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Postby stereoman » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:03 pm

Would've thought Lucy Bronze was more of a contender than Steph Houghton right now considering she's effectively scored the winning goals against both Norway and Canada.

The England Women's Football Team as 'Team of the Year'? If they somehow beat Japan and find a way to outhustle the USA to win the World Cup then by all means. It'll probably go to um, the Great Britain & Northern Ireland athletics squad or something like that.

The odds as they are right now:


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Postby jaydubs » Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:59 am

Don\'t forget you have the ashes coming up which Australia are expected to dominate....Joe root cook stokes.. could be an unknown from there

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Postby stereoman » Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:45 pm

I'd imagine the England women's football team will certainly be shortlisted for 'Team of the Year' now after finishing third at the Women's World Cup. Will they win!? Probably not.

The folks over at Blonde Poker have been bigging up the chances of various members of the England men's cricket team but the thing is...they have to win the Ashes which they likely won't do.

I hope it isn't Chelsea. Yep, they won the Premier League by a gallop and then some but really!? Mind you...who's a credible alternative right now!?

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Postby stereoman » Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:02 am

I think Coral offered 2/1 ON for the England women's football team to be named 'Team of the Year' which is very skinny.

Serena Williams 2/1, Jordan Spieth 11/4 and Novak Djokovic 5/1 for the Overseas award at Betfair. Williams looks good to beat Muguruza to get the 'Serena Slam', and winning the US Open completely cements it with a 'calender year Grand Slam'. Jordan Spieth will need to win The Open or the US PGA to possibly deny her.

Chris Froome looks very much in command for the Tour de France even only after four stages but the thing is...will people vote for him to win SPotY? Can FOUR of the last EIGHT winners really be cyclists!?

Will bike enthusiasts (Froome), petrolheads (Hamilton) and the horse racing fraternity (McCoy) make it a surprisingly close contest?

Big priced outsider!? Tyson Fury if he somehow beats Wladimir Klitschko will jump towards the top of the queue. He's not even listed in most longlists.
Better chance than I thought? Mo Farah. A double win in Beijing will banish away the negativity.
Not even in contention? Rory McIlroy. His season is effectively over and he hasn't won 'anything' significant. ... Year_Award

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Postby LustForLeith » Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:35 pm

I was writing a blog on this until Stereoman beat me to Overseas SPOTY write up!

A few points of interest -

A panel of about 30 sports journalists vote in the category and they vote for two choices. Top pick gets two votes, second pick gets one. At the end of it the person with the most votes wins, if it's a tie the person with the most top pick wins.

Since it started in 1960 the nation with the most winners is America with 18, Australia next with 8.

Top sport interestingly enough is tennis with 18 winners, athletics with 11 and golf with 8.

Of the 13 winning sports, only four are team sports so an individual sport looks a good pick.

I like the look of Speith. With McIlroy being out for some time and with two majors under his belt he could add to this, the American golfer could feature and is a good shout at 11/4

I wouldn't rule out Serena though. I just think this seems to be a male dominated category.

Speith to win overseas SPOTY 11/4

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Postby Decoro54 » Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:34 pm

Just thought I'd throw this into this thread too as I think it's a solid bet. Oddschecker also have a market from Betfair for Rte irish sports personality of the year. Irish rugby player Paul o connoll is 4-1 favourite. I think this is a good bet as he is retiring after the world cup from international rugby and playing in France next season I think. The second favourite is ap mc coy who has won it before at 9-2 and third favourite is Rory mc Ilroy at 11 -2 who has won it before too. A small outside punt could be placed on the kilkenny hurler henry shefflin at 20-1, king henry has had a great career and think both these are worth a punt. If Connor mc gregor wins later on tonight his price might be cut but I still don't think UFC is massive in Ireland and it's on BT 1 in the middle of the night so alot of Irish people will probably be asleep and just get the result in the morning. I just think if Ireland have a reasonably good world cup it's O'Connolls to lose. 4-1 a great price for me!

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Postby stereoman » Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:57 am

Stocks have risen and fallen in the last two weeks.

As much as Joe Root was looking good but England then lose the second Test against Australia, Chris Froome puts a strangehold on this year's Tour de France and Andy Murray bounces back from Wimbledon disappointment to help Great Britain beat France in the Davis Cup quarter-final.

