Football Accumulator Advice

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Football Accumulator Advice

The football accumulator is the most popular type of bet going yet it is also one of the hardest to land. By following some simple rules you can improve your strike rate on football accumulators considerably.

The More You Choose The More You Lose

Losing BetsPut too many selections in the same bet each week and you are going to find it almost impossible. If you place a weekly accumulator with around ten teams each time at average odds of 1000/1 you may have a chance of winning very big from a very small stake but statistically you are only going to have a winning bet every 20 years!

Unless you have a great talent for picking football bets generally you’ll find that picking any acca that adds up to more than 10/1 is very difficult. Even odds of 5/1 is a very respectable return. Generally speaking that is going to mean picking 3 to 5 selections depending on the odds you like to bet at. You don’t need many selections to create great returns.


1/4 x 1/3 x 1/2 x 4/6 x 4/5 = 13/2

1/3 x 1/2 x 4/6 x 4/5 = 5/1

4/6 x 5/6 x 11/10 = 13/2

Even 3 relatively short priced teams can create a decent return.

1/2 x 1/2 x 4/6 = 11/4

The fewer matches you choose to bet on the less you are a hostage to fortune. Bad luck can occur in any match but if you are betting on ten different matches you need ten sets of circumstances to go in your favour plus you need your predictions to be correct. If you only bet on five matches then you are relying on a lot less luck in your acca.

Consider Permutations

Find that one selection lets you down most weeks? You don’t necessarily have to back all your teams to win all the time. Covering some of the permutations can decrease losses and increase profits.

Covering more of the permutations requires more bets which can dilute your profit but in the right situations it can be the best approach. If you are placing four team accas but find one bet often lets you down then covering trebles as well can cover your bets. It will mean you are placing more bets but your risk goes down significantly.


This sort of bet works best if the combined odds on your trebles are enough to cover your total outlay. Since you are placing 5 bets and 4 of them would lose if you only get a treble you’d need odds of 4/1 on the trebles to cover all your bets. It doesn’t matter too much if it’s slightly less meaning you’d only lose a fraction of your total outlay if one selection lets you down.

So instead of placing this bet:

£10 acca on 4 x 4/5 shots.

If all 4 selections win the bet returns £104.97 (£94.97 profit).

If 3 or fewer selections win the loss is £10.

You place this bet:

4 x £2 trebles and 1x £2 acca on 4 x 4/5 shots:

If all 4 selections win the bet returns £67.65 (£57.65 profit)

If 3 selections win the bet returns £11.66 (£1.66 profit)

If 2 or fewer selections win the loss is £10.

That’s not a huge amount of profit if all selections win to sacrifice considering the benefits of not losing your bet far more often. For the next few accas you place, work out how much you would have won or lost covering all the bets with one of your selections losing compared to just covering the accumulator. If you would have won more with this approach try it more often.

What Selections Should You Include?

Possibly the most difficult part of placing your acca is deciding which selections to include in the bet. Most punters will have a shortlist of selections that they will narrow down to their most confident before sticking them all in one bet but do selections need to be put into categories before they are added to accumulators?

One of the most frustrating experiences of betting on accas is seeing a good value selection at nice odds (say 5/4) win only for a shorter priced selection you only added to the bet to boost the odds let you down. They key really is to try to combine selections you think offer similar value into one bet. That’s not to say they’ll all be the same sort of price. A 1/2 shot can offer the same perceived value as a 6/4 shot. It’s worth placing two (or more) separate accas if necessary in order to divide up your bets into groups of similar value selections.

If those selections that offers similar value come in different markets that is fine. In fact looking at more markets and therefore studying more bets should give you more opportunities. Backing a couple of teams to win their matches, total goals in one match and both teams to score in another match is a perfectly good way to put together an accumulator, provided the bets that go into the accumulator offer similar value.

