£200 PDC World Darts Tipster Competition

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£200 PDC World Darts Tipster Competition

Postby PompeyJim » Tue Nov 30, 2021 1:09 pm

The PDC World Darts Championship gets underway on Wednesday 15th December at Alexandra Palace, London and OLBG are offering members a chance to win a share of £200 cash in our FREE to enter PDC World Darts Tipping Competition.

Current world number one Gerwyn Price won his first PDC World Darts title in the 2020/21 PDC World Championship beating Gary Anderson 7-3 and OLBG tipster feudalics hit the bullseye winning the £50 top prize in the OLBG tipster competition. Who will win this year ?

Here's how to play....


You do not have to enter this competition separately. If you are a member of OLBG then you just need to make a Darts tip (with a comment) in the same way as for the monthly tipping competition using the ‘Make A Tip’ Menu -



Winner = £50
2nd & 3rd = £25
4th to 13th = £10

The prize structure is £50 to the tipster with the highest accumulated level stakes profit at the end of the competition, £25 to second and third and then £10 for members placed 4th-13th.

This cash prize fund is in addition to the normal monthly prizes which you can still win based on the criteria for the monthly Darts competition.

As usual, prizes are doubled for Elite Tipsters and trebled for Super Elite Tipsters. If unsure of your current tipster status for Darts you check this via your ‘My Performance’ page –



This means Level Stakes Profit. So it doesn't matter if you select a stake of 50 or 500 for these tips. If you place a win tip on a 5/1 winner, you will then have a LSP of + 5 points. If you then have three losing tips, you lose 1 point per losing tip and your level stakes profit will be down to + 2 points.


Members must finish the competition with a positive level stakes profit to potentially qualify for a prize as we don’t pay prizes for negative LSP’s !

Tips 10 or more.

A minimum of 10 tips must be placed on the PDC World Darts Championships to qualify, any members placing less than 10 tips over the duration of the tournament will NOT qualify even if finishing the competition with a positive level stakes profit.

5 'Winning' Tips

A minimum of 5 winning tips must be placed to potentially qualify for a cash prize. If you finish in a cash prize position but have failed to add at least 5 profitable tips then you will not qualify for the prize. Any each way tips placed on the outright tournament winner market must produce a profit to be counted as a 'winning' tip.

Markets Available

All markets available to tip on for the PDC World Championships will count towards this competition, this includes Tournament Winner and individual match markets like Total 180's, Player with most 180's, To win First Set, Total Legs etc so there are plenty of opportunities to place at least 10 tips and 5 profitable over the duration of the tournament.

Tipster Competition Table

The competition tipping table standings can be viewed via the link below, match results will require manual processing and may not update until the following the day.


Tip Comments

You must add good comment reasoning as to why you are tipping each player, match market etc when the tip is placed, tips without comments are excluded.

Poor comments or short comments with lack of reasoning on tips will be removed and deemed void for the competition. We just need a few good reasons as to why you are choosing the selection. The minimum requirement is at least 20 words explaining why you think your tip is a good bet for OLBG site and app users to follow.

Also no copy and pasting of comments, you will need different comments for each tip! For example, duplicating a comment word for word for a player to win the match, hit the Most 180's, win the first set etc is not allowed and will be deleted. If the comments are not deemed of a good enough standard then those tips will be excluded which may result in a tipster not winning a prize.

Tips and comments will also be checked and verified when the tournament has finished so if tipsters can ensure tip comments adhere to the rules, are clear and well written and punctuated as they are displayed on the OLBG website and mobile app for users to read. Lots of visitors are now following the advice and placing bets, so let’s show them the quality on offer.


- Facts And Stats Relevant To Match Outcome

- Player Form and news going into the PDC World Championship.

- Head to Head records, particularly recent match ups and relevant leg format etc.

- Record on the big stage and TV events.

- Reasons For Your Conclusions

How To Add A Darts Tip And Comment:


> Select from the dropdown menu the PDC World Darts Championship markets/matches you want to tip on.

> Make Your Selection.

> Add Your Comment (Minimum of 20 words of reasoned and helpful text that helps the reader.) Click here for the comment guidelines.


> Stake Virtual Amount 50-500 (For this competition the stake amount is not important - but please make sure you have enough virtual funds for future tips.)

> Bet Type

> Odds (Take the price on offer)

> Confirm Tip

To check your tips have registered visit your current tips page.


We really want to find the top Darts tipsters so please make your comments informative.

If members know any true Darts fans who are not current OLBG members and would be interested in the PDC World Darts Championship tipping competition then please invite them to join OLBG and play.

These event competitions are proving popular especially the Darts over the Christmas period and lots of new members are picking up regular extra cash, we hope this year's PDC World Darts Championship will be even more popular.

After the tournament has concluded the final competition table will be published after Tuesday 4th January 2022 and prize winners will be confirmed within 14 days after we have completed our final checks for eligible tips and comment quality.

2021 PDC World Darts Championship Tipster Competition Result

1. feudalics (16 tips) 23.02 (lsp)
2. themont1983 (211) 18.62
3. dacris69 (14) 12.22
4. JEFF THE REF (216) 11.30
5. grek2296 (30) 9.78
6. andywood69 (37) 8.58
7. ognjen89 (21) 8.06
8. spence58 (11) 7.90
9. logo4real (24) 7.18
10. darkhour (38) 6.57
11. Fjori (10) 6.28
12. nothings forever (16) 5.98
13. the rascal (54) 5.92

feudalics won the 2020/21 PDC World Darts Tipster Competition, who will it be this year ?

Good luck to all participating members in the 2021/22 PDC World Darts Tipster Competition.

Enjoy the darts.
OLBG Tipster Competition Assistant

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Re: £200 PDC World Darts Tipster Competition

Postby PompeyJim » Tue Jan 04, 2022 1:11 pm

Big thank you to all members who played this PDC tipping competition, over 200 members added tips with comments and the congratulations go too Touchwood1988 for winning the £50 top prize, finishing the competition with a 43.62 level stakes profit and 22 profit tips from 35 placed. Jamieob16 was next with a 29.73 lsp followed by tadley on 28.08 and both winning £25.

The full list of prize winners are as follows:

1 Touchwood1988 43.62
2 Jamieob16 29.73
3 tadley 28.08
4 howzatcam 24.74
5 themont1983 24.02
6 Szabcsi150 18.68
7 fivegrandplz 17.42
8 ju29ro 15.20
9 Kazeka1886 13.78
10 Seymour Winners 13.71
11 paulat 13.28
12 whatcanisay 13.16
13 Mighty Hammers 13.10

The detailed final competition table can be viewed here:


Well done again to Touchwood1988 and the prize winners, prizes will be allocated by the end of the week.
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