Betting Systems

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Betting Systems


Betting School ImageThe Martingale system is also known as the doubling up system and the basic rules are that every time you have a losing bet you double your stake. In theory this would mean you always win one unit of your stake as profit every time you have a winning bet. This system is most commonly applied to casino games, often roulette on red or black or odd or even but can also be applied to sports betting too.

The Martingale has a sound theory but in practice the stakes soon mount up after a losing run and you may struggle to get your full stakes on. For example, even if your unit stake was £10, after 10 losing bets you’d be staking £10,240!

OLBG member Man O Bong has looked extensively at the Martingale system in his blog which can be viewed by clicking here.

Consecutive Winners

Many punters have tried to turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money by continually rolling winnings on to perceived certainties. This would involve starting with a bank of something like £50 and placing it on a 1/10 shot each time for a selected amount of bets, each time playing up the total bank. It may seem like this would take years to make realistic returns but even after 50 winning bets you’d have already made £5,869 and if you were able to find 100 winning bets at 1/10 in a row you’d win over £689,000! This is much harder than it sounds though even if you are picking 1/10 shots. More 1/10 shots get turned over than you’d think which is why 50 1/10 shots combined produce cumulative odds of 117/1, the chances of doing this are the equivalent of picking one 117/1 shot and it winning.

Micko70 has trialed this sort of system on his OLBG blog, see how he got on here and check out the numerous feedback he received.

Man O Bong has also tried it on the OLBG Forum and his progress can be found here.

OLBG Members' Thoughts On Systems

KanKeano summarised some of the shortfalls with systems in a blog reply on

The trouble with systems is that there are plenty of unknowns which can affect a system selection i.e team selection, injury news and the weather. You can not factor in these unknowns into these systems so it makes it very difficult to blindly follow a selection. However, what systems can do is highlight are likely outcomes. If you can use these selections to narrow down the games you want to bet on you can then research the games and the info at hand and make a decision on whether to make those bets.

Man O Bong also has his take on systems which is a very interesting read for anyone seriously into their systems click here to check out Man O Bong's opinions about systems.

Bespoke Systems

There are millions of other systems that punters have created for their own needs and we can't list them all. One such example would be with Micko70 who has his own system for betting on horse racing and you can read more about that by clicking here.

In team sports these systems can be anything, ranging from laying any team that is missing four or more regular first team players through injury or suspension to backing every team that has won at least four of its last five games if they are playing a team that has lost at least four of their last five games. In horse racing systems that punters use could be backing any horse where a trainer has a certain strike rate at a course to backing any horse that has traveled a certain number of miles to their engagement. With some fine tuning these systems can be profitable but they should always be thoroughly tested before staking real money.

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Comments from the Forum

  • monkeytennis

    Are systems a great way or making betting pay long term or just a way for punters to justify having a bet? What success have you had with systems?

    Betting Systems

    Think this Betting School lesson needs anything else added to it? Disagree with anything written above? Let us know your thoughts and your insight could be included in the OLBG Betting School!
  • Rozerbruni

    Betting begins with the basics. There are many types of betting systems like horse betting mobile betting, cricket betting but the easiest way to bet horse racing is to bet a horse to win. The horse must win for you to collect on your horse bet. The next option is betting the horse to place.
  • Siranms

    Hello, good time !
    sorry I need to know all odds mean for soccer, please
    and I need to show me a full list of soccer rules for example
    for handicap or total goals because I can see some time there are 150
    different odds but I can not understand full for play please if you know so ,
    let me know where can i find a book or all rules with full example

    Thank you so Much
    King Regards
  • prof24

    List of the most popular betting strategies see here:
  • timekeeper

    All systems need an element of luck but my favorite system follows the second favourites when the favourite is odds on. Done alright following this over the years.
  • Wippingtizard

    I'll talk about horse racing systems, as it's what I know more about, over the years I've tried so many, and a lot I've designed myself, but I've noticed that trends change, ten years ago you wouldn't back an odds on in a Novice Chase, because most lost, now things changed it's more like 50% or so win, though you cannot profit from this, I'm just giving examples of trend changes. One thing I can tell you is to avoid a horse with a last form figure of '3' in a flat turf maiden, they nearly always lose, much better is '2' then '4' then '5' form last time out probably in that order.

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