Positives and Negatives!

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Positives and Negatives!

Postby Clearo611 » Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:14 am

So with lots of events underway it seems there are some positives but many negatives! I know it's early but you get that horrible feeling there could be a huge anti climax to lots of events.
Positives -
Rowing - men and women performed superbly and clearly look like medalling especially the girls pair who broke the Olympic record at a canter.
Men's Gym - what a performance in qualification. We haven't qualified for the men's final since the 20's apparently so to finish in third is fantastic. Plus Lewis Smith qualified for the Horse final. His reaction - those years of relief - is however, symptomatic of the pressure on our boys and girls.
Women's football - just like in the world cup they look like having a decent stab at the semi finals. Will all depend on their final group game against Brazil.
Negatives - Road Race Cycling. The boys are claiming an anti British mentality but clearly the tactics were all wrong. The chasing group underestimated the breakaway or made a mistake not going with them in the first place.
Men's football - a distinctly average squad put up an average performance. Belittle the tournament by putting so many constraints on the selection process and you end up with your second striker being Marvin Sordell who couldn't get a regular game in the premiership last year whereas GB's group counterparts have too world class strikers in Suarez and Cavani!!
Swimming - we should live in hope rather than expectation - take Hannah Miley who was tipped for a medal and came fifth last night. We seem to always find a few too good in the 'main' events.
Archery - the women's team was flagged up as an outside tip for medal but when a decent score was needed on the last end we succumbed to the pressure of the expectation of the home crowd and hit a 4. Result was a loss to Russia.
Add to that Murray and Murray going out at Wimbledon under the radar of the other evens of the day you hope that the pressure of expectation is not going to be too heavy a burden on our Olympians.
Fingers crossed we do another Beijing and start slowly and then pull in a record medal haul.

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