Both Teams To Score Advice

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Both Teams To Score Advice

Both teams to score (BTTS) has become one of the most popular football betting markets in recent years and could soon overtake 1x2 as the most popular type of bet to include in football accumulators.

Both Teams To Score - Yes

ScoreboardThis is the most popular form of the bet and is a bet on both teams to get on the scoresheet during the 90 minutes.

This is a popular bet as it encourages the punter to look for the more exciting matches and both teams scoring can never be that short a price with the bookies. This means that punters are always getting decent odds on all their bets in this market and that is exactly what people want from a bet.

The Main Considerations

Recent Form

This is what most punters will look at first and foremost. With both teams to score you need to look at the offensive and defensive records of BOTH teams involved in the game. Just because one team scores and concedes lots of goals in most their matches it doesn’t mean they’ll repeat that against all teams. If they meet a team that scores plenty but has a tight defence you’ll most likely see one team score but not necessarily the other. Look for matches where both teams score in most games and both teams rarely keep clean sheets. The more they both concede and score, the more likely both teams are to score.

Home And Away

As with all football bets, home and away form must be considered quite separate on many occasions. Some teams can produce completely different form at home than away so just because a team looks a good bet in the both teams to score market based on their home form, it doesn’t mean that will translate to their away form (and vice versa).


This should be a big consideration but is sometimes overlooked by punters. Teams that are conceding lots of goals know they have to improve defensively and eventually will do something about it. Look out for manager comments and possible selection changes during the week in case changes are being made to the line up to address the defensive problems.

The type of opposition a team is facing can also have a large bearing on tactics. A team that often plays an open style of football can suddenly change their style of play when coming up against one of the top teams if they deem a point would be a good result. ‘Parking the bus’ is becoming more and more common so take a look at results against similar quality teams when weighing up a team’s chances of being involved in both teams to score. You might find that against teams of similar or weaker quality they concede and score many goals but against the very best teams there is often only a goal either way. These patterns are often no coincidence and relate to the tactics employed by that team against certain types and qualities of opposition.

Team News

Team news is arguably more important in this bet than any other football bet considering you are relying on the attack and the defence of both teams. A team that is ordinarily strong defensively can look a lot shakier when their best centre half is out injured. Likewise a defence that has looked rocky in recent weeks can improve suddenly if a missing quality player returns.

Some teams are heavily reliant on one or two players to score their goals, other teams spread the goals around the team. Those latter teams need not worry about the odd injury but if backing both teams to score in a game involving one of the teams that are heavily reliant on one or two goalscorers then checking team news is crucial. If the top goalscorer is out injured the chances of that team scoring suddenly reduce massively.


As with all bets value is a huge consideration. Just because both teams look likely to score it doesn’t make it a value bet. Consider the odds and how many times out of ten you’d expect both teams to score in the game considering all the variables (sendings off, injuries, etc). If you think you’d have made a profit in those ten matches over the long term then you think it’s a value bet. The more profit you think you’d have made in those ten playings of the match, the better value it should be.

Both Teams To Score - No

Bookies also allow punters to bet on the other side of the coin here with both teams not scoring. The same sort of considerations that go into the ‘Yes’ side of this bet go into the ‘No’ side of the bet. If you’ve decided that you don’t think both teams will score in a match remember to do your value analysis and if it still looks a good bet then go ahead and consider backing it.

Consider Other Markets

Before you back both teams not to score you should consider what other similar bets you could place. Both teams to score covers many possible outcomes but both teams not to score only covers no goalscorer, and both teams to win to nil. Would any of those 3 bets present a better value bet? All 3 of those bets is usually available at pretty decent odds and if you think one team has a much better chance of winning than the other a bet on that team to win to nil might offer better value. If you think both teams are going to struggle to score then no goalscorer (or even under 1.5 goals) might offer better value but if you just want to play things safe and still think both teams not to score is good value then there is nothing wrong with placing that bet.

Match Result And Both Teams To Score

This increasingly popular bet combines both teams to score with the traditional bet of picking the match result and can provide some big returns in accumulators. This is thanks to the relatively big odds available in each single. With traditional match betting there is no limit to how short a team can be to win depending on how mismatched the teams are. However the more superiority one team has over another, the less likely the lesser team is to score. In the more competitive matches, where both teams would be deemed likely to score, there is not normally a strong favourite to win the match therefore the odds on picking the winner AND both teams scoring can’t be too short. In most cases the favourite in this market will be somewhere between 5/2 and 7/2.

