Is the writing on the wall for OLBG....???

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Re: Is the writing on the wall for OLBG....???

Postby TeddyT » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:53 pm

Perhaps the following is a true reflection of the worth of the discussion forum to OLBG management?

With just 48 hours before the first OLBG sponsored Mares’ Hurdle is scheduled to be run at Wetherby, there appears to no discussion thread for this specific race, or for the series of races in general, unlike previous years when if I recall correctly there was always a ‘pinned’ thread at the top of the main menu.

I appreciate that Saturday’s race has been selected for the £20 tipping comment competition for this weekend, but even then, at present the notice for this has been hidden away at the end of the following thread, which was set up to advise members how to obtain free tickers for Saturday’s race meeting at Whetherby, so I wonder how many members will be aware of this competition?


Surely, OLBG management should at least try to get some detailed and informed discussions underway on the Horse Racing forum, bearing in mind that they are proud to sponsor these excellent Mares’ races, or are they really only interested in generating tweets and relatively short tipping competition comments (max 200 words) :?

Hi Rob,

As you say the info regarding the £20 comment is on the forum and there is an email going out to all members tomorrow regarding that so I feel that is enough.

Regarding the race thread, you have a good point and our intention was to add a thread tomorrow but can I also point out that members such as yourself are free to start such threads whenever they wish.

I note you have quite a lot of negative comments to add lately so if you would like to send me a direct mail with any constructive suggestions you have for improvements I will gladly take a look and reply to you direct.

OLBG Tipster Competition Manager

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Re: Is the writing on the wall for OLBG....???

Postby Robmull » Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:26 pm

Hi TeddyT,

Thanks for your prompt response.

Perhaps my comments were rather too negative, if so I apologise.

However, it is a shame in my opinion that the first notification of the tipping competition was posted on an existing thread which related to the acquisition of free tickets, rather than being given its own titled thread, which would probably have increased members advanced awareness of the competition, albeit tomorrow’s email should generate plenty of interest and hopefully some brilliant tipping comments.

I fully appreciate your comment that any member could have initiated a forum thread for Saturday’s race and on many occasions I have undertaken this process for big races and horse racing festivals, however I personally felt that in doing so for OLBG sponsored events, there was a danger that I would be treading on OLBG management’s toes, especially as I was not aware of what was planned to generate interest in Saturday’s race and the series in general - if I recall correctly, I believe that fellow member Shrews suggested a forum competition covering all of the races this season and I certainly didn’t want to potentially undermine any plans by initiating a parallel thread.

Setting up a discussion thread tomorrow, will hopefully generate plenty of interest, but great benefit may be derived if this thread had been set up at the 5 day entry stage, rather than waiting for Friday, which for many of us is the start of a busy weekend, so some members may not get much time to contribute - not intended as a criticism, but perhaps an opportunity to exploit next time.

I will send you a pm next week with a few ideas, albeit I doubt that I can add much to the various ideas of members (including a few of my own) which have already been posted in some detail on this thread.

I still believe that OLBG is great, but perhaps there are some opportunities to make it even better.

All the best.


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