Next Everton Manager

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Next Everton Manager

Postby sportingsamcan » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:24 am

Interesting market on this, I would love to read your views on who you think will land the job on a full time basis?

Sean Dyche 10/11
Sam Allardyce 4/1
David Unsworth 7/1
Chris Coleman 10/1
Marco Silva 10/1

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Re: Next Everton Manager

Postby tbuckley » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:26 pm

I don't bet on Next Manager markets as I don't trust them and they are too wide open to be manipulated by people who know behind the scenes, by use of social media and by betting companies linked to newspapers/media outlets, stick a false story out there about a manager, create a gamble, people get stuck in, nothing happens of that gamble and then it repeats itself the next day.

Having said that then in this case I don't see why Everton should look at anybody apart from Sean Dyche and if Everton offer Dyche the job he simply has to take it, don't see any of those other contenders on the list as genuine candidates for Everton right now and certainly not as strong as Dyche.

Right now Everton need somebody very strong, very determined, proven in the Premier League, proven at organising squads not absolutely blessed with genuine top talent, and despite Everton's spending they haven't got loads of top talent and right now I don't see a better fit than Sean Dyche given the incredible job he's done at Burnley.

I say Dyche simply has to take the job if it's offered because he will not get offered a job at a bigger club than Everton, there is no way the likes of Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool or Man City would choose Sean Dyche as those clubs will always be looking for the very best and the biggest names, proven Champions League/European managers.

Appointing Dyche wouldn't please a section of Everton fans, possibly a big section of them who don't believe Dyche's approach will be entertaining enough, but right now I don't see a better fit for Everton and you can guarantee Dyche would make them very solid, very organised and that in itself would turn results around for them, from then on he's definitely got the ability to improve Everton and I feel he deserves the chance to test himself at a big club and as I said I seriously doubt he'd get a bigger club than Everton, I feel he'd absolutely relish the challenge and do well.

Burnley as a club, the Burnley players and of course the Burnley fans won't want to lose Dyche as losing him suddenly makes them relegation threatened again, so it might well take Everton to part with a good chunk of cash to soften the blow for Burnley, wouldn't be surprised to hear of a figure of £10 million+ to get Dyche out of his contract.
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