Odds Comparison

The odds might not vary on individual football matches but when combining a few selections the differences in odds can soon add up. This is where odds comparison comes in. It can be tempting to keep betting with the same bookie, especially if you have money in the account. You could be missing out on a good 10% or 20% winnings on your successful bets though by not betting at best price. Therefore punters should always use odds comparison and should place their accumulators with the bookies that offer the best odds on that bet that week. It can mean the difference between making a long term profit and a long term loss.

At the end of the day your success at accumulators is going to be mostly dictated by your ability to pick value football bets but the above advice can either help you win more or minimise your losses.

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Comments from the Forum

  • monkeytennis

    <r>How many selections do you put in your accas? How many accas do you place for each round of fixtures? What is the best way to decide which bets you include and which bets you discard?<br/>
    <URL url=""><s></s>Football Accumulator Advice<e></e></URL><br/>
    Think this Betting School lesson needs anything else added to it? Disagree with anything written above? Let us know your thoughts and your insight could be included in the OLBG Betting School!</r>
  • DocNomis

    <t>I realized that some bookmakers lower their odds when you bet on accumulators. Oftentimes you can`t get the best odds offered on all selections at the same bookie.<br/>
    How about betting on several days or even weeks ?<br/>
    Just take your best selection of the day and use the winnings the next day.<br/>
    This way you can always take the best odds avalable and still enjoy the benefits of accumulators.<br/>
    I think the greatest advantage is boosting the value if you have any.<br/>
    Example: Say you have an advantage and expext to get 3% ROI in the long run by placing single bets.<br/>
    By making four bets in a row it adds up to more than 12,5% (1,03*1,03*1,03*1,03 equals 1,1255).<br/>
  • Bonp3re

    <t>I put a minimum of 8 games into my football accumulators. On the average, I put in 10 games. I\'ve won at least 10 of such accumulators. I only remember the 10 because they offered wins of above or around a hundred thousand naira from stakes not exceeding two thousand. Of course I\'ve lost by the odd one game so much that I reduced my accumulator size each time but that didn\'t help. I tried something a few times, 28 games lost by 2, 40 games lost by 3. and by 5 and by 7. Somehow these losses have given me renewed confidence. Bottomline, I ask myself hypothetically, can I stake ten thousand on a single game? If the answer is no, that bet doesn\'t go into my accumulator no matter what. Then of the numerous options, I pick the best ten likely.<br/>
    I\'ve made over nine hundred thousand this way, and lost a maximum of two hundred and eighty.<br/>
    I hope this throws a bit of insight.</t>
  • Bonp3re

    <t>And I have gained something from this piece. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have lost my accumulator to a very short priced selection of say odds of 1.3 or below when I had selections at 2.10 odds come good. It\'s maddening! lol</t>
  • andybaber

    <t>i generally look at the difference in the odds between the 2 teams on the football bet i am placing..... if one is evens and the other is 5/4 i will leave it alone..... if one is evens and the other is 3/1 there seems to be more faith that the evens team will win...</t>
  • Elmarto51

    <t>The best football bet is as follows. Pick three red hot winners-1/2-1/3-1/4 etc.then select 2 aways that will not lose, ie evens-4/5-5/6 etc. Back the aways to win or draw coupled with the three red hots. This will give you 4 bets of 5 selections. The returns can be very respectable. This bet sees me winning more than losing. Betting strategy. Place same amount on each line. If you win then increase the next bet by 25% per line and carry on increasing as you win. When you lose go back to the original stake. This way your pot is not decreasing as you try to recoup loses.</t>
  • Elmarto51

    <t>The best racing bet is as follows. Pick the 6 top selections from the OLBG hot tips section. The percentage indicator is best method. Bet on these selections individually. Do not do doubles or accumulators as you will only lose most times. The betting strategy. Place same amount on each selection. If you have a winning day increase next bet by 25% and keep increasing as you win. If you lose go back to original stake. This way your pot does not decrease as you try to recoup losses.</t>

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