Ticket prices and Finance.

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Ticket prices and Finance.

Postby Crofty11 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:27 pm

I had an interesting chat with a pal today, he is a Saints supporter and works in a small local shop as a manager. He has two boys and if he takes them to a home match, the tickets plus travel and a pie, comes out to about 1.5 days work, that is he has to work 1.5 days to earn enough after tax to pay for the day. The vast majority of this is in tickets.

We also spoke about how much higher the prices of tickets are for the clubs in London, and how many of them go to tourists who are prepared to pay top dollar. ( TBF My wife and i went to see barca when were on holiday and indeed we did pay top dollar to see them play Malaga).

He as an avid fan can't afford to go to a match that often, and as he said they are not doing so well, ( he was bit more profane than that), he is choosing not to go , and who can blame him. The club will no doubt say we need the supporters to get behind us and help the team. But at 1.5 days wages a visit, what do they expect? they need to be playing well and scoring goals.

It got me thinking about the percentage of total income match day sales brings into the club.

So I looked up the saints 2016 ,

Total Income 124 Million of that,

From TV and the league 90 million

Match Day sales 19 Million

With the rest being made up of sponsorship and Commercial activities.

Players Wages came to the grand total of 84 Million. So about 70%.

Now if they dropped the match tickets by say 30 % , they would earn 6 million less.

How about the club saying to the players, if you want the support of the committed fan you need to take a 7.5 % drop in wages ( about 30% of a days wages) to allow an ordinary dad get his boys to the match for only a days wages....about a 30% drop for the dad.

I know that this is just Pie in the sky , but i felt for my pal ...where do the memories come from..the TV? Sky sports , BT

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Re: Ticket prices and Finance.

Postby Mohabamiri » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:16 pm

Hey Man Can I ask you something Please ?

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Re: Ticket prices and Finance.

Postby Emmasa » Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:01 pm

Nice to read something different and so true.

Well this is what we got, to let the football clubs do their business regardless the fans. Local fans. You talked about Barcelona and over there the scenario is even worse.

I was talking with a Real Madrid guy the other day and I told him: "I never managed to watch a Real Madrid-Barcelona in 10 years". "I never managed to watch one in my whole life" he answered (45 yo guy), " I never had enough money to buy a ticket". He's not a homeless, but football tickets are out of control nowadays.

Still spanish clubs have some fair rule when it comes to final like CL or EL final, or Copa del Rey ... as there are always too many requests, they make a draw. Those who are in, can buy the ticket at a fixed, still decent, price.

Alsothey told me that in Germany season tickets are very cheap comparing to other countries, even for top clubs

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Re: Ticket prices and Finance.

Postby horage » Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:31 pm

When i was a teenager we went to football and it was a day out in brighton ; it cost uner 16 s 50p to get in no seats just the north stand terraces.Today working class kids are priced out of going on there own to football due to high rail fares and ticket prices;

Once the next generation of fans disappear ; football will lose its hard core fans and we will be left with grounds like the library where no one sings and theres no atmosphere; its already creeping into the championship where some grounds have half empty stands.

the premiership london clubs and manchester can probably rely on tourists or day trippers; but real fans are being priced out the game by people who think more of the food on offer at half time than the actual result ..... :?

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Re: Ticket prices and Finance.

Postby wonderwall » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:51 pm

Sign of the times, shame, but that's how it goes.

Sky TV will gorge themselves on the Premier League rights in February and that sets the mantra going forwards. The Premier League is brilliant with its sealed bid auction structure. Sky can't exist minus Premier League rights, so they put in far more than anyone else could dream of, the Premier League then sells the rights for far more than true market value. That money goes straight to the players (and out of the game), as Lord Sugar said "Its like prune juice".

its a very sad state and i'm glad that i grew up in proper football times and not this artificial nonsense where mercenaries play for your Team with no interest in the culture and the fabric of the club, just who's paying Top Dollar.

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Re: Ticket prices and Finance.

Postby Salato » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:45 pm

Agree with what has been said already - the price of match tickets for football matches, particularly in the top divisions, has got out of hand - when you add up all the costs of match day (travel, drink, food, ticket price etc) it can get very expensive. Some fans can afford it, but many can't, and can only manage the occasional match, or not at all - as said, it's depriving football of its core supporters, and increasingly its spirit, and cutting out many of the young, working classes and those on low incomes etc.

I do think the football scheduling to please the tv companies is increasingly causing problems too - how many times in recent season for example have there been mid-week games, in which a team has an away fixture almost at the other end of the country - how do they expect most fans to make such distances during the middle of the working week?

More recently there has been the increase in matches seemingly almost every day of the week to please tv companies demands, but not to suit match going fans - to give an example, Chelsea played last week on a Monday night away against Watford, and now the following week Chelsea are playing again on a Monday night, this time at home against West Bromwich Albion - after that the next match for Chelsea is next Friday night at home against Hull City. So that is three matches in a row for Chelsea, none being on a Saturday or Sunday, all being either on a Monday or a Friday - almost certainly being an inconvenience for most match going fans.

And don't get me started on the clubs focus on corporate seats, especially in new stadiums!

If the ticket prices stay quite high and having matches at often inconvenient times and days, then as said many fans will give up trying to go, and the atmosphere will get worse and worse at matches at an increasing pace - there don't seem easy solutions, but putting matches on at more regular typical times, generally cheaper tickets or at least some more worthwhile loyalty schemes where regular passionate committed fans can get rewarded more could be some possible ideas to try and help the situation.

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