The Name Calculator

Ever wonder what your parents were thinking when they named you?

Using data from the UK Office for National Statistics, we can tell you how popular your name was when you were born, based on your age and gender.

Did you end up with a trending name of the time, or did your folks go a little bit rogue?

Betting on Baby Names

Predicting the names of newborn babies seems a popular pastime in the UK, so much so that bookmakers regularly offer odds on Royal Baby names. If you thought Harry and Meghan would call their first daughter Lilibet or you really fancied Louie for William & Kate's second boy, you could have won some money! Betting sites were even taking bets on the name of Stacey Solomon's latest child (Rose) and Boris Johnson's seventh? (Romy wasn't even in the betting unsurprisingly!).

Next time a Royal or Celebrity is expecting, check out the latest odds at OLBG News and maybe try our baby name calculator to help you predict the name!