Baseball Betting Advice

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Baseball Betting Advice

Betting School ImageBaseball betting isn’t quite as popular over here as some other American exports but it still has an ever increasing following and should baseball games become televised more often then it could become very popular with the betting public this side of the Atlantic.

Possibly one of the most appealing aspects of betting on baseball is the amount of opportunities to bet on the sport, the Major League Baseball season may only last from April until October but in that season they manage to cram in a whopping 162 games for each team and that doesn’t even include the World Series! The fact that these games happen so frequently means the odds compilers are always having to price up new games making it easier for punters to be selective and find value bets.

The most popular betting opportunities on MLB come during the World Series, at the end of the baseball season. The World Series is a best of seven series that can pit the best teams from the American League and National League against each other.

Types Of Bet

Match Betting

Match betting on baseball doesn’t tend to include a handicap as standard unlike other American sports due to the fact that baseball matches tend to be much closer in terms of scoring. Therefore match betting simply requires the punter to name the correct winner of a match.


Handicaps are also available on baseball games to allow betting on the match result at more competitive odds. The favourites will have a handicap and the outsiders will be given a lead to even up the odds and the punter has to decide where the value lies given the handicap.

Total Runs

This is a bet on the total number of runs scored by both sides during the match. You won’t have to call the exact number of runs, instead the bookmaker names the amount of runs they think there will be in the game and the punter must call whether or not the total will be under or over that amount, with the odds usually the same (a shade odds on) for both outcomes.

One of the best strategies in finding the best bets for this particular market is to make a note of the total runs you think there will be in each game, then look at the totals offered by the bookies. Whichever ones you disagree about most, whether it is over or under what the bookie is suggesting as the most likely runs total, should be the best value plays in this market.


Know The Rules

Baseball isn’t the hardest sport to win money on, in fact many consider it one of the easier sports to handicap but to get ahead with baseball betting you need to know the rules inside and out. The slightly complex rules put many off betting on baseball but if you have a decent understanding of the sport it is worth spending the extra time to get to know it better before starting to bet on baseball.

Spend The Time

In order to get the edge on baseball betting you’ll have to spend plenty of time going through stats and knowing the players, especially the pitchers. Baseball isn’t a sport in which you can simply glance at the fixture list and pick the best bets, it’s all about the strengths and weaknesses of each team coming together. Spend the time looking at all the stats for each game and then you’ll be in a much better position to pick winning bets.

If you don’t have enough time to look at all the fixtures in depth don’t have a short look at the entire fixture list, instead become an expert on say 4 or 5 different teams and concentrate on finding the best value bets on those teams when the opportunities arise.

Let The Teams Find Their Form

Betting in the early part of the season is rarely a sound strategy for any sport but baseball is one sport where results can be particularly shaky to begin with. Not only can the early baseball season whether cause havoc at certain parks making betting unpredictable but also many coaches still aren’t fully decided on their line ups and they may still be tinkering with selections. Let a month or so pass before betting seriously on baseball unless you think you have found a huge edge early on.

Make Use Of Resources

As previously stated you need to know the stats and do your research to make baseball betting pay so finding the best resources and making use of them is key to long term profits. You may find others but the ESPN website can be one of the most helpful sites in finding and producing stats for baseball matches. Don’t forget OLBG as well, click here to find Baseball discussion and tips on the OLBG Baseball Forum.

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    Baseball Betting Advice

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