Preview / Stats for Hungarian GP

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Preview / Stats for Hungarian GP

Postby Ralfie1982 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:37 pm

Hungarian GP Grand Prix

So the British GP didnt let us down …. did it?! I thought Lewis was imperious at the front and had the race won after about 9 corners. To put nearly 4 seconds between him and 2nd that quickly then turn the car down and manage tyres was mighty impressive. Was he my Star Driver though…..Nope!

Star Driver : Max Verstappen :

You can easily make a case for Lewis, Sergio Perez to win this but Lewis won from the front and Sergio got where he did in part down to a well timed stop during the safety car (VSC). So the award goes to Max again! I am beginning to run out of compliments that I can pay this chap. That was until on a damp track with slick tyres on he decided to pull off arguably the overtake of the season. He then held on well until the full pace of the Merc in the dry naturally overtook, but Christ, he made it difficult for Nico. Well Done Max. Again!

Worst Driver : Joleyn Palmer:

It pains me to write this but he has a pretty shocking weekend from Qualifying onwards. He thought he had done well to provisionally get through the Q3, only to have a time deleted. Had that time stood who knew what the weekend may have become. It got worse in the pits stops where he drove off without a wheel, now i know its down to the pit crew to tell him when to go but surely you’d glance in your mirrors? Who knows, but it was a poor weekend fore Joleyn when he least needed it.

The Track & Facts

  • Most wins (drivers) Michael Schumacher & Lewis Hamilton x4
    Most wins (constructors) Mclaren x12
    Circuit length 4.381km
    Race length 306.670km
    Best current river records Lewis Hamilton x4
    DRS Zones 2
    Laps 70
    Lap Record Michael Schumacher
Last Years Race

Pole Lewis Hamilton

Race Result
1 Seb Vettel
2 Daniel Kvyat
3 Daniel Ricciardo

Fastest Lap Daniel Ricciardo

Current Penalty Points

These are points awarded by the stewards either during or after a race for incidents the Race Officials deem to apportion fault (i.e. non-racing incidents)

The only change this week was for Seb Vettel and his moment where he drove Massa wide.

7 Points : Danny Kvyat
6 Points : Ericsson, Verstappen, Bottas
4 Points : Grosjean, Hulkenburg, Wehrlein
2 Points : Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Filipe Nasr , Fernando Alonso, Harryanto, Roberto Merhi, Magnussen, Carlos Sainz,Gutierrez, Nico Rosberg, Kimi Raikonnen.

Weather predictions

Check back Wednesday before the race.

Friday FP1 & FP2 :
Saturday FP3 & Qualifying :
Sunday Race : :

Team News

So with Kimi now secured with Ferrari, what does that mean for the likes of Sergio Perez? Who knows. It appears that Felipe Massa might be on his way, will Palmer leave Renault its all a bit up in the air. I think they are all playing a bit of contract chicken, however I do think now with Max (18 yrs old) showing that youngsters can do it I think a number of the teams might looks to the young drivers in GP2 rather than Button (and a few of those did some testing for the teams just gone at Silverstone).

I can only think the mid season break coming up could be the cataylst for most teams to make some decisions.

My Overview

My Early thoughts I cant help but like the early value in LH again. He is currently evens as i write this (15th July) and everything I read is telling me he is not going to take new engine parts and take a penalty. I imagine that will happen shortly after the mid season break that is coming up. He has won 4 times here already and clearly likes the track, with an ability to improvise on this track to make different lines and driving styles.

That would be my only play at this point in the build up, but I also read that Ferrari really like their chances here at a track that will help with their tyre temp issues.

My Selections

With all the penalties coming in the next few races and beyond I will not be playing as many points pre FP1/2/3 I will be watching and waiting to see what changes each driver makes to the car.

My confirmed Selections

I will put some more up after the FP2/FP3 & Qualifying

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