I think there's every chance of Great Britain beating Australia and then either of Belgium or Argentina to actually win the thing. Andy Murray almost ensures two points and then it's a matter of someone stepping up or winning the doubles.

A couple of sporting retirements in the shape of Carl Froch and Richard Hughes but Tony McCoy has them covered in terms of achievement.

There really isn't much to separate Chris Froome, Lewis Hamilton and Tony McCoy except that Froome hasn't won SPotY before and this will be the last time, they can honour McCoy.

I'd superficially give the edge to McCoy. Froome is likely to win another Tour, and there is always the stigma of drugs even if he's clean. Hamilton will likely win another F1 title next year so what makes this year so special!?

There are so many British boxing champions at the moment that they'll very much cancel each other out.

Why the heck is Wayne Rooney at around 25s!? What's he done this year!? Because he might break Bobby Charlton's all-time scoring record for the England football team!? TCHUH!!

...and there's the Rugby World Cup and the World Athletics Championship to go amongst other events!

Jordan Spieth is making it very interesting but which way will the BBC go!? If Spieth wins three but Serena Williams gets four, what will they do!? If Jordan wins four then sorry, Serena but Jordan wins.

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Postby stereoman » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:32 am

Hmmm. William Hill offer 3/1 on the Great Britain Davis Cup team to win 'Team of the Year'? All they have to do is of course, win the Davis Cup. The BBC has such a hard-on for tennis that of course, it's an automatic win if they do barring England winning the Rugby (Union) World Cup or say, there's a monster haul of gold medals by the GB&NI team at the World Athletics Championship in Beijing.

The England women's football team will be shortlisted (is it just three?) so if GB win the Davis Cup then there's only one place left. The 2/1 ON looks very stupid now.

It's been a rather slim year in regard 'British teams' doing well on the international stage that the 3/1 looks kind of good...Great Britain are 7/4 with *COUGH, SPIT* Betfred just to win the Davis Cup.

I think the Overseas award is over as a contest barring Serena Williams failing to win the US Open and Jordan Spieth bouncing back to win the US PGA but even if that happens, I'd expect Serena Williams to prevail.

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Postby stereoman » Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:11 am

James Anderson is likely out of the Ashes... ... ide-injury

...and Steven Finn has snuck ahead in the race to get 'Man of the Match' for the third Test. ... -australia

An absolutely see-saw battle as to who wins the Ashes and there's superficially no definitive 'Man of the Series' for England yet (some wags might suggest Michael Clarke). Some are pinning their hopes on Joe Root to jump out of the pack and into the collective public consciousness.

I still think James Anderson will sneak a place on the shortlist by default because of his historic achievements ("400 TEST WICKETS!!").

If England win the Ashes, there's probably a spot for at least two cricketers in the shortlist of ten.

Huh. Betfair's odds for RTE's Sports Person(ality) of the Year:

Conor McGregor 9/4
Paul O'Connell 4/1
AP McCoy 9/2
Jonathon Sexton 9/1
Andy Lee 14/1
Katie Taylor 16/1
Carl Frampton 16/1
Mark English 18/1
Jamie Heaslip 20/1
Sean O'Brien 20/1
Padraig Harrington 22/1
Niamh Briggs 25/1
Rob Heffernan 25/1
Henry Shefflin 25/1
Paul Dunne 25/1
Robbie Henshaw 25/1
Richie Hogan 28/1
Aidan O'Shea 28/1
John Joe Nevin 28/1
Colm Cooper 28/1
James O'Donoghue 33/1
Stephen Cluxton 33/1
Seamus Coleman 33/1
Paul Flynn 33/1
Cillian O'Connor 40/1
Joe Canning 40/1
Jason Smyth 40/1
Dan Martin 40/1
Michael Murphy 40/1
Briege Corkery 40/1
Michael McKillop 50/1
Bertram Allen 66/1
Rory McIlroy 66/1
Graeme McDowell 80/1
Nicolas Roche 80/1
Ed Joyce 80/1
Joseph O'Brien 200/1

I don't think Conor McGregor will be allowed to win unless he does indeed beat Jose Aldo then wow, that 9/4 looks kind of good to make some history.

