Bookmaker Offers

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Bookmaker Offers

The bookmakers are competing for your bets and simply offering a sign up bonus isn’t enough these days to keep punters coming back to the bookmakers. This means they have to come up with regular offers to attract your cash and that can mean more cash to bet with, better odds or refunds on losing selections. Here is a run down of some of the most common bookmaker offers and things to note about those offers.

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Loyalty Bonus

Betting School ImageSome bookies will give you a fairly small free bet on a weekly or monthly basis simply for being a loyal customer (usually based on a certain amount of bets being placed each week or certain amount staked).

Not all customers with that bookmaker will necessarily receive the same amount or necessarily receive anything. However if you are one of the lucky ones to receive these loyalty bonuses then they can come in very handy and can often save you having to deposit more money into your account.

Deposit Bonus

In anticipation of a major event a bookmaker may want to get their customers to deposit more money than usual which will prompt them to offer a deposit bonus. This will work in a very similar way to bookies who offer a deposit bonus for new customers although the percentage matched may be smaller than the new account offers. It is likely that the bonus will have to be ‘turned over’ several times before it can be withdrawn.

In Running Free Bet

Bookies are also keen to get their customers to bet on new things so you may find promotions such as an in running free bet. This will usually be something along the lines of place a bet on a football match pre kick off and get the same stake as a free bet (up to a predefined maximum amount) on any in running market for that match. The hope is that you will enjoy your experience and continue to bet in running. For help with betting in running Click here.

Bonus Free Bet

Betting School ImageSometimes winning bets can be rewarded with free bets, usually to the same stake as the previous winning bet.

One popular offer with a certain bookmaker over the past decade or so has been their Channel 4/1 free bet offer. Punters who back a winner at 4/1 or more in a race shown on Channel 4 will receive a free bet to the same stake on the next Channel 4 race (maximum free bet limits apply).

This sort of offer can sometimes be slightly adapted for other sports and is a popular method for bookies to attract more bets on an event.

Enhanced Wins

A similar kind of offer to the above is when bookies enhance winnings on certain bets if your selection outperforms expectations. These can be along the lines of winnings are doubled if your first goalscorer bet scores first and then again in the same match or for horse racing winnings may be boosted if the horse wins by a certain distance. The winnings boosts can often be significant so these can be worth looking out for.

Moneyback Specials

Betting School ImageMany bookies are now on the moneyback special bandwagon although one bookie in particular seems to excel with them. Moneyback specials usually require the punter to place a normal bet at the normal odds but losing bets will be refunded if a selected event occurs. For football this might mean losing bets on selected markets are refunded if a certain player scores or if there is a red card or something along those lines whilst losing horse racing bets might be refunded if a selected horse wins the race. These offers are popular as they are usually on major events but often they only apply to certain bets or markets so be sure to read the terms and conditions if you are getting involved.

Ongoing Refund Offers

Some bookmakers will offer these moneyback specials on a continuous basis and they will apply to all matches or races for that sport. Recent examples of this would be refunds on selected markets in a football match if the game is 0-0 or refunds on horse racing selections if your horse falls. With these being on going offers you may find that the bookmaker offers slightly lower odds in general on the markets that will be refunded but that isn’t always the case and even when it is the lower odds can be worth taking if there is a good chance that a refund will be issued.

Enhanced Odds

Sometimes bookies will sill simply want to offer the best odds on certain selections, matches or races and will go industry best price. Alternatively they may offer to boost the odds if you land a certain type of bet, such as offering a certain percentage bonus if your fourfold on the football is successful.

Popular bets such as Lucky 15s/31s/63s come with their own bonuses as standard but sometimes bookies will enhance these bonuses too.

Mobile Bonus

Betting School ImageWith bookmakers trying to get their customers comfortable and familiar with betting through their mobile phone sites or apps it is not uncommon for them to offer some seemingly generous offers if you do so. These offers can be any of the above but will often carry higher rewards so punters who have smart phones are advised to look out for these.

These offers can be spread out amongst the most popular bookmakers which goes to show the value of having as many accounts as possible, any offers which help produce as much profit as possible are always more than welcome.

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    <t>Free bets and bonuses are for the benefit of the bokkmakers</t>
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    <t>I think free bets and bonuses work both ways. For the benefit of bookmakers and the customers.</t>
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