2018 World Cup of Darts

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2018 World Cup of Darts

Postby Ferdinandos » Sat May 19, 2018 8:00 am

The schedule of play for the 2018 Betway World Cup of Darts has been confirmed, ahead of the 32-nation event from May 31-June 3 in Frankfurt.

Thursday May 31 (8pm local time)
First Round

Italy v Canada
Russia v Spain
Switzerland v China
Denmark v Brazil
Wales v Thailand
Australia v Hong Kong
Scotland v United States of America
Austria v Japan

Friday June 1 (8pm local time)
First Round

New Zealand v Singapore
Greece v Finland
Northern Ireland v Poland
Hungary v South Africa
Belgium v Republic of Ireland
England v Czech Republic
Sweden v Germany
Netherlands v Gibraltar

Composition of the teams

Seeded Nations
1 Scotland - Peter Wright & Gary Anderson
2 England - Rob Cross & Dave Chisnall
3 Netherlands - Michael van Gerwen & Raymond van Barneveld
4 Australia - Simon Whitlock & Kyle Anderson
5 Wales - Gerwyn Price & Jonny Clayton
6 Northern Ireland - Daryl Gurney & Brendan Dolan
7 Belgium - Kim Huybrechts & Dimitri Van den Bergh
8 Austria - Mensur Suljovic & Zoran Lerchbacher

Other Nations
Brazil - Diogo Portela & Bruno Rangel
Canada - John Part & Dawson Murschell
China - Momo Zhou & Xiaochen Zong
Czech Republic - Roman Benecky & Karel Sedlacek
Denmark - Per Laursen & Henrik Primdal
Finland - Kim Viljanen & Marko Kantele
Germany - Max Hopp & Martin Schindler
Gibraltar - Dyson Parody & Justin Broton
Greece - John Michael & Veniamin Symeonidis
Hong Kong - Royden Lam & Ho Yin Shek
Hungary - Tamas Alexits & Nandor Bezzeg
Italy - Michel Furlani & Alessio Medaina
Japan - Seigo Asada & Haruki Muramatsu
New Zealand - Cody Harris & Warren Parry
Poland - Krzysztof Ratajski & Tytus Kanik
Republic of Ireland - Steve Lennon & William O'Connor
Russia - Boris Koltsov & Aleksandr Oreshkin
Singapore - Paul Lim & Harith Lim
South Africa - Devon Petersen & Liam O'Brien
Spain - Cristo Reyes & Toni Alcinas
Sweden - Daniel Larsson & Dennis Nilsson
Switzerland – Alexander Fehlmann & Andreas Bless
Thailand - Thanawat Gaweenuntavong & Attapol Eupakaree
United States of America - Larry Butler & Darin Young

From the Professional Darts Corporation website.

I think this is a very interesting format with couples of players battling for their country. Always a few intense matches and upsets, but only Netherlands and England ever won it. There has been a lot of talks about the composition of the teams and I'll make a little preview here in about a week (after the German Darts Masters).

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Re: 2018 World Cup of Darts

Postby Ferdinandos » Mon May 28, 2018 11:43 am

Top half of the draw
(summary at the bottom)


The Italian team is made out of the two finalists of the qualifiers which were held in Riccione this year. Michel Furlani has played for Italy before and has tried to qualify for multiple European Tour events without any success. Alessio Medaina on the other hand hasn't got any experience on the pro tour. He lost out in the early rounds of some European Tour qualifiers this season and him making it into the team was a rather big surprise. That doesn't really predict much good for the Italian team that hasn't won a single game in the history of this event.


Of course the former BDO and two times PDC World Champion John Part will be representing his country for the 8th consecutive time. Part did have a bit of a break and was focusing more on television analysis and commentating, but he made a come back this season and had a great run at the UK Open where he reached the quarter final. However, he doesn't have the scoring power required to compete with the big guns anymore and he failed to win many games after that surprising run. His partner here will be the 22 year old talent Dawson Murschell. The young Canadian got into the spotlights when beating Wade in the US Darts Masters last year after a dramatic last leg in which lots of match darts were missed by both players. He has been playing some very solid darts this season with a final and a quarter final on the Development Tour where he also hit a nine-darter. I think this could be a very dangerous team that has both experience and explosive young energy. Part can win in an ugly way while Murschell can play some very solid darts with big scores when he's in form.


