2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Betting Picks and Predictions

11 Aug 12:07

Here are our F1 tipsters predictions for the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. See who they are backing to win the GP and who they are picking for the fastest lap with these Azerbaijan Grand Prix picks.

  • 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    The Azerbaijan Grand Prix addition to the F1 calendar in 2016 made it the fourth street circuit.

    It follows suit with the Monaco, Melbourne and Singapore Grand Prix which are also street circuits. Head over to the official F1 site of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix map of the circuit.

    Raced at the Baku City Circuit the inaugural race was known as the 'European Grand Prix'. In 2017, the race was changed to the now known 'Azerbaijan Grand Prix'.

    How long is Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

    The Azerbaijan Grand Prix consists of 51 laps which are just over 6 km (3.73 miles) in length.

    As a result, the total race distance is around 306 km (190 miles). There are 20 corners around the circuit with a very long main straight.

    The narrow track means any mistake will be costly! That is with the exception of the main home straight where overtaking opportunities using slipstreaming are your best chance.

    The first turn can be a spectacle with the track wide enough for three cars before going into the narrow track around the city.

    When looking at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix picks it may be worth considering those with a good record at street circuits.

    When is the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

    • Friday 10th June - Practice 1 & 2
    • Saturday 11th June - Practice 3 & Qualifying
    • Sunday 12th June - The Race

    Where can I watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

    Well if you fancy a trip to Azerbaijan then from the grandstand! The main grandstand is the best viewing with the first turn insight.

  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix Past Winners

    Who won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix? There have only been four previous Azerbaijan Grand Prix with its recent addition to the F1 calendar.

    In 2017 Daniel Ricciardo was successful from 10th on the grid, in 2018 Lewis Hamilton won from second on the grid and in 2019 Bottas scored Mercedes second victory from the front of the grid.

    There was no race in 2020 but it returned in 2021 with Red Bull getting their second win when Sergio Perez was successful. The current Baku lap record is held by Charles Leclerc with a lap of 1:43.009 during the 2019 Grand Prix.

    Previous Baku Grand Prix Winners

    • 2021: Sergio PĂ©rez (Red Bull Racing-Honda)
    • 2020: No Race
    • 2019: Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
    • 2018: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • 2017: Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer)

    Azerbaijan Grand Prix Fastest Laps

    • 2021: Max Verstappen (1:44.481 - Lap 44)
    • 2020: No Race
    • 2019: Charles Leclerc (1:43.009 - Lap 50)
    • 2018: Valtteri Bottas (1:45:149 - Lap 37)
    • 2017: Sebastian Vettel (1:43:441 - Lap 47)
  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix Betting Picks

    You can find Azerbaijan Grand Prix picks on this page when the race is upcoming. If there are no picks then head over to the main 'F1 Picks' page to see picks for other races and outright markets.

    Which markets do we cover for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

    You have the straight 'Win Race' market, this is where our F1 tipsters are predicting who will win the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. These predictions can be straight win picks or eachway picks. The eachway picks always pay three places unless certain bookmakers have specials on.

    The second market is Azerbaijan Grand Prix Fastest Lap picks. This is where our tipsters are predicting which driver will set the fastest lap during the race. With an additional point on offer in the Championship for setting the fastest lap now, this area has become much more competitive.

    The third market is 'Points Finish' where our F1 tipsters are picking drivers who they think will finish within the top 10 and pick up points. The final market is 'Podium Finish' and unlike other markets, this one has two options.

    Our tipsters will be predicting either 'Yes' or 'No' to the question, will the driver finish on the podium? (Top 3). For example, you will see 'Lewis Hamilton - Yes' which is predicting Hamilton for a Podium finish or 'Lewis Hamilton - No' which is tipping Hamilton NOT to finish on the podium.

    Azerbaijan Grand Prix Most Popular Pick

    At the top of the page, you can see the Most Popular pick for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. This is the outcome that has received the most picks over the four markets from our F1 tipsters. You can see the percentage of picks received compared to other outcomes.

    Best Tipsters Azerbaijan Grand Prix Pick

    This is the pick from our F1 tipster who has shown the best profit over the past twelve months for their F1 predictions. The pick will be displayed as well as their profit over the past twelve months, thirty and seven days.

    How do I use the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Picks?

    Each outcome for each market will display how many of our tipsters are predicting this outcome. Also, you can see the total number of picks on the market which gives you the percentage of picks for this outcome.

    For each outcome, you can read the tipsters reasoning as to why they have made this prediction. We also supply you with their F1 statistics, these include annual and 30-day profits and strike rates. You can use the 'View All' to read all tipsters comments.

    Who are the best Azerbaijan Grand Prix tipsters?

    For our best F1 tipsters you can head over to the 'Best F1 Tipsters' page. On this page, we highlight the tipsters who have made a profit with their F1 picks over the past twelve months. Also, we highlight their profit trends so you can see on a month-to-month graph how they have fared.

    When is the Next F1 Race?

    The next GP is round 9 of the 2022 F1 season which will be the Canadian Grand Prix which takes place on Sunday 19th June.

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