I think the favourite right now has to be Paul O'Connell even ahead of AP McCoy. Winning the Six Nations is always a big thing AND there's the strong chance that Ireland could reach the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup...the final might be pushing it though. *COUGH* "COME ON, ENGLAND!!" *COUGH* ... p-bracket/

A brief history of the RTE award: ... f_the_Year

Last year's shortlist: ... 6-Dec2014/

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Postby stereoman » Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:26 am

Huh. Would've thought James Guy and Adam Peaty would've made a bigger um, splash in the updated odds but no. ... mpionships

James Guy is not quoted. Adam Peaty is 33/1+. One of 'em will surely be nominated if only to pad it out and include the 'fringe' sports but clearly they won't win.


James Guy is too old for the Helen Rollason award. ... f_the_Year

Chris Froome zooms to the front and is a general 3/1 with Lewis Hamilton a solid 7/2 ATB.


Ladbrokes have odds up for 'Team of the Year':

Great Britain Davis Cup Team 2/1
England Women's Football Team 7/2
England Mens Cricket Team 6/1
England Mens Rugby Team 6/1
Great Britain Swimming Team 10/1
Team Sky Cycling 10/1
Great Britain Athletics Team 12/1
Wales Football Team 16/1
Chelsea FC 18/1
Wales Rugby Team 22/1
AFC Bournemouth 33/1
Ben Ainslie Racing Team 33/1
Leeds Rhinos 33/1
Celtic FC 50/1
England Womens Cricket Team 50/1
Manchester Utd 50/1
Arsenal 66/1
Liverpool FC 66/1
Manchester City 66/1
Hull KR 100/1
Scotland Rugby Team 500/1

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Postby stereoman » Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:45 pm

A biggish move for Joe Root and Stuart Broad as England look poised to win back the Ashes after a remarkable first day in the fourth Test. Amazing if a cricketer wins just because of an Ashes win even after failing miserably in the World Cup.


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Postby stereoman » Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:11 am

William Hill's odds for 'Team of the Year':

England Men's Cricket Team 13/8
GB Davis Cup Team 3/1
England Men's Rugby Union Team 5/1
England Women's Football Team 7/1
GB Swimming Team 10/1
GB Athletics Team 14/1
Wales Rugby Union Team 14/1
Wales Football Team 16/1
Team Sky Cycling Team 20/1
Chelsea FC 66/1
Leeds Rhinos 66/1
England Women's Cricket Team 100/1

Winning the Ashes over winning the Davis Cup? Surely not! The latter still has to happen though. The odds for the England men's rugby union team is more-or-less effectively betting on them to win the World Cup.

Betfair's updated odds for 'Overseas Personality of the Year':

Serena Williams EVS
Novak Djokovic 7/2
Jordan Spieth 3/1
Lionel Messi 10/1
Usain Bolt 12/1
Richie McCaw 16/1
Floyd Mayweather 25/1
Julian Save 25/1
James Faulkner28/1
Roger Federer 33/1
Cristiano Ronaldo 33/1
Conor McGregor 33/1
Jonathon Sexton 33/1
Mitchell Starc 40/1
Abby Wambach 40/1
Sergio Aguero 50/1
Michael Clarke 50/1
Luis Suarez 50/1
Dan Carter 50/1
Frankie Dettori 66/1
Nico Rosberg 66/1
Eden Hazard 66/1
Deontay Wilder 66/1
Jorge Lorenzo 66/1
Valentino Rossi 80/1
Katie Taylor 80/1
Gennady Golovkin 80/1
Alberto Contador 100/1
Diego Costa 100/1
Yohan Blake 100/1
Xavi Hernandez 100/1
Gerard Pique 100/1
Raymond Van Barneveld 100/1
Justin Gatlin 100/1
AJ McGinty 150/1
Michael Van Gerwen 200/1
Joey Chestnut 200/1

Jordan Spieth only two shots behind Jason Day in the US PGA Championship whilst Serena Williams loses against Belinda Bencic in the Rogers Cup. Well, Serena's still got the US Open to look forward to.

If it's 3-3 in Slams, it'd be typical if they let Spieth win it but who really knows apart from those in the know.

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