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How To Use OLBG

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How To Use OLBG

OLBG.com is one of the best resources for punters on the world wide web and it caters for both novices and experts alike. This lesson focuses on how to get the most out of OLBG.

Bookmaker Reviews, Free Bets And Promotions

OLBG lists all the latest bookie free bets and promotions so that punters who don’t have the full compliment of bookmaker accounts can see the best time to open new accounts but just as important are the bookmaker reviews. These aren’t written by OLBG or the bookmakers but instead by OLBG members. This means you can read honest opinions about each bookmaker in order to decide which bookmakers you want to bet with and have an account with and which you don’t.


The OLBG Forum

The OLBG Forum features discussion on all the major (and minor) sports and sporting events as well as general betting discussion, non betting discussion and gambling help for those who think they might have a problem with gambling. OLBG members are invited to ask questions as well as pass on their knowledge and tips on the forum making it an ideal resource for very knowledgeable tipsters as well as those who are only just taking up betting on a certain sport.


OLBG Tipping Competition

The OLBG Tipping Competition underwent some major changes in 2012, changes that encouraged tipsters to add more analysis to their tips and rewarded that extra analysis with more prize money. The more successful tipsters on OLBG can use the free to enter OLBG Tipping Competition to earn some money each month without any risk and also to build up a following on OLBG. OLBG members who have less betting experience may simply want to use the OLBG Tipping Competition to help with their betting, they can find the most popular tips on each event and also read the tip comments to gain a better understanding of the best bets in that event. They can also subscribe to their preferred OLBG members and get alerts every time those members make a tip.

OLBG Blogs

The OLBG blogs have proved extremely popular on OLBG since their launch. Only the most popular, profitable and knowledgeable OLBG members are given blogs so anybody reading an OLBG blog can be sure they are written by experts in their fields. The blog subjects range from general betting strategy, to tips for a certain event to testing out betting systems and with the option to comment on each blog these subjects can be debated just as they can on the OLBG forum.


Betting School

The betting school was revamped and improved in 2013 to include a better layout, more lessons and to integrate OLBG member knowledge into the lessons. The betting school covers a wide range of betting subjects and aims to be the indispensable guide to having a bet. If you think there is anything missing from the betting school please let us know.

OLBG On Your Mobile

OLBG launched an iPhone App in 2012 and an Android App in 2013. Check out the video below for more information.

There have been many success stories on OLBG over the years. Read about some members' memories of OLBG on this thread or create your own memories in your favourite area of the site.

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Comments from the Forum

  • monkeytennis

    <r>What part of OLBG do you use most? What part of OLBG do you use least and why?<br/>
    <URL url="http://www.olbg.com/school/lesson69.htm"><s></s>How To Use OLBG<e></e></URL><br/>
    Are there any other areas of OLBG that you think need explaining? Let us know your thoughts and your insight could be included in the OLBG Betting School!</r>
  • Statsman

    <t>I can\'t seem to find anything on site that explains the best approach re staking on the competitions. I mainly concentrate on \'Laying\' and usually bet 50, however I notice some folk lay as much as 500, some even place obscure amounts, e.g. 129. I can\'t work out using LSP how it makes any difference!? Obviously other columns come in to play somehow. A explanation could change my whole approach. If there\'s something on site explaining this it\'s well hidden.<br/>
  • nors

    <t>If you have not read the following this may go someway to explaining settlement. <br/>
    HELP: Lay Tip Settlement<br/>
    To make the competition fairer we are now settling lay tips at Odds+ which is either the price you take or the starting price (depending on what you select) PLUS an adjustment for bookie margins <br/>
    Lay Price is calulcated as follows (all odds are decimal):<br/>
    Odds <=3 => Odds +10%<br/>
    3> Odds >=5 => Odds +15%<br/>
    5> Odds >=11 => Odds +20%<br/>
    Odds >11 => Odds +50%<br/>
    The adjustment is to reflect the fact that bookies 'back' odds are a shorter price than the true price (so bookies can make a margin). <br/>
    Hence for the fairness of the tipster competition if back bets are being made at under fair value, lay bets should be made at a similar amount over fair value, otherwise Lay tipsters have an unfair advantage <br/>
    To even this out we are therefore using bigger odds to settle lay tips based on the rules above which more closely reflect the equivalent value to what a backer is getting</t>
  • 79london

    <t>OLBG is easy to youse-read 2 times</t>
  • agora8958

    <t>overall Not Bad</t>
  • irnwho

    <r>Is it wrong that I feel like im already developing an addiction to the site <E>:P</E></r>
  • gingerzola

    <t>No, I imagine that would be actively encouraged!</t>
  • jammuss

    <r>i wish i found this site years ago, it would have saved me a hell of alot of money <E>:)</E></r>
  • nyagatin

    am very new and looks like i don't understand how to use olbg. who can assist i need it for betting purposes

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