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When many of our most profitable tipsters all go for the same horse or team, it's time to take notice as long as there aren't too many betting against it.

Just pick the sports you are interested in and the number of selections you want in your Acca and we’ll do the rest!

Remember more selections means more risk but also higher payouts.

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Choose the sports you want to include in the Acca. We have most tips for football and horse racing but there will be some for other sports where we have tips from people expert in those sports.


Number of selections

Choose how many selections you want in the Acca. Once its generated you will be able to review and remove ones you dont like the look of.


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*Combined LSP is the sum of the previous six months level stakes profit for experts choosing the selection less the profits of other experts betting against the selection

About My Acca

My Acca has been built to help you to find the best accumulator bets. Using the most profitable expert tipsters at OLBG you can build your accumulator based on your own preferences.

  • Choose the sports you want tips for. Whilst most visitors may be looking for the best Football accumulator tips, we cover many other sports including Horse Racing, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket and Darts. American Football, Ice Hockey, Baseball and Basketball are also really popular for accumulator betting.

  • Choose how many selections you want to have in your acca.
    More selections means higher payouts but also higher risk

  • Choose if you want your accumulator bet to include events only happening today or tomorrow too.

You will then see a list of tips from OLBGs Expert Tipsters as your recommended acca.

Next to the selections you will see how many expert tipsters have tipped for or against the selections, how much LSP they have combined, then what the individual odds for the selections are.
Below this you will be able to see the best odds for the accumulator selected for you.

Click Bet Now to place your bet.

If you would like to remove a selection to form a smaller acca then hit the red X button

  • Who are the best tipsters at OLBG?

    We don't reveal exactly how we calculate the tipsters we describe as Expert Tipsters for use in MyAcca.
    We analyse tipsters’ recent level stakes profit for the sport and their consistency.
  • What are the best Accumulator Bets at OLBG?

    That depends on the type of bet you want to place. If you see tips with a large number of Experts going for the same selection and a small number against that selection it may indicate a good bet.
    Then look at the combined LSP from those going for the selection to get a further indication of how successful those tipsters have been recently.
    Then compare this to the odds available. A large number of expert tipsters going for the same selection, with few opposing, along with the combined LSP of those tipsters being high and good odds, could indicate a nice bet.
  • Why are OLBG promoting Accumulator bets?

    At OLBG we are well aware that accumulator betting is a high risk high reward form of betting. Throughout the forums, our expert tipsters will recommend the win single if you want to have a chance of making money betting on sports regularly.
    However we are also well aware that many people bet for fun. Recreational bettors like to make small fun accumulator bets with the prospect of winning big, just as millions like to buy a lottery ticket.
    Whatever way you prefer to bet, for fun or regular gains, the most important advice we always give is never to bet more than you can afford to lose.
    If betting stops being fun then get help. Visit gambleaware.co.uk or call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133