How The Odds Can Stack Up

Backing 4 teams that are fairly likely to win their matches in an accumulator can provide a decent return:

1/2 x 4/6 x 4/6 x 5/6 = Just over 13/2

However backing 4 teams that are fairly likely to win their matches plus both teams to score can provide huge returns:

5/2 x 3/1 x 7/2 x 7/2 = Just over 282/1!!

This shows just why punters are switching to the match result and both teams to score market. Obviously with bigger odds comes bigger risks but the differences in odds between the match result and this market often look great value.

The Main Considerations

Probably the main consideration with this bet is the team you are backing to win is going to need to be capable of scoring at least 2 goals since you are also backing the opposition to score at least once. Therefore your winning team has to be very capable in front of goal whilst also not having the strongest defence in the world.

Whereas with a standard both teams to score bet the best bets are the ones where both teams score and concede as many goals as possible, this is slightly different. You want both teams to score, but you only really want the team you think will lose to score exactly one goal. Any more than that and the team you think will win needs even more goals to win (3 or more).

In most cases you want to find matches that you think might be 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 or more. Remember that you are effectively dutching all correct scores where your selected team wins but concedes at least one goal.

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Comments from the Forum

  • monkeytennis

    <r>How do you approach your both teams to score betting? What offers the best value, both teams to score or match result and both teams to score? Does this offer better accumulator returns than standard match betting accas?<br/>
    <URL url=""><s></s>Both Teams To Score Advice<e></e></URL><br/>
    Think this Betting School lesson needs anything else added to it? Disagree with anything written above? Let us know your thoughts and your insight could be included in the OLBG Betting School!</r>
  • horage

    <t>i think this is one of the better bets on offer but as the bet has become more popular the odds have been cut by the majority of bookies....<br/>
    they have introduced one team to win and btts bets <br/>
    they have introduced teams to win to nil...........<br/>
    analysis of the stats is vital not just league position and injuries.........<br/>
    the best thing about btts bets is you can get the result wrong and still win....<br/>
    try to avoid accas as some teams will let you down with no score......<br/>
    you could try btts with another bet under 1.5 goals and 0-0 correct score<br/>
    to see if it makes a profit depends on the prices..<br/>
    .interesting bet for t v matches....</t>
  • staff2015

    <t>The secrete to BTTS is HOME/AWAY REVENGE analysis.That is what I mostly use. Its the best method so far.Thanks</t>
  • nors

    <t>Home/Away revenge analysis ?<br/>
    BTTS often comes down to a "feeling" that an open game will ensue. <br/>
    When backed up by season long and historical stats it can become a decent opportunity for a winning bet, but the odds set by the bookies are not getting anymore generous.</t>
  • man o bong

    <t>That might push us to the BTTS "NO" scenario of where the value lies these days</t>
  • Betfairalfie

    <r>BTTS value @pre-kick off value may have been eroded now, compared to 4+ years ago, but we do have in-play available <E>:win:</E><br/>
    PS - I googled "home and away revenge" and got Youtube clips of an Aussie soap opera.</r>
  • davidg3907

    <r>Over the previous 8 EPL seasons plus this season to date, BTTS Yes/No has been virtually a 50/50 split<br/>
    There have been 3353 matches of which 1702 are in the yes column and 1651 in the no column. Yes peaked in the middle of this period, but under-performed both before and after.<br/>
    Over 2.5 goals is again virtually a 50/50 split, but has been slightly more consistent.<br/>
    By removing the 1-1 draws from the BTTS totals, the result is the number of matches fitting the criteria for BTTS and Over 2.5 goals.<br/>
    This is a relatively new market. Presumably the baddies will have done their homework and priced options accordingly, but it does offer the chance to look for value in a similar market.<br/>
    Whether it can be found is another matter. <E>:D</E> <br/>
    Matches 3353 BTTS 1702 or 50.76%.<br/>
    There have been 357 1-1 draws so BTTS and Over = 1345 or 40.113%.<br/>
    Matches 3353 Over 2.5 goals 1715 or 51.15%.<br/>
    There have been 370 games of 3 or more goals without reply, which again returns the figure of 1345 so at least I have faith in the accuracy of the figures.<br/>
    Over to anyone who wants to avail themselves of this info.</r>

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