that is two clear of McLaren on 14 and then Williams on 10 wins. Mercedes have won eight of the last nine taking their tally to nine having won it back in 1955 also.

    The current lap record at Silverstone on the current layout was set by Max Verstappen during the 2020 GP with a lap time of 1:27.097.

    Previous British Grand Prix Winners

    • 2021: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2020: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2019: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2018: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
    • 2017: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2016: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2015: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2014: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2013: Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)
    • 2012: Mark Webber (Red Bull-Renault)

    Silverstone Grand Prix Fastest Laps

    • 2021: Sergio Pérez (1:28.617 - Lap 50)
    • 2020: Max Verstappen (1:27.097 - Lap 52)
    • 2019: Lewis Hamilton (1:27.369 - Lap 52)
    • 2018: Sebastian Vettel (1:30.696 - Lap 47)
    • 2017: Lewis Hamilton (1:30.621 - Lap 48)
    • 2016: Nico Rosberg (1:35.548 - Lap 44)
    • 2015: Lewis Hamilton (1:37.093 - Lap 29)
    • 2014: Lewis Hamilton (1:37.176 - Lap 26)
    • 2013: Mark Webber (1:33.401 - Lap 52)
    • 2012: Kimi Räikkönen (1:34.661 - Lap 50)
  • British Grand Prix Betting Picks

    During the F1 season head over to the 'F1 Picks' page for F1 predictions on all of the races as well as picks for outright markets.

    Which markets do we cover for the British Grand Prix?

    Firstly, closer to the British GP you can head over to the 'F1 Picks' page and you will find two additional markets available, most team points scored in the race and a 'Without' market for race winner excluding the most expected to win.

    The four markets on here include the main 'Race Winner' market where our F1 tipsters are predicting which driver will win the race, using their knowledge of F1 and previous history of races they put forward their best bet.

    The 'Fastest Lap' market is for the driver who will set the fastest lap during the race, practice and qualifying laps do not count. Here you will find our tipsters predicting which driver they believe will set that fastest lap.

    We then have the 'Points Finish' market where our tipsters are picking which drivers they believe will finish in the points. To finish in the points a driver must finish in the top 10 of the race.

    Finally, we have 'Podium Finish' where you will see two options, each driver will be listed with either a Yes or No next to their name. For example, you will see 'Lewis Hamilton - Yes' which means our tipsters are backing Lewis to finish on the podium. Likewise, 'Lewis Hamilton - No' means they are predicting Lewis will not finish on the podium.

    British Grand Prix Most Popular Pick

    You can see our 'Most Popular Pick' highlighted, this can come from any of the four markets. Its to give you a quick breakdown of which outcome has received the most predictions from our tipsters.

    Best Tipsters British Grand Prix Pick

    The 'Best Tipsters Pick' comes from the tipster who has placed a pick on the race and shows the best twelve-month profit of the tipsters.

    Who are the best British Grand Prix tipsters?

    Head over to the 'Best F1 Tipsters' page to see which tipsters currently have open F1 picks and also show a profit over the past twelve months for their F1 picks.

    When is the Next F1 Race?

    We have a two-week break before we head to Hungary for the Hungarian Grand Prix on the 31st of July.

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