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Postby otbc canary » Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:13 pm

I wasn't sure whether I should post this here on under Cure For Depression! I recently received a new bank card so had to update the new expiry date on my online accounts. All of them, bar Betstars, allowed me to edit the relevant details online and the deed was done. I couldn't do this myself with Betstars and as they don't 'give telephone assistance' I had to send an e-mail asking them to change the date from 02/18 to 02/21, not difficult you would think. This is their reply

''Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we cannot edit your card data. If you wish to change the data then you will need to make a qualifying deposit.

If you previously chose to use the save payment data feature of the cashier for your old card, you first need to disable (see ** below) it in order to use a new card.

Our Cashier has a feature that recognizes and stores the information of your last deposit methods and currency used, to allow for a faster deposit experience in future transactions.

button anWhen you click on 'Make a Deposit', you will be presented with a pop-up window showing your 'Previously used methods' with your last card/account details pre-filled.
**If you wish to use a new card number, account or currency with the same deposit option, simply click in the ‘Remove’ button and then click on ‘Confirm’. This will only remove the pre-filled stored information in the Cashier, allowing you to enter new details. Note that you can still use this same card/account again afterwards when desired.

If you wish for the stored information to remain there, but want to use another deposit option; just choose the ‘Other payment methods’ d you will be taken to the Cashier to continue the deposit using all the other options available for you.

If you are using the Web Cashier, once you are logged in, please tap on either ‘Make a Deposit’ or ‘Cashier’. If you do not have a saved method yet, you will see the list of available payment options. Before submitting the deposit through the selected method, you will be offered the option to ‘Save payment information and make this my Fast Deposit account’.

If you have already set deposit preferences, by selecting ‘MENU’ at the top left corner you will see ‘FAST DEPOSIT OPTIONS’ where you can see the current pre-selected method used. At that point you can remove this method as Fast Deposit account by selecting 'None' or you can choose then another method from the list below; after entering the relevant details, you will have the option to ‘Make this my Fast Deposit account’ and ‘Save payment information’.

From the ‘FAST DEPOSIT OPTIONS’ menu you also have the option to choose a 'Preferred Deposit Amount' to speed up your future deposits.''

Needless to say, not understanding a word of the above, I had to send another four e-mails, all responded to by different people, before I think it has been done. Shame because their prices are normally quite good.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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