This team surprisingly beat Australia last year and even gave the Aussie no chances in the deciding double game which they won 4-0. Boris Koltsov (The Viking) has represented his country since 2015 and did very well last year beating K. Anderson in his singles game. This season he has been playing on the Challenge Tour after failing to secure his tour card and made some quarter finals. His teammate Alexander Oreshkin is a very unique figure, not only by his appearance but also his throwing technique. He did beat Paul Lim at the 2015 World Championship, but last season he played very poorly to get beaten by Munch in the first round. The thing I remember him most of in that game was the fact that he didn't realize the match was over after losing the second set... Oreshkin clearly is the weakest link here, but they did do well last year as a team to defeat the Aussies. I'm not sure if they can get past Spain though.


This team has also remained the same and have been competing with the same players in the last 3 editions of this tournament. They haven't had that much success though as they haven't made it past the last 16 stage. Cristo Reyes has been Spain's number 1 for a while now and he can beat anyone if he is really on top form. However, his main weakness is his consistency as he can sometimes average 100+, but also very often struggle to average well over 80. That results in an average of 90 throughout a season which isn't good enough to compete with the big guns and resulted in him failing to go deep into tournaments. Antonio Alcinas however has been showing some improvements after reaching the last 16 stage of the World Championship last season in which he beat Reyes in round one. He qualified for the UK Open and some European Tour events and his average in the Players Championship events also is about 90. I feel like this Spanish team could go one step further this time if Reyes finds some of his best form.


I can make this one pretty short cause this debutant team consists of two relatively unknown players. Alex Fehlmann is the Soft Tip EDU European Champion while Andy Bless has mainly been beaten in first rounds of European Tour qualifiers or Q-school. Bless did make the 2015 Swiss Open quarter final, but I don't think he should expect much of this team...


Another country participating more in terms of the globalization of the sport that anything else really. They did beat the Czech Republic in 2016, but this is another team composition. Xiaochen Zong lost in the first round of the World Championship last season to Bernie Smith 2-0 and also failed to take a leg against Wade at the Shanghai Masters. Momo Zhou will be the second woman player to appear at the World Cup of Darts, after Anastasia Dobromyslova represented Russia back in 2010. She won the Chinese qualifiers and is a former soft tip player. She has been rising fast in the local women darts scene and could be one to watch for the future in women darts. However, I doubt this team will cause any upsets in this tournament.


Darts is pretty big in the Scandinavian countries, but the Finnish and Swedish players usually are a class better than the Danish. Per Laursen however represented his country back in 2010 and is a very experienced player. In the early 2000's he even beat players like Mervyn King and Gary Anderson in some WDF tournaments, but he never really took the same step they did. Nowadays he plays in the local PDC tournaments in which he does regularly reach the latter stages. Also Henrik Primdal has some good records on a local level, but he never played on a big stage and this will be his debut in this tournament. I think one win will be a good accomplishment for this team.


Another team consisting of two amateur players, but Diogo Portela is making a name of himself lately. He won the second Challenge Tour event this season and together with Alexandre Sattin he beat Switzerland last year. He only won a couple of games in the Players Championship events this season, but did average 88.90 in them. At the World Championship he even won a set against Peter Wright and he only just missed out on earning a tour card. Bruno Rangel will play together with him. The amateur player played in some WDF tournaments without any remarkable results. Just like last year, I think Portela will need to force something if they are to win a game.


For me, this team is one of the big outsiders to lift the trophy. Last year this team reached the final and I specifically remember a great playing Gerwyn Price who averaged 101.04 to beat K. Huybrechts in the semi final. Price of course is one of the top players and was selected for the Premier League this season. He had a rough start in that tournament though, getting eliminated quickly. However, he did play some of his best darts again at the Austrian Darts Open where he lost the final against... Johnny Clayton. For Clayton that was his first big PDC win after already surprisingly reaching the Players Championship Finals final last season. Also at the Players Championship events this season he played very well and I think if these two can play well together this could be a very tough team to beat. Their first real challenge should be in the quarter final.


