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Nigel Skinner's News

Taoiseach Betting: Leo Varadkar 60% to be Taioseach on Jan 1st, Mary Lou McDonals after Next GE

Published: Dec 20, 2:05pm Last Updated: Dec 22, 9:20am 0 Comments 54 Views

It is pretty unlikely anything at the head of the Irish government will happen prior to the end of the year and for that reason, Leo Varadkar is given a 60% chance of remaining in place into 2022. Discussions of a United Ireland continues as does the betting and we take a look at the candidates to keep an eye on throughout 2022. Betting sites have Sinn Féin's Mary Lou McDonald as the favourite to be next Taioseach suggesting a... [ Read More ]

Recession Betting: Bookmakers give 83% Chance that NO Recession is Recorded in 2022

Published: Oct 18, 8:37am Last Updated: Oct 19, 11:12am 0 Comments 55 Views

  New betting odds based on the chances of a recession in the UK in 2022, give a huge vote of confidence that Rishi Sunak, the government and the Finance world can help avoid recession and offer odds of just 1.20 that it will be avoided, which translates into almost 83% probability no recession will happen. Betting fans who feel there will be, can bet at odds of 5/2 on it happening, perhaps offsetting the effects for them personally should... [ Read More ]

Bookies Offer 1000/1 Odds for United Ireland Referendum Before 2023 or 11/10 before 2030

Published: Sep 14, 11:26am Last Updated: Sep 15, 9:15am 0 Comments 93 Views

  Thoughts of a United Ireland could not have been further away in pre-Brexit days, but since 2016 and certainly, since the turn of the year, the possibility of reunification of the Republic and the Northern lands has been under speculation. Whilst the possibility is now in the consciousness of both sides of Ireland, Betting sites are readily discounting the possibility of a rumoured reunification referendum - For the time being at least. Some bookmakers have opened betting on the... [ Read More ]

Donald Trump's Chance of Becoming the Next US President Keeps Increasing According to Bookmakers

Published: Aug 23, 8:42am Last Updated: Sep 3, 3:13pm 0 Comments 73 Views

Despite media blackouts and hearing very little about the former president of the United States, Donald Trump is finding support in bookmakers betting markets for who is going to be the next president of the US. Trump's probability, based on those betting odds has increased from 11% to 15% in just one week. A 4% increase may not sound very much until we consider that Joe Biden's chance in the same betting market is 3.5% Beter at 18.5%, after dropping... [ Read More ]

Betting Odds Suggest Angela Rayner Will Challenge Andy Burnham for Next Labour Leader

Published: Aug 27, 9:13am Last Updated: Sep 3, 3:10pm 0 Comments 61 Views

In recent weeks bookmakers have demonstrated betting support has been coming in for Angela Rayner to be the next Labour leader after Keir Starmer by cutting her odds of taking the position to just 4/1 The odds represent a 20% probability of landing the role, Double what they were a few weeks ago, whilst support for Andy Burnham has eased a little. Burnham remains the 11/4 favourite, whilst Angela Rayner's odds are now a shade above 4/1 from a previous... [ Read More ]

Bookmakers Shorten Rishi Sunak to Win the Next General Election

Published: Aug 30, 9:51am Last Updated: Sep 2, 11:48am 0 Comments 74 Views

As Chancellor, one would expect Rishi Sunak to be in the news a great deal, and this weekend is no exception as details of granted planning permission for his home are in the news. Whilst that may be completed in the short term, Sunak can look forward to bookmakers confidence that he is most likely to be Conservative leader and the next prime minister as some point from 2024 onwards if the correct betting odds probabilities are accurate. Next Prime... [ Read More ]

Bookmakers Odds Suggest The Crown and Royals to Win by Landslide at the Emmys

Published: Aug 26, 11:01am Last Updated: Aug 27, 8:37am 0 Comments 68 Views

Royalty in all its different guises will play a pivotal role in this year's Emmy Awards with blue-blooded fact and fiction merging at the ceremony with both The Crown and Prince Harry and Megan Markle in line for Emmy success. Betting on the outcome of the Emmys has always been popular and 2021 is not different with a host os awards that looks set on their destiations. The fictional but fact-based historical drama The Crown is now heading into its... [ Read More ]

Dominic Raab 'Next Cabinet Minister to Leave' Betting Odds Crash 25/1 to 12/1 after calls for Resignation

Published: Aug 19, 12:59pm Last Updated: Aug 25, 9:35am 0 Comments 159 Views

With calls for the resignation of Dominic Raab following what is being called a 'failure of judgment' by some, bookmakers have reacted by halving the odds from 25/1 to just 12/1 for him to be the next cabinet minister to leave their post. The halving of the odds also doubles the probability from just 4% to 8%. Next Cabinet Minister to Leave Betting Odds Cabinet Minister Odds Probability Alok Sharma 3/1 25% Gavin Williamson 9/2 18.18% Priti Patel 9/1 14.29%... [ Read More ]

Biden Still 7/2 to Win the Time Person of the Year Award According to Bookmakers Odds

Published: Aug 18, 10:23am Last Updated: Aug 18, 6:03pm 0 Comments 64 Views

Looking at the betting at online betting sites today for the Time person of the year, some may be surprised to find Joe Biden was the third favourite and the first human individual in the betting market.  The odds suggesting he is the most likely individual to pick up the award and in part, retain the award given to both him and Kamala Harris in 2020. Time Person of the Year Award Betting 18/08/2021 Candidate Odds Probability Doctors, Nurses, First... [ Read More ]

Betting Odds Shorten for Joe Biden to Not See Out Full US Presidential Term After Humiliation In Afghanistan

Published: Aug 16, 3:15pm Last Updated: Aug 16, 3:15pm 0 Comments 356 Views

The withdrawal of US troops was expected to be a vote winner and may still well be proved so, however, the swiftness of the fall of the US-backed Afghan government to the marauding Taliban forces was not predicted. Daily we are seeing images of desperate locals fleeing the country as fighters tighten their grip on all areas of the country.  President Joe Biden ultimately authorised the withdrawal with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson quoted as saying the US accelerated the... [ Read More ]

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