Same story as many other countries, as this team consists of two amateur players and never won a game before. They have been participating since 2014 and since 2015 with these same players. Thanawat Gaweenuntavong played Q-school before without any success and also Attapol Eupakaree hasn't had any big runs before. There isn't much else to say about them really and the main question might be how few legs they will take against the Welsh.


Another seeded team in this half of the draw (after Wales) and a team with some history in this event. The Aussies reached two semi finals, a final and plenty of quarter finals before. Last year though, they were surprisingly beaten by Russia in the second round. For a long time Nicholson was Simon Whitlock's partner. Whitlock played very well in the Premier League where a lot of people expected him to be eliminated first. He didn't, but his recent form has been rather worrying as he only won 1 of his last 7 Premier League games and had rather disappointing runs in the Players Championship and European Tour events recently. Kyle Anderson will be his partner and The Original has been impressive at times last season. This season however he has failed to put any big runs together and he still needs to confirm on a big stage. Hong Kong shouldn't be a problem in the first round, but Spain could be a dangerous opponent in round one (or they might even meet Russia who beat them last year).

Hong Kong

This country has caused some big upsets before, but those were with another team composition. Royden Lam has plenty of experience and also is a top player on the Asian tour, but his darting career in Great-Britain never really succeeded. Ho-Yin Shek is a local amateur player and just like Lam more a soft tip player. Australia should be too strong in their first game, but you never know with this unique format.


The second biggest favorite after Holland with two top players who are the current number 2 and 4 in the world. However, as a team these two never really lived up to the expectations and there have been some conflicts between them in the past. Both players reached the semi final of German Masters on the 25th of May and they both can beat anyone individually. Gary Anderson won the UK Open and several Players Championship events this season. He of course is a former two times World Champion and will partner up with Peter Wright. Snakebite had a rather tough start of the season after his health issues at the end of last season. He did play some fantastic stuff at times as well with averages near 110. But again, as a team they did reach the final in 2015, but also got knocked out early in 2012 and last year. This shows that the teaming format brings something unique and unpredictable to this tournament and for me the Scottish team just isn't enough of a team to be favored this much.

United States of America

The usual composition of the American team here, but there has been some controversy as many want to see some younger players getting chances. Larry Butler of course has plenty of experience and the 60 year old won the World Matchplay. But those years are well behind him and now he focuses more on the regional tournaments and some BDO tournaments. Together with Darin Young he never really had any runs in this tournament. Young is 45 years old and also has a lot of experience, but just like Butler he plays more local tournaments and isn't playing with the big boys on the European continent.


Just like Wales, this could be a dangerous contender for the final spot in this half I think. They reached quarter finals in the last two editions and with Suljovic now having himself really established as a top player and Lerchbacher beating King at the World Championship this team could go even further. Mensur Suljovic won the German Masters last Friday, consistently averaging about 95 and more. Despite being eliminated out of the Premier League, The Gentle still played some very good darts and here in Germany he will also be one of the crowd favorites. Zoran Lerchbacher has been playing some European Tour events, without much success. But he did show some promising stuff and should be able to average around the 90 mark as well. If the synergy is well, this team could cause some upsets.


And finally we have Japan in this half of the draw. Haruki Muramatsu has been representing his country since the start of this tournament in 2010 and qualified multiple times for the World Championship preliminary. He hasn't had any success on big stages though. Seigo Asada has also been around for a while now and qualified for the World Championship last season where he beat Gordon Mathers to be beaten by the eventual winner Cross 3-0 in the next round. Japan is a country of soft tip darts and even though I rate them higher than many other Asian countries, Austria should be too strong.


For me the most overrated teams here probably are Scotland and Australia. They both have great players, but have their weaknesses. Australia suffered a surprising defeat last year against Russia and both players haven't been very consistent lately. Scotland on the other hand haven't got a great team that are willing to fight for each other. They have a little bit of hate between them and that makes them way too short for me.
The outsiders for me are Wales and Austria. Price showed some great fighting spirit at this same stage last year and also Clayton will be confident after winning the Austrian Darts Open. Suljovic has been playing some very good darts this season and will also be full of confidence after his win at the German Masters. I also think Lerchbacher will suit him more as a partner than Rowby-John Rodriguez who was his previous partner.
Finally, my big underdog pick here would be Canada. Part has a lot of experience and knows how to win ugly while Murschell has shown some real talent and if they are both on form they could cause a big upset.
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Re: 2018 World Cup of Darts

Postby Ferdinandos » Mon May 28, 2018 1:57 pm

Bottom half of the draw
(summary at the bottom)

New Zealand

New Zealand have been participating in this event since the start, but only won 2 games in total. Warren Parry is a very experienced player, but never really made a big impact with the PDC and now mainly plays WDF and local BDO tournaments. Cody Harris on the other hand did make the transition to the PDC recently, but failed to earn a tour card and now plays on the Challenge Tour. He had some good runs in these events and also managed to qualify for the UK Open. Together with a very experienced player like Parry, they might cause some upsets here.


Singapore has been participating since 2014 and didn't survive the first round only once. Last year this team even reached the quarter final after wins over Scotland and Spain. Paul Lim of course is a living darting legend as he was the first player to ever throw a nine-darter on the BDO World Championship. At the World Championship last season he even had the chance to throw another one on the PDC World Championship to complete the circle. It didn't happen, but he did reach the last 32 stage and has proven he still got what it takes to compete at this kind of level. Harith Lim (no family) became the BDO World Youth Master in 1986, but never really made a big career. However, together with Paul he did have some some remarkable results here.


Two years ago Canada was too strong for Greece, last year they got past Thailand. John Michael is a decent player who played multiple European Tour events and also appeared on the stage of Ally Pally 3 times. At the WDF World Cup Singles he even reached the semi final in 2015 and last season he qualified for the UK Open. He couldn't do that this year though and with darts getting more popular in other European countries, I don't think we'll see him in many more European Tour events. His partners also aren't at the same level. Veniamin Symeonidis hasn't won any big game in his career and I don't think they will trouble Finland too much here.


Another potentially dangerous Scandinavian team here. Kim Viljanen has qualified for the World Championship for 3 times in a row and caused some upsets beating Ratajski, Wright and Dobey to reach the quarter final of last year's Austrian Darts Open. He showed some of his talent in other European Tour events and also in the local Scandinavian events in which the competition keeps getting stronger. The same can be said about Marko Kantele who also appeared at the World Championship a couple of times and has some very strong results on the local level. He also appeared in some European Tour events, showing some good stuff, but not getting a big run. If both players are on form, I think this could be a very tough team to beat.

Northern Ireland

Brendan Dolan is a former World Grand Prix finalist (where he scored a legendary nine-darter) and reached the semi final of this tournament in 2014 and 2016. The last one was with his current partner Gurney, but last year they were eliminated by Germany in their first game. 2017 was a bad year for Dolan who tumbled down the rankings. This season however he had some good runs in Players Championship events and also qualified for the latest European Tour events. Daryl Gurney has been struggling this season to get over the line. SuperChin drew too many games in the Premier League and also hasn't been as successful as he was last year in the Players Championship events. He did reach the Dutch Darts Masters semi final recently and should form a solid team together with an in-form Dolan. However, I also think they can both play really badly when out of form.


Last year these two were knocked out by the Republic of Ireland, but they are a very solid team. A lot of people were surprised to see Krzysztof Ratajski winning the World Masters last season, but I wasn't. He showed some very promising stuff on the European Tour before averaging 100+ over several games. With those kind of stats you can beat anyone, but unfortunately he didn't earn his tour card. Tytus Kanik did earn his tour card and also managed to qualify for some European Tour events. He has been less spectacular than Ratajski, but still should be capable of averaging around the 90 mark. If Gurney and Dollan aren't at their best, this could be a very interesting game.


Hungary has been participating since 2012 and survived the first round a couple of times. Nandor Bezzeg has played for his country several times and is a very experienced player who also appeared on some European Tour events. He only won 3 games in Q-school though and hasn't really had any runs in the PDC circuit. Tamas Alexits also hasn't got any big PDC runs, but did qualify for the Austrian Darts Open in which he lost 6-1 to Cullen about a month ago.

South Africa

South Africa didn't survive the first round only once since their first participation in 2012. Devon Petersen has been with the team since the start, but in the last two years he hasn't had many runs on the pro tour. His last little run was at the European Darts Open last year where he won 2 games in a row. Liam O'Brien is an amateur player who won the Last Man Standing African Singles Championships, but I'm not sure on what kind of level he'll be playing here. Last year South Africa was rather lucky the Swedes finished very poorly as his partner didn't score very well.


Besides the first edition of this tournament, Belgium has made it to at least the quarter final and even the semi final in the last 3 years. However, the dream team is no more as Dimitri Van den Bergh has climbed up the rankings and surpassed Ronny Huybrechts. The Dreammaker really lived up to his nickname as he won the World Youth Championship after a very good year on the Development tour and also reached the quarter final of the World Championship playing some magnificent darts. The start of this season has been tough, but he reached the final of the German Darts Masters last Friday beating Van Gerwen and Anderson on his way. Kim Huybrechts can also beat the best as he proved before. However, last season has been very tough for him physically (multiple injuries) and mentally (the death of his mother). There were some tears on the stage of the Dutch Darts Masters when he beat Wright to reach the semi final. These are two very solid players who can outscore anyone when on form. The only problem is their lack of consistency and the fact that the "siblings synergy" won't be a factor here anymore.

Republic of Ireland

Two relatively young talented players forming a team here for Ireland that never got past the second round of this tournament and even suffered some surprising first round exits. That's a very disappointing record for a relatively big dart country. William O'Connor has been competing for his country for a few years and was a promising talent. He's one of those that never really broke through though and also this season he hasn't got any big runs. Steve Lennon on the other hand played very well on the floor tournaments and at the Dutch Darts Masters he also finally got a run on the big stage, reaching the final and beating Van Der Voort, Suljovic and Huybrechts on his way. He was a bit lucky most of them weren't playing their best darts and just like Belgium this is a very unpredictable team. I feel like if one of them can win this game in a convincing way, they could be a big challenger for Holland in this half of the draw.


Together with Netherlands, England is the only country to have lifted this trophy before. However, this might just be one of the weakest teams in a while representing the home of darts. It's pretty obvious Rob Cross should be representing England as he won the World Championship after a historical first half year on the pro tour. This season he has been struggling to confirm that status it seems, especially at the start of the season. His averaged increased as the Premier League went on, but he recently had severe chest pain which caused him to withdraw from the Dutch Darts Masters. He was diagnosed with costochondritis which won't be healed very quickly. He didn't really stand a chance against Van Gerwen in the Premier League semi final and also at the German Darts Masters he wasn't at his best at all. Dave Chisnall on the other hand dropped out of the Premier League after a couple of very mediocre months. Also this season he hasn't had any big runs with a European Darts Grand Prix quarter final as his best performance. This team doesn't look like potential winners to me.

Czech Republic

One of the weaker teams in this tournament, making it's debut. Karel Sedlacek has been around for a while, but never played on the PDC pro circuit and only had some WDF runs. Roman Benecky is a very unknown player to me if I'm being honest and I only found some footage of him winning the U18 European soft tip darts championships last year.


Darts is pretty big in Sweden and they have some solid players there. But they only won 3 games in this tournament and have been participating since the first edition in 2010. Daniel Larsson played for Sweden in the last 3 editions and is a big name in the local tournaments. He also regularly qualified for some of the European Tour events and often won his first round games (including a win over Dekker about a month ago at the German Open). Dennis Nilsson also played for Sweden before, in 2012 when they reached the last 16 stage. Also Nilsson is a strong competitor in the regional competitions and played BDO tournaments as well. Now he's playing on the Challenge Tour in which he had some very good runs. He couldn't qualify for the UK Open though and also in the Players Championship events he suffered early exits.


Darts is booming in Germany and last year these two young talents lost in the quarter final against the eventual winners Holland. Max Hopp is the 2015 Youth World Champion and a lot of big things were expected from him. The pressure got to him though and some had given up on him. This season he played some very solid darts though and at the German Open it finally happened: he won his first ranking title. Now he needs to confirm it with some more good results. At the recent German Masters he was unlucky to meet Mighty Mike in the first round, but he played well averaging 95.23. Also in the Players Championship events his average is consistently over 90. His partner Martin Schindler also is a big talent and won a Development Tour event last year. He struggled to translate it into wins on the big stages though and also at the German Masters he didn't play very well and got whitewashed by a tremendously good playing Van den Bergh. However these two are very solid players who play well together and could go far in front of their own crowd.


What do you get when you mix a living dart legend who helped globalizing the sport and one of the best darters in history together? Yes, the Dutch team definitely are the favorites again here even after they both suffered early exits at last Friday's German Masters. These two teamed up since 2014, won it twice and reached a final and semi final in the other two editions. Last year they looked very dominant throughout the tournament and I can't see many teams matching them this year either. Raymond van Barneveld of course is a former World Champion and multiple ranking tournament winner. Nowadays he sometimes struggles to get motivated for tournaments and also in the Premier League he got started to late to qualify for the final 4. Intense knock-out tournaments is when Barney is at his best and ene though these games certainly are intense, the doubles aspect makes is less direct. However, his partner Michael Van Gerwen is the greatest player of the last few years and won almost everything already. Also this season his list looks impressive, having won the Premier League, The Masters, 4 Players Championship events (while only participating in 6 of them) and of course 4 ET events.


Gibraltar has participated in this tournament since the start in 2010, but only won 1 game in all these years. Dyson Parody has been representing his country for all those years and is a former professional. But he now struggles to get any runs going on the Challenge Tour. Also his partner Justin Broton plays on the Challenge Tour without any real success and hasn't played any pro games before.


The question here is who will be able to trouble Netherlands and I don't think any of the other teams will beat them. Teams like Belgium, Nothern Ireland and Germany have some very talented players, but don't look very consistent. Of course Chisnall and Cross can beat anyone at their best, they have proven that before. But Chisnall isn't in form and Cross has health issues. These two also haven't played for England together before. The Republic of Ireland and possibly Finland and Poland could cause some upsets, but in the end Holland should be too strong.
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Re: 2018 World Cup of Darts

Postby Raffo94 » Tue May 29, 2018 9:00 pm

Fantastic write up Ferdinandos.

I'd say the bottom half of the draw looks a lot stronger than the top, potential for a big priced each way punt in the top half and Canada tick that box for me, as you touched on with the mixture of experience and young talent. I like Murschell and was impressed with him in Las Vegas last year, he definitely has a consistently respectable average and Part with his experience should be able to prevent any double troubles for them.

Wales also are a cracking bet at the price of 20/1. You won't find many players more passionate than Price and he's clearly willing to give everything for his country, reaching the final last year having survived a deciding leg scare in the first round of that shows the mental strength is there and he seems to have recovered from his disappointing Premier League efforts. Clayton is a much more laidback player but can certainly play and can trouble anyone on his day, they really have a good chance of making the final for me as like yourself, Scotland and Australia aren't doing it for me.

In the bottom half I like Belgium. Although the brother factor is gone I'm a big fan of Van den Bergh and think big things could be destined for him, he can score a lot heavier than Ronny when he's in form, and he appeared to get back to that on Friday with a great effort at the German Masters. Kim hasn't had it his way lately but he's so passionate and you can't fault his desire to win especially for his country, look at the win over Australia a couple years ago! If both produce their A-games they can be dangerous.

The other team I like in this half is Germany. As long as this crowd get well behind them then I think they'll cause problems for anyone. Hopp winning his first ranking event this year was huge for him and you can't deny it was helped by the German crowd, it can prove a difficult atmosphere for the opponents to play in and this could well come in to play here. Schindler hasn't been great lately but was surprisingly the better performer of the pair in this tournament last year. For me they beat Sweden and hopefully they will grow in confidence from there.

I'll be putting a bigger stake on Wales as they are my most fancied out of the four I mentioned, and smaller stakes on the other three.

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Re: 2018 World Cup of Darts

Postby Ferdinandos » Thu May 31, 2018 4:23 pm

Bit of news on the Dutch team:
Barney missed his baggage and couldn't play in the planned exhibition games. He should have his stuff right now, but was fuming about it on Twitter.

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Re: 2018 World Cup of Darts

Postby Ferdinandos » Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:54 pm

Pretty bad performances from Lerchbacher and Clayton. Impressive stuff from Russia, who nearly upset Spain. Also Asada threw some good darts to cause a first round upset against Austria.

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Re: 2018 World Cup of Darts

Postby Raffo94 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:18 pm

Brilliant session tonight with tight matches.

Poland v N. Ireland and Belgium v R. Ireland were incredibly entertaining, MVG looked tip top for the